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    posted a message on Bedrock Server failed. None of the last three backups that restored can repair.

    I was able to get the 1.20.62 world back and restored. Our children's tablets are on 1.20.71. How do I upgrade the bedrock server and the world?

    Old log files that were giving me fits.

    NO LOG FILE! - setting up server logging...
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:305 INFO] Starting Server
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:305 INFO] Version:
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:305 INFO] Session ID: e7a45ca2-dbd7-4614-862e-353e0587776d
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:305 INFO] Build ID: 22010383
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:305 INFO] Branch: r/20_u6
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:305 INFO] Commit ID: ecfbe634e2e231921b3c799f34169d1dcaf5bd74
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:305 INFO] Configuration: Publish
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:309 INFO] Level Name: creative
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:327 INFO] No CDN config file found for dedicated server
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:354 INFO] Game mode: 1 Creative
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:354 INFO] Difficulty: 1 EASY
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:18:422 INFO] Content logging to console is enabled.
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:20:242 INFO] Opening level 'worlds/creative/db'
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:20:301 WARN] LevelDB worlds/creative/db status NOT OK(IO error: fopen failed.). Trying repair.
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:20:382 ERROR] Failed to open LevelDB!
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:20:382 ERROR] IO error: fopen failed.
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:21:812 ERROR] Network port occupied, can't start server.
    NO LOG FILE! - [2024-03-17 23:16:21:812 INFO] Server stop requested.

    Here are the log file on restoring the server from backup. I tried rebuilding the world from scratch. Our children's tablets are on 1.20.71. I upgraded and rebuild the world from scratch. It still won't play.

    Ubuntu 22.04.4 is the OS. How can I repair or do I need a clean install of the entire server?

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    posted a message on Ubuntu 22.04 JAVA Minecraft Server CPU gets pegged to 100%

    I host my family's JAVA Minecraft Server on my HP DL360E Gen 8 VMWare 6 server
    Intel Xeon dual 6 core CPUs (24 vCPU) on server, Not much on the server.

    80GB RAM
    SAS RAID 10

    VM for Minecraft uses 8 vCPUs
    16GB RAM

    Digital Ocean Minecraft setup is what I used to set it up.

    java --version
    openjdk 17.0.10 2024-01-16
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 17.0.10+7-Ubuntu-122.04.1)
    OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 17.0.10+7-Ubuntu-122.04.1, mixed mode, sharing)

    Minecraft 1.20.4

    java -Xms4G -XX:SoftMaxHeapSize=6G -Xmx12G -XX:+UseG1GC -jar minecraft_server_1.20.4.jar nogui

    When will Minecraft support the new JAVA LTS version 21? It has better virtual CPU support.

    Ubuntu 22.04.4 fully patched
    VMWare shows 1.5% CPU usage

    HTOP shows one of the CPUs pegs to 100%. I did add the -XX:+UseG1GC to help garbage cleanout.

    We have four players: Myself, my wife, and 5 and 8 year old children. Our daughter spawns chickens everywhere. I will post some pictures of it on my web site tonight. Our Java Minecraft Server

    I am noticing a lag on the train cars and moving around the world. HTOP does show 8 threads spawning and disappearing. Any other Java configuration settings?

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    posted a message on Ubuntu 22.04 Java version. Multiple computers and users

    I setup an Ubuntu 22.04 Mindcraft 1.20.2 Java Server for our two children,5 and 8. I added Mindcraft Java and Bedrock to my Xbox Live account. I created a family group and setup accounts for both of them. For my children, I built both of them separate Ubuntu 22.04 workstations for Mindcraft 1.20.2. Can they both log in and play under their accounts using my license or do I need to buy each of them a Mindcraft java license for their account? My workstation will be Windows 11. Both can access the 1.20.2 server. I want to isolate them to my server only.

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