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    posted a message on DETECT ISINT WORKING!!!!!

    What version are you playing in?

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    posted a message on 1.11 | Testing For Empty Containers?

    It doesn't seem to be working.

    Here's what I put in...

    /testforblock ~ ~2 ~ minecraft:brown_shulker_box -1 {Items:[]}

    And here's what it returned:

    [20:20:48] The block at -491, 9, -2742 did not have the required NBT keys

    Any idea what went wrong? I'm not sure if this is an issue with shulker boxes, or with the command itself. Haven't tested this sort of thing with chests.

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    posted a message on 1.11 | Testing For Empty Containers?

    Hi! I was wondering if there was a way to use /testforblock to see if a shulker box is empty. Thanks!

    Help skylinerw

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    posted a message on 1.11 - NBT Changes and Additions

    Need some help here :P

    So, I'm trying to import my 1.9/1.10 blood particle system into a 1.11 map. Has the particle syntax changed? Here's my current command:

    /execute @e[score_dmg_min=1] ~ ~ ~ /particle blockcrack ~ ~ ~ 0.5 0.5 0.5 1 50 force @a 152

    (Supposed to show blockcrack particle of redstone block (hence 152)

    EDIT: This was not a particle error, but rather a scoreboard error on my part. Has the stat.damageTaken changed?

    EDIT 2: Oookkaaayyy... It's working now, and I literally changed nothing. Confused, but hey, at least it's working now :P

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    posted a message on DROPS | PvP Minigame Coming Soon!
    10-16-2016: I have decided that after I have completed some basic mechanics and a few arenas, I will be launching a public beta!


    Hello, you all! Today I'm glad to announce a new map I've been working on for 1.11!

    The map is called 'DROPS' and will feature some custom-made features I've been working on:


    :Red: = Not Started :Orange: = In Progress :Yellow: = Near Completion :Green: = Finished :SSSS: = Cancelled

    :Green: Blood Particles w/ Disable/Enable Option

    :Green: Custom Introduction

    :Green: 4-Player Support

    :Orange: Supply Drops

    :Red: Custom Items

    :Orange: Completely Original, Hand-Built Arenas

    :Orange: Random Map Picking System

    So, what's the idea of the map?

    DROPS is a Free For All PVP minigame for 4 players. In The Sinkhole, the lobby, one of the custom maps will be selected for players to compete in. Everyone starts with nothing except a pickaxe to collect supply drops. Supply drops come down from the sky, and the player can choose to open the drop and collect the items, or, if someone is chasing them, they can use their pickaxe to collect the supply drop and place it down somewhere else to open it. But beware! You can't just place it anywhere. You can only place it on Safe Spots, where you can grab your loot in safety. Unless someone comes there too.

    Want screenshots of DROPS as it's developed? Look here every once in a while!

    The map should be completed late this year or early next year, and I hope you decide to play it with your friends!

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    posted a message on One-Tick Bows?

    Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to create bows that shoot in 1 tick (or very few ticks) at full charge using command blocks. Thanks!

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    posted a message on ★ [FREE] ★ 3D ★ RENDERED YOUTUBE THUMBNAILS! ★ VOICE ACTING! ★

    Hi! I'm SOAWplays, and I have been making maps on Minecraft for a long time. But now, I'm changing that. I am starting this shop for completely FREE YouTube video thumbnails. The thumbnails will be rendered in full 3D, complete with lighting, text, and more.

    My thumbnails have tons of customization options. Have a font you want me to use for your thumbnail? You can request that! Want more than just you in your thumbnail? You can request that. Want me to make a full lineup of thumbnails for more episodes of the series? Request that! I'll customize your thumbnail just about any way you want!

    Want to see my tentative portfolio of thumbnails I've made? Click here! (DO NOT USE THE CONTACT FORM ON THE SITE. I DO NOT CHECK THIS.)
    Portfolio of voice acting coming soon.

    Want to request a thumbnail? You can do this 1 of 3 ways:
    1- You can fill out the form here. (RECOMMENDED; CHECKED MOST OFTEN)
    2- You can send me an MCF message, or a Hypixel message.
    3- You can comment below!


    If you decide to request a thumbnail by comment or MCF message, please use this format:

    1) Your Minecraft IGN -
    2) Link to your YT Channel -
    3) Link to a custom font (if you have one in mind) -
    4) Other customization requests -

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to making thumbnails for all you very soon!
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    posted a message on Looking to Start a Large-Scale Minigame Server!
    Quote from MateysGames»

    Hey , i heard you were looking for some helpers. Well im interested in helping :)

    I have a bit of expierence with some command blocking as i use to use them to make my servers but it just what too hard to do alone, but im a good builder and id be happy to help

    PS i made a new minecraft forum account thats why it says im new , someone hacked my other account.

