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    posted a message on The terrible new sounds
    I belive the new popular mod will be a sound changer.

    I ONLY hate the cows. If you get a bunch of em, they sound like a typical day at a disabilities workplace.
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    posted a message on Is it just me? Or am i paranoid?
    Before i quit for the night, i walked up to an enderman and looked him in the eye, it was day. All he did was give me a short 'shreik' and poofed off into the distance. There was a few of them, so i went and poked one.

    He did the same.

    The others were just poofing about as well on my deserted island in the middle of the ocean.

    Are they skittish in the day?
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    This texture pack keeps getting better the more i use it.
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    posted a message on If a Minecraft track got added to Mario Kart,
    The start and finish would be on a beach, go off and skim a coast that met an "extreme mountains" biome and then sharp turn into one that looks user inhabitied with most the amenities sealed off with panes, depending on the time, it would see activity by many steves. You'd come out and find a few of them finishing the track itself, naturally, having the track built first for you, but now they'd be adding asthetics to it. What could they be up to?

    You'd be off to the forest now and if you caught a glimpse of it you'd see you'd be headed into the guild of "Tales of Kingoms" fame. Only it'd be bigger and you'd breifly skim the ramparts of it while the guild people walk around you. You'd go out the guildmasters window headed into more mountains. But you'd be going downward. A mine perhaps?
    Yes, lighted tunnels of steves plucking out ores and grazing you with minecarts on tracks. But, ahead lies a nether portal.

    You'd dive through it into the hostile realm we all know and love. And yes, i said hostile. Ghasts chucking fireballs at you fruitlessly as you make your way into a castle dimmed errily with glowstone. Looks like the steves were here too. The player in first would trigger the blazes and they'd go after the other players just as fruitlessly, but as we know, they attack more furiously and these have a better chance of actually impeding you. Of course, let's not forget the pig zombies, they would ocassionally wander onto the track and you'd hit one. Since your going way too fast, you won't get attacked by them. Yet.

    After a few more minutes on a castle there you'd pop back out onto the overworld into a desert and you'd be approaching a cactus farm and through it. They'd be in rows of course, so it'd be relatively easy to dodge them if your paying attention. No avoiding the farm though, it covers the track borders.Then into a... swamp (Sorry, i hate swamps so much.). Through some vines on trees, over water and into a snow biome, currently snowing.

    This area would be around a user populated frozen lake. The track would be snowed over slightly, and you'd be going a little slower than usual and of course, it'd be hard to steer. The houses would be carefully arranged "notch houses" since we can't forget those, unfortunately. Once you made your circle around the lake you'd dive into a user made tunnel into the ocean. Since it's pretty lifeless and void, we'd show off modder prowess here with Dr. Zarks water mobs. It'd be a long boring road though so you could take your time down here to fight with your fellow racers like we all do in Mario Kart. Right before it gets boring you pop out of the ocean quite violently into that pesky extreme mountain biome into a mountain. No, not into a tunnel, you and all the racers would smack into the mountain wall and fall waaaaaay down into (DUN DUN DUUUUH) an End Portal.

    The music would change to that of a common epic final boss battle and a meter would pop up and fill dramatically. There'd be no track here, Oddly enough, Ender Magic would make it for you and it'd steer you towards the towers as the Ender Dragon chased you and flies over you. In this part, you'd HAVE to run into the crystals or you'd repeat the circuit until you did.

    The Ender dragon would be smarter this time and as soon as you smashed the first one, he'd realize your a threat and fly off to the other crystals. He'd go to one and a new purple meter below would start to charge as he flies about the active crystals. Yep, he intends on getting rid of you now. But don't worry, this is mario kart. Your not exactly unarmed. You have to stop fighting each other and work on fending the Ender Dragon off. First off, he does his usual diving, but he only goes after first place (here's your chance you greedy players. lol). When he dives you can chuck all your stuff at him. Including bananas. If you have that Blue Shell item, it won't hunt out the 1st place player, it'll heat seek the dragon, even when he's off the track. The bananas and rebounding green shells will help if you come back to that part of the track again. If somebody has a star and rams into him at the right time, it'll chop off a massive chunk off his health, but he'll be pissed and fire a thin "kamehameha" beam while he chases you in blind rage. Of course, after this he'll be exausted and due to the speed of the racing half his crystals are gone. He'll be desperate now, he'll stick to those leftover crystals and start spewing fireballs of ender at you and the other racers and as well as the Endermen below. Poor things.
    You'll dive down there once he does and discover a steve here, looking pretty decked out. Looks like you did him a favor too, he has no helmet. In fact, he waves to you as the track takes you up back a little too close to the Ender Dragon. He's flying ahead of you, fully charged and keeping a good pace. It looks like this his last chance as well as yours as well. Now would be a good time to chuck everything Mario Kart would provide at him. As you do, he does as well, which considering he rules the realm, isn't much. All it is is a single giant ball of Ender Fire (which can be avoided by using the outside of the tracks, if your not afraid of falling off the track). Given what game this is we're talking about, you win and he dies in front of you by means of burning into an ender fire crisp.

    The steve below nabs the egg and jumps into the portal and the track does the same.

    You come back and skim the beach again for a few minutes, this time at night.

    This time around, it's the same, but shows the night life of minecraft (they wouldn't bug the racers, your going too fast for them.), minus the realms. It'd look more modded and more inhabited. Beach houses, Mountain hung houses even a tales of kingom town nearby the guild. All the popular mods would find places here and on the last lap, the finish line would be a building made of gold blocks.
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    posted a message on Steam Adding not working...
    It's the one on the desktop, so yeah, it is. Unless of course they're hiding one i'm not aware of.

    Mine just flickers and then stays off.
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    posted a message on ComputerCraft
    Intelligent responses will probably take longer. <.<;
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    posted a message on Reasons why Survival Mode CAN'T be on smartphones
    To add, the controls for it on my ipod or absolutely disgusting. It feels like i'm drunk when i play it.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Hectic Craft's Cheetah Pack [v3.5.1]
    This, people of the forums, is how you do a compilation. Follow this persons example and we will all get along.
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    posted a message on Minecraft is Official now...
    Beating it is a way of saying it isn't sandbox. But yeah, like Caleb, i feel a little robbed, even if it IS optional.

    If you don't beat it, your missing out. If you do, your robbed of a world.
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    posted a message on Pro-Craft v1.2 updated more textures
    Oh god... my eyes. -pours gasoline on himself, lights himself on fire, and jumps out a window-
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