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    posted a message on VarsiMC - A Semi-Vanilla SMP Server ✦ Hermitcraft styled ✦ Whitelisted ✦ 1.13 ✦ Mature ✦ 2 years old

    In-game name: SFG_28
    Discord name: sf_freak
    Timezone: EST
    Age: 18
    Have you been banned from a Minecraft server before, if so what was the reason?: No
    Will you be active, yes or no? Yes
    Have you read the rules? Yes

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    posted a message on [1.13] Whitelisted Close-Knit Community [Vanilla-esque SMP]

    1) In game name: SFG_28

    2) Discord Username (not mandatory but recommended): sf_freak

    3) Age: 18

    4) What you want in a minecraft server: I look for a server with an active, close-knit community that is fun to play with

    5) Why do you want to join: I would like to join this server because it seems to have a dedicated group of players that enjoy the game. I have recently been playing a lot of single player survival which gets stagnant, but am looking forward to playing with others to make the game more enjoyable.

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