    Thanks for responding! I'm sorry to hear about your hacked account, you should contact some staff about that ;)
    I'm going to PM you some details right now, as I am a command block-er as well and we have some great use for command blocks!
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    posted a message on Need Direction for Trusty Downloads
    Quote from XH192»

    Minecraftforum has a lot of them.

    Otherwise try Planet Minecraft. Never got anything malicious from either site.

    Just make sure, if it is an adfly link, to ALWAYS CLICK SKIP AD!!! The fake download on the adfly page is almost ALWAYS a virus. ;)
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    posted a message on Looking to Start a Large-Scale Minigame Server!
    Quote from Pink_Robin»

    I am interested! Please contact me via skype @drugcraft2

    I do not have Skype, nor do I plan on getting it.
    Please PM me your IGN and proof of your experience, and we can discuss further. Thanks!
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    posted a message on Looking to Start a Large-Scale Minigame Server!
    Quote from hifromjarrod»

    i am interested

    i have plenty of experience with minigames and minigame building an plugin config

    Thanks, hifromjarrod! Please PM me your Minecraft IGN and some proof of your experience, and we can discuss further. Thanks!
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    posted a message on Looking to Start a Large-Scale Minigame Server!

    Hello! I'm SOAWplays. I'm a command block mapmaker, and I also know a tiny little bit about coding server plugins. For a while, I've wanted to start a minigames network for people to enjoy.

    However, I would need some help with getting this started. First, finding a cheap, affordable (free is even better) hosting service to host it on. Then, I would of course need builders, staff, plugin developers (pfft ya right), and minigame concept planners to get this project on the road. Reply if you're interested! (No Skype/Discord/TeamSpeak/Hangouts needed, we can communicate through the chat.)

    Hope to get this going and see you on the server!


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    posted a message on How to build a practical, good looking spawn

    I think unclimb-able mountains (Such as The Hive) make a nice effect, they let it feel open, but the mountains are more natural-feeling barriers than invisible blocks.

    Floating islands (Such as Mineplex) are also good, there is no need for barriers, and it feels VERY open and fun.


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    posted a message on Help with Server Status

    Hello! I'm making a website for a server I'm admin on, and I am working on doing a server status type thing. I need someone's help for how to fetch the status of the server from https://mcapi.ca/query/pipark.fluctis.com:25713/info and embed the current info into a site. (html code :P)

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    posted a message on Bee Pets in Vanilla 1.10!

    Hello, everyone! To prove that I'm not dead, I have made a little creation! With this creation, you can get bee pets in Vanilla 1.10! To get started, download the structure block file here. Once you've done that, you can copy the file that you downloaded, and paste it into a folder named "structures" in the save folder of the world you want it installed in. Now, go into the world and give yourself a Structure Block with:

    /give @p structure_block

    Now, place down the structure block and change the mode to "Load". Now just type in the structure name at the top, (put "soawbees"). Turn load entities to 'on' if you want crafting recipes.

    Now press the 'load' button once, and an outline of the structure's size will appear. Now just power the block with redstone, or press load again.

    The structure will then auto-magically load in!

    You can now punch out the structure block.


    Alright! To get your own bee pet, throw 6 Glowstone Dust and 3 Ink Sacs on the ground. They will combine into a spawn egg for your bee pet!

    Now, just place down the spawn egg and you'll see your very own pet bee!

    Your bee pet will follow you around if you are in Survival. You will also recieve Absorption 1 and Saturation 2 when you are within a 3 block radius of the bee pet.

    By default, your bee pet will have 'pollen' particles around it. If you don't want these, you can turn them off with the lever on the machine.

    Next, on the machine, you have a button that will kill all bee pets in your world if you don't want them anymore. When killed by the machine, or by hand with a weapon, your bee will drop the spawn egg if you want to spawn him again. Finally, there's a button on the top right hand corner to uninstall the machine.

    Please note: There can be multiple bees in your world, but when killed, some may drop rotten flesh. This is due to a known bug in my system with flesh-killing armor stands not being teleported correctly with multiple bee pets in your world.

    And that's about it! Hope you enjoy this fun little creation! Feel free to ask me anything about the machine and give me ideas for my next command block creation below. Bye!

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