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In about 2013 (I don't remember this well) but I was talking to my friend called Nathan. He was going on as he usually would about how Xboxs were way better than Wiis (Which was what I had). Anyway, one day we had miraculously stopped arguing about this when he mentioned about this game he had bought called Minecraft. He hardly described it in detail as we were rather young (my age I never reveal), but I saw that I wanted to get it. So, as I didn't have a device what so ever. I had to use an iPad. And created my first world in this game ever. It was terrible. I still have it on the very same iPad today. But it is right at the bottom of my list. Then I discovered minecraft for PC. and scraping together most of my money. I bought it. When I got it (1.7.2) I quickly set to work trying to get a server. I thought by the quick click of the 'Add Server' button I would have one. I set about getting one and found my first server hosting site ( I created a server and for the first time had got one. Then as I learned more and more of my friends had got MCPE I set about making a server for that. It was a LOT more complicated than I ever intended it to be. But then I found PocketMine. It was my favorite day of that month (if not year as I was not really enjoying life at that period). I downloaded it on my new Hudl (yes I had got a new device) and started the server. And guess what. It worked! Then I had to get round the hard bit. Making it so that my friends could join (yes, I wasn't good at tech then at all, even if I was the best of my friends). So I turned to instantmcpe but that was short lived as I realized that the world doesn't give you good stuff without a catch. So then I finally learned to portforward and the world was all happy. Butnot for long. I was struggling for a problem with a plugin one day and I saw this: It might not have been the same thread but it was something, like that. I was shocked. I couldn't let the community die. But what could i do? So I decided to leave it for a bit and have a bit of a think. About Apil 2016, I decided to face my fears and come back to the community. And here I am now.


I like computers. And minecraft. I also (I'm not sure why I'm putting this in here) am rather young

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