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    UPDATE: An awesome youtuber named PS360 Gamers has made a video showcasing my invention:

    For a slower firing version that will almost never need to be reloaded, see the "Testificate Terrifier" Section below.

    NOTE: This uses no redstone, pistons or new-age fancy pants trickery of any kid. It is powered solely by entities (cows). This will work for most mobs/entities, with a few adjustments.

    NOTE 2: This requires the player to be in Creative, or to be extremely inventive with their cow breeding and moving.

    Premise: After watching a video by Game Chap and Bertie titled "Cow Cannon" (found here: ) and being extremely disappointed that it launched the player instead of cows, I decided to play around with the invention anyway. While doing this I acidentally shot several cows, and set about trying to figure out what I did to do that. I worked it out, and decided to bring the burger-belting fun to the Minecraft Forums.

    TL;DR: I figured out how to launch cows.

    First of all, we are going to need a 3x3 platform, preferably high up, like so:

    After we have built this, place a ring of blocks around the edge:

    Now place a second ring, excluding one block on any side:

    Now, place 2 blocks so that the hole in the middle is covered, just like this:

    Now place a half slab or any other block that doesn't take up the whole 1x1 space, such as a ladder or trap door:

    Now to "load" our machine gun. It is recommended that you do not attempt this on a lower-end computer, as I have recorded drops as extreme as 250 FPS to 120 FPS. To "load" the contraption, take your cow egg and right click one of the top corners of the inside box, like this (you will need A LOT):

    Now destroy the block over your middle hole, as well as your half-slab (or other block):

    And now we let the cows fly:

    Once the stream of cows slows down, to "reload" simply replace the blocks that you destroyed earlier and re-fill with cows.

    This projection of the cows is caused by the pushing that happens when 2 entities attempt to occupy the same spot, which you will have noticed when you walk in to a mob. The cows fly so far because of the sheer amount of entities, pushing it out at extremely high speeds.

    If you want to make a video of this, please credit me and link to this thread. Make sure to post your video here and I will put it in the main topic.

    The Testificate Terrifier:
    This one is reeeaally simple. All you need to do is build the normal player launcher (can be found in the youtube link near the top of the page) and a tube with a dispenser filled with zombie/skeleton/creeper/whatever eggs so that when activated by redstone, the creature falls down the tube and gets shot out.

    Almost never needs to be reloaded
    Can shoot out any over world mob.

    Slower firing than regular version.

    Similar Inventions:

    The Bacon-Biffer 2000:

    The Chicken-Chucker 7000:

    And the one, the only, the Perpetual Motion Cow Cart!:

    If you like these inventions please click the rep button, and/or leave a post. Rep makes me feel good, and posts make me feel good too keep this thread alive and let more people discover the magic that is launching hundreds of cows to their death.
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    Quote from zachgamer77

    Cactus armor it is!

    Cactus Armor - Practicality in it's purest form.
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    Wow, that coming through the portal thing sounds cool. I know it's a long shot, but it would be amazing if a few netherrack blocks spawned around the portal after awhile, and if left unchecked, could grow in to a large area of Nether in the overworld, spreading over all blocks except obsidian and bedrock, mobs and all (no fortresses obviously). Imagine returning to some long forgotten portal only to find that several chunks had been taken over by the Nether! Destroying it would make a fun quest, and it would be awesome to build a big obsidian chamber with a glass viewing station and create your own personal section of the Nether. OMG, imagine the possibilites if Mojang implements Pigman trading... I need to make a thread some time :P
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    The cat was simply following you, you were not pulling it. Although it would be cool if you could drag around pet piggies :P
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    Admins that kill and grief their players, and the kiss-**** players who act like you losing 12 hours of work is just a bit of fun, and then cry when you enable PvP hacks and kill them all. Just fun and games guys....

    Oh, and every admin below the age of 13 to have ever lived. And a lot above that line. I don't have authority issues. I swear. The psychologist is full of crap.
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    Quote from thecredible231

    Rage quit is for pathetic losers, that give up and will not have a life.

    Oh yes, I'm sure people who extremely dislike failing will never succeed in life.
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    Hmm. I've never heard of anything like this before. However, the above solutions pretty much cover it. You could transport some villagers via mine-cart track, or you can change your game-mode through mods and spawn some with the NPC Eggs. However, I believe Draco got the gamemode command wrong. I'm fairly certain it's "/gamemode *name* 1" to switch to Creative, and 0 for Survival.

    For example, if I wanted to switch from Survival to Creative I would type "/gamemode ii_GoldDigger_ii 1".
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    aww yeah can't spell trend
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    Perhaps it should have less of a blast radius than TNT, should it be implemented. This means that it still has a purpose, but would be more of a prank/stealthy grief, if you wanted a bit of a "WTF!?" moment with a friend.
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    *half groan half sigh*

    ehh...any lemsip?

    The hell kinda ***** are you? Asking me for some ****in lemsip, ****. Just for that you're not getting any Dimetapp. You can have some ear ache drops.
    Quote from nick_s10

    For some reason i keep getting kicked by the server whenever i try to join

    You need to apply, first of all.
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