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    posted a message on [Vanilla 1.1.0] Buildcraft [2.2.12] Bucket Filler
    Oddly enough Redpower 2 deployers do exactly what you created but it takes a bit of ingenuity to get it to work.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]Ian`s Gunpowder Block Mod! V0.1
    Wrong place to post this, this is an incomplete unreleased mod. Look up the forum rules.
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    posted a message on [1.12] Minecraft Minions - evil always finds a way
    "Keeper, your dungeon is emptier then your head", I constantly expect to hear while using this mod.

    Great mod, reminds me a lot of the basic imp system from Dungeon Keeper.
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    posted a message on ~ Paintball ~ [Updated!]
    You have a childish friend,
    Though you are down right professional for your age.

    You taken into consideration Game balance, among other factors that makes me give you a positive consideration.
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from Airwolf

    Perfect as it is right now. If stuff rips up your wiring, use more covers.

    Look at it this way, Upon new creation of frame, why does it cost More to limit a feature?
    Would it not make sense that if you wanted something to stick to a frame, you would put something upon that frame to make it Sticky?

    Things like drills are really hard to make , when it shouldn't be a 8 stage operation to get something to cut, and move down.

    When, not if. When The creator of this mod puts in the ability to send red power through frames, the possibility of a single block wide drill "would have been easily possible" and considerably cheaper, but within reason if frames didn't stick with no paneling upon them.
    That, and machines are considerably less compact as a result of having to put deployers to panel up the frames before incorporating it into the rest of the machine.

    Anywho the system of capabilities could use some expanding upon.

    No paneling for slipping by, or just "covers" to both add the strength of those covers upon the frame it's self.

    A panel "adds attachment" capability. This doesn't mean its sticky persay, that means if you place something directly upon it, it will stay On the frames, but if the frame slides by something it won't pick anything up.

    Then the ability to make it stick comes from the logical stickiness of slime gel. Applying such to a panel makes it stick. Aplication occurs via right click with slime, and this system would use what is already in place.

    I love the use of frames, they are relativity easy to understand "hard at first of course since it doesn't make much sense that a naked frame would stick to things". Yet I also think they have thier flaws of course both in-game balance, and the potentials not being met in execution/capability.

    Though I do have a question, why do frames not move as fast as piston movements?
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's Lets Play Minecraft v1.2.5 - Season 4
    Hey Dire, ever want to do a multi let's play?

    I imagine it could be cool/goal oriented/ random fun.
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    It would be considerably less confusing, less complex, and overall better if frames were not sticky without panels.

    With panels however, they could become sticky.
    It is considerably harder to panel all sides of the frame upon creation in order to make things like drill machines, without it ripping up the wiring.
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    posted a message on Wolf Teleport Bug
    Simple solution really
    The Wolf checks if player is in teleport distance, if not, no change in state.
    Also another consideration, if wolf is outside of draw distance, ignore checks of state, and unload entity from memory.
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    posted a message on [SMP] More Explosives Mod [over 1,500,000 downloads!]
    Bomb Craft Box.

    The reason:
    With the bomb craft box one can "set" the fuse length and "craft" these bombs to quickly all have the same fuse length.
    The fuse timer will have to be designated somehow "likely by the name of the bomb having a altered printout".
    The reason for this, is some would love to explore the potentials of cannons by having Many more "explosive" power set off upon firing such cannons.

    It would be a hand'y tool and more convenient then a "hand held" tool for it would get tiring to set all the "explosives" by hand, instead of just batch creating them with that Delay.

    To also be a bit unique you could have the "powder box" a bit dangerous to have, aka it too is explosive from all the dust that has fallen on it over the uses. However this detail is just a silly one.

    With this powder box there is other possibilities of tweaking the explosives, but you may sort such out as it is all dependent upon the "type" and what you envision your mod to be.
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    posted a message on New ladder hitboxes - Good or Bad?
    There should be blocks that are made specifically with the collision features and other things that are planned to be removed.

    Especially for one in particular. I would love a block that acts like a "strut" simular to the torch exploit, but can collapse when activated with red stone upon the block it is attached to.

    With ladders I guess an edging could be made , a strip of wood that sticks out half way from the top of the blocks?
    It is however, a trivial block, and ladders served as that well unfortunately.
    They should focus more on adding "more features" to currently existing blocks, and or elements that act well with the current game-play elements instead of "pretty things" that perform nothing what so ever. For instance, I still find it funny you can hold lava in snow blocks.
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    posted a message on Post your CTRL-V
    " glowing meteor in some cave or something"

    I got nothing, idk where that is from.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][1.5.1][1.5.0][1.4.2][1.3.2] Not Just About Boobs
    Now people will of course want women with the magical power to make sandwiches, be naked, and bare children.
    All because of your initial boob mod!
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    posted a message on Minecraft, Soulblighter.
    Myth a legendary, and old game series of the Rts genre. Performed by the respectable Team Magma, aka Bungie.
    The second form of the game Soulblighter is still supported by the main team to this date!

    A rts is set in the realm of middle earth, with a dark fantasy twist. Everything form wickedly weak Thrall "zombies", To the all to fear Warlock of flame can be found upon the battlefields of myth. What sets Myth apart from other Rts, is the very simplistic view upon physics, but revolutionary for it's time no other rts had such interaction. The land could be used to your Advantage, or your Fall!

    Arrows, flew in real time.
    Bombs, could catapult other projectiles with their blast.
    The ground, would actually crater upon significant damage.
    If any of this is sounding familiar to you, that's because such things are already in Minecraft.

