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    posted a message on Minecraft Snapshot 1.7 /tellraw Store
    this video shows a basic set up for an item store in vanillia using the tellraw command using the scoreboard to keep track of the money and whats being bought.

    To get the most out of this video I assume you have knowledge in:
    -Command blocks
    -Using and manipulating the scoreboard
    -a general idea of how to edit the Jason in a tellraw

    this is the full tellraw for the Diamond sword:

    tellraw @a { text:'Click to buy a Diamond Sword for 300 Gold: ', extra:[{ text:' [BUY] ', "color":"blue", clickEvent:{ action:run_command, value:'/scoreboard players set @p[score_Gold_min=300] Buy 1' } }]
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    posted a message on Seed with Bryce Mesa, and Large Mesa biomes next to each other
    I have a seed showcase for it. the description also includes a list of locations for dungeons, temples, a large mushroom biome, and a ice spike biome. My lets play uses this seed so there will be more content on the seed uploaded.

    Version used: 13w37b

    Seed: -2540176256393774996
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