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    posted a message on PROJECT: U Build!
    Quote from orhantheking

    soo, where's the download link? :/

    fixed :)
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    posted a message on PROJECT: U Build!
    Project: U Build!

    U Build is a new project me and my friends are working on. It is basically a map, where we frame the spots, where buildings should stand and we want you, the great minecraft community, to fill these spots.

    Every spot has a specific size and if you want to build something it has to be in these limitations. On the one hand that will make the future city (and eventually later the whole map) look nice and clean and on the other hand it will bost your creativity, because you are given only a limited space to build.

    If you want to try it and build something for us, just choose one of the folloing spots and make your own map in a singelplayer game, build your house there and than you send us either a schematic file or, if you don't know how to do this, you can send us the whole map (it shouldn't be too big, because there is only the house in it). The only thing you have to know is, how to upload something to the internet (if the project works well, we will have our own website, where you can upload your file).

    This download will allways contain the newest version of the map.

    The building spots:

    At first this is an overview of the city so far:

    Part 1 (The estate):

    The building space for the estate is 41x28.

    Part 2 (The Harbor):

    There are three slots you can build on:
    A lighthouse (11x11)
    A building direcly in front of the docks (28x10)
    A little boat (9x7)

    Part 3 (The mining station):

    This is just a smal spot for a house, where all the miners have to go through to get to the mine (13x9).

    Part 4 (The Park):

    A nice building spot for a great park (16x16).

    Part 5 (The residential buildings):

    There are two different building slots:
    7 smaler houses (14x10)
    2 bigger houses (14x14)

    Part 6 (The main street):

    This should be something like the main street in the city. There are 6 slots for shops and other things like a blacksmith (11x11).
    The bigger house on the right is going to be something like the town hall (23x15).

    Part 7 (The church):

    A spot for a nice and small church (28x15).

    As the project goes on we will enlarge the city, until we, or better you, build a whole kingdom.

    But what, if you are not a great builder in minecraft?
    No problem! You can just post ideas for the project and we, or maybe other users will use them to build something, or you can simply "spread the word" and tell other poeple about this project (I will also make a banner in the near future, so you can show your support).

    And if you have any problem while building, or uploading your file you can always send me a private messenge me and I will definitely help you.
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Quote from SamMOnline

    The other day I had a big problem with the mod, and today I updated my graphics controller, and it worked but when I started looking around, it was all fuzzy and stuff. And the boxes around blocks werent right. Look at the video below, it says it all.

    Thanks, @SamMorganOnline

    this is MotionBlur

    To adjust motion blur amount, open final.fsh and edit "#define MOTIONBLUR_AMOUNT 2.5". Some people may prefer less motion blur. To disable motion blur, add "//" to the beginning of all lines that start with "#define MOTIONBLUR..."

    This is what it says on the front page :)
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    posted a message on PROJECT Architecture
    Quote from Xaphedo

    [...] S0u1Seeker is already pissed off by my words, I don't see why I should also put random competitors in his own thread.

    I would not say i am pissed of by your words :)
    I like every piece of criticism. That is the only way to get better and from your criticism i learned i shoould pratice modern buildings a little bit more.

    And TNTQc thanks for defending my work ;)
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    posted a message on PROJECT Architecture
    Quote from AvatarAcid

    As usual your work is quite nice! Well done, I may end up doing some copy cat on this stuff :)

    you there?
    nice to hear something from you again :)

    and btw: our Britannia has developd pretty nicely ;)
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    posted a message on PROJECT Architecture
    Quote from PatheticGaming

    whats the material on the bottom half of the building called?

    it is sandstone :)
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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!
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    posted a message on PROJECT Architecture
    Quote from BlueRedstoneGuy

    are the white blocks in the house 4 iron or something else?

    They are white wool blocks
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    posted a message on PROJECT Architecture
    Quote from pa7e

    How do you make the flower boxes?Like in House 1's second picture?
    In front of windows.How do you do that?

    They are just gras blocks and trapdoors on the sides :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on HTML, CSS
    Does anybody know a good book to learn HTML, CSS?

    (bestenfalls in deutsch)
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    posted a message on Count to 50 before a Bieber lover posts.

    (not a one word post...)
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    posted a message on Mods
    Quote from sgtwilko47

    dosnt work

    i have the same problem
    i put it in the search bar, but it can't be found...........
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    posted a message on Wallpaper Website
    that's what i found:
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    posted a message on A great seed
    some pics would be cool :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [Tutorial] How to make a XP Farm
    cool tutorial
    thx :smile.gif:
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