    The realm is shattered by a war with the undead who should stay dead, this is the main focus of the mod which would be "Soulblighter" in the series of myth.
    For what would be the content of this mod is listed below:

    The units,
    Ah yes what would be a rts mod without it's units hm? These are the categorized true to the self units of Myth, and the re imagined.

    The Warrior
    Oh the generic swordsmen, who's starwart ways will outlast the strongest assualt.
    What is shown here is the "berserker" unit in the game, yet in the mod it will be generically spliced.

    In the game there is 3 noteable "swordsemen" units:

    The "warrior":
    which is the standard unit who a tutuanic knight. With a big shield, and a bigger sword this warrior can stand most attacks and just keep comming. Slow, but effective "think minecraft zombie suped up".

    The "berserker":
    a unit who wears almost no armor, but gains a great burst of strength upon almost being struck down. He is faster, and carries a bigger sword then the warrior.

    The elite guard "herion":
    I have always refered to these guys as bards, or simular classed palidin healers. These guys are strong, hold two swords and can "close range" heal a unit, but it freezes that unit in place while this is done.

    The mod's own warrior, will be a mix of these for both simplicity, and balance.
    He will, be somewhat average a bit slower then the player.
    Hits harder, when hurt alot.
    Be good agaisnt ranged units becuase he doesn't take as much damage from arrows.
    Has a one shot heal, to any close range unit.

    The Bowman
    The bowmen comes in only one flavor, Arrow flavor. Those who didn't favor the brutality of the sword, picked up the swiftness of the yew. They fire long stark shafts of smoothly rounded wood, in the hopes that when it reaches it's destination, that it would have put a dent in the battle. Often, it does.

    The bowman:
    He often consideres himself, not a coward yet is the most often to run away troop in the entire game. He however has 2 very important considerations:
    He is quick.
    He has fire arrows.
    Both of these advantages coupled with his usual barrage, can make this unit the ultimate support to the fight effort.

    The Dwarf
    Oh who doesn't love the dwarf?
    Cantankerous , mean, and over all sadistic with explosive power.
    The dwarf is the ever angry Scotsmen midget of any army , and as much as generals hate to admit, they are vital to most armies.

    The dwarf unit comes in 3 combustible flavors:

    The hero dwarf is a special case as is most "hero" units. For the purposes of this mod, this unit will also mimic the attributes of the Dwarven Magician, and pathfinder both equally rare troops.

    The dwarven "hero" is both, the most powerful, and the most unlikely to be made troop for he is complex. He can create repulsion fields around where he throws a special magical bottle. He is able to call "dwarven airstrikes" which is essentially a line of spawned satchel charges that fall from the sky. He also has a bit more health then the usual dwarf and in some cases can perform a special suicide that causes a insane amount of death.

    The mortar Unit is a powerful artillery barrage in the hands of a maddwarf.
    It can rain a variety of death upon the target.

    Standard shot, This shot flies high. It is a spherical ball of explosive doom that upon hitting the ground does similar damage to the regular dwarfs bottle explosion. The main difference is a longer load, and further throw.

    Flachette Round, This shot is a bit unique in the fact that it rolls around before exploding. When it does explode, it barely does any "explosive" damage but sends sharp needles in every direction. Painful when shot into a group.

    Dwarven paratroop, A silly and somewhat rare round. The dwarves have discovered how to "launch" their fellow dwarf in a burning shower of sparks without combusting the "shot dwarf's" pack.

    The original mean, short man.
    Easy to **** off, and will tell you to **** off in a second. This angry man has a reason to be angry.
    He is all liquored up with who knows what, and to make matters worst he is carrying his own way to oblivion.
    Upon his back there is 5 satchel charges, that will go off at a moments notice.
    He also carries extra alcohol and dwarven secret ingredients to make his own high explosive Molotov cocktails.
    The Molotovs may not always go off when they hit the ground, but one thing is for certain.
    When they do, it can be terribly hilarious.

    Couldn't find any good shaman vid's, so have this. A sieries of damages that even shaman's would find hard to heal.
    A shaman is the crutch of most broken armies. He heals, mends, and otherwise helps the living, but is bane to those who are dead.

    The shaman is himself, there is no other subsititutes for his mastery in understanding nature, and the ways of life has allowed him this:

    He can heal from a distance, and multiple times.
    He can pull from the earth "roots" which he uses to heal.
    He is able to kill the undead very quickly, both by his long shovel and his healing magic which doesn't agree with necromancy.

    The shaman for the mod's purposes, would have simular understandings.
    He would heal from a distance "using negetive damage items if that is possable". He would be able to "pluck" and place grass using simular bonemeal functions. He would also be tough and harm undead very heavily.

    The Fetch

    The fetch are otherwordly beings who hail from another, unkown demension.
    They wear the skins of the ones they slayed in combat. Treat this lady right, and she will be good for you.

    The fetch also comes in one form:
    The fetch are worst then any sith in existance when it comes to the lightning they rip from thier fingers. Thier power makes them the most feared ranged troop of the entire myth universe, a close second being the warlock. They simply are very resistant to eletricity, and yet use the power of lightning to kill many around them.
    They take a while to charge up thier attack.
    They are resistant to thier own attack.
    They are effective when units are in water nearly 2X.
    Thier attack hits multiple people often.
    Thier attack cuases a shockwave that sets off explosives, without actually being explosive persay.
    Somewhat weak, but not as weak as a bowman.

    Warlock of flame
    Ah yes, the demented forsaken of kindness and love. Who has devoted his life to the studies under one of the great one's himself, the "deceiver". If you were to look into his mind, your happiness would be forfeit, and your view upon the world forever changed.

    The warlock comes in very many ways to cause burning death:

    Warlock hero, Stronger, casts more fireballs then the usual and is a overall pain in the flame. This lