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    posted a message on SekC Physics (Fabric & Forge) - Client side physics mod with ragdoll physics

    This mod is currently in early development so there are still a lot of ragdolls that need to be made :P

    This is a ragdoll physics mod prototype I have been playing with for a while which my friends have told me I need to release copies of so here it is :)

    This mod is currently fully client side so will work on non modded servers and servers without the mod.

    More Screenshots

    Current Development Focus

    • Armour Layer Renderer
    • Mapping out more mobs
    • Rotational Constraits (Low priority atm)

    Mapped Mobs (Adding more as I go)

    • Skeleton
    • Zombie
    • Husk
    • Giant

    Dependencies (Forge)

    Dependencies (Fabric)

    Download Mod

    Chat with me and the community :)

    Supported mods

    • None so far

    Mods with support for SekC Physics

    • None so far

    To add support to your mods you can either contact me and work with me to add it into the database within the mod or supply your own sekc_ragdolls.json under '/assets//sekc_ragdolls.json'

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    posted a message on Naruto mod v0.4.1

    This project is now being continued.


    0.5.0 will be released and then work will be started on the re-code.

    Still debating if its worth making the mod with forge or try to make quite a generic layout for how this will all work and use rift to be ahead with versions and swap to forge once it comes out or just to try to make it for 1.12 with the 1.13 and 1.14 changes in mind of what I will need to re-code to save effort.

    Quote from lightmeister»


    hey Sek, how's things going on your end?what've you got done recently?

    Sorry I went inactive for quite a while because of being disorganised and unable to push myself to work on this.

    Quote from Nearshort»

    Bro Im thinking about it a thousandth time but seriously, I don't know how to dodge.

    Sorry there was never a clear tutorial, double tap a s or d and press x to leap.

    Quote from PhantomTim»

    I have only 1 question... When new Update?

    As with the other quote I've put here sorry I went inactive for a long time :(

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    posted a message on Naruto mod v0.4.1

    Its also on my discord which i dont think ive linked here xD


    Oh look there is one now

    Oh and here is a link from discord which is newer than the twitter one I think https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/273239935648006144/273240262010994688/narutomod-0.4.2b6.jar

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    posted a message on Naruto mod v0.4.1
    Quote from qrowoffate»

    Hopefully Sekwah makes another Update

    Quote from lightmeister»

    Hey Sekwah is this still in development? Because this is the most impressive naruto mod of them all

    Also I want Rasengan lol

    Just started development again. I also need to update the mod pages to look nicer tbh.
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    posted a message on EULA Questions

    If its something giving a user a bonus you can get around it in a way by for example having a boost that boosts the whole server for a while like hypixel does.

    Otherwise really anything other than cosmetics are against the EULA.


    There are loads of places saying stuff you can do and/or what is and isnt allowed. Just search on google :P

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    posted a message on [Clientside] Quality Order 0.12 - New update!
    Quote from DarkhyOriginal»

    And the download?

    He said the first release may be available tomorrow on the first comment.
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    posted a message on Naruto mod v0.4.1
    Quote from Winniebutt»

    this is an amazing mod it should be more popular

    Its far more popular on pmc and curse than it is here :P
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    posted a message on Naruto mod v0.4.1

    Hey Sekwah41. Thanks for the mod this mod is super cool. Also the artwork is amazing on this mod.

    Thanks :3
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    posted a message on Naruto mod v0.4.1

    New update released the other day but I forgot to mention the changes

    • Fixed madara armour tracking
    • Fixed gui render bug with enchants
    • Added record names(forgot to change them)
    • Fixed some info reporting as an error
    • Fixed version message issues
    • Added compatibility with mods with option effects
    • Changed hidden in the trees headband
    • Buffed kunai, shuriken, senbon and explosive kunai
    • Added support for Optifine!
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    posted a message on Good plugin for custom server ranks?
    Quote from TotallyJustin»

    Yeah I am kinda a noob lol.

    This command sounds great though, but is there anyway I can set it up so that if a player buys a rank then it automatically ranks them?

    Its up to where you are doing the donations to supply some form of command execution. I code my own stuff completely but if you are using stuff like buycraft you can put the actual commands into it, so it will execute it with the players name.
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    posted a message on When do you think 1.10's first snapshot will be released?

    Java is kind of what made minecraft what it is today in my opinion. If it wasn't for java I doubt the modding community anywhere near as big (not sure how hard it is to edit c++ but a fellow coder of mine made it sound much harder than java xD)

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    posted a message on How to get rid of the < > which shows in chat (essentialschat)

    Nope, you have to change it in the config. As far as i know there isnt a chat plugin that lets you edit something like that in game.

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    posted a message on Are plugins safe to download?

    If they are on bukkit or curse, then they have been checked by moderators first. Of course they can't check literally everything, especially in the larger plugins but if it gets a lot of downloads then you can generally tell its safe(as someone would have reported it if it obviously wasn't).

    Also if they have the source code then I would say it is even less likely to.

    When a plugin or any update is uploaded it stays in a pending state until a moderator has checked it.

    (I know this because I have made plugins for people and have stuff on curse and bukkit)

    Note: In my opinion plugins shouldn't really be on pmc as they only have a mods section, also pmc does not check the files like curse and bukkit so it has a chance of viruses although again I would trust it if it has a lot of downloads :)

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    posted a message on Good plugin for custom server ranks?

    you have never used a permission plugin before have you? xD

    Pex allows you to set up groups and add the users to the groups. So you could set up a group called vip with the prefix vip and just add users.

    Then there are 2 different ways you can do it. Either add the user to the group or the group to the user.

    e.g. /pex user <username> group add <groupname> or /pex group <groupname> user add <username>

    I don't know if they really do anything different(one way the prefix can play up from experience) but i guess its which you feel is more organised.

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    posted a message on Is it a bug?

    If you have linked it to your mojang account then you need to log in with your email and not your username, otherwise atm I have no clue. You haven't given much information other than you can't log in.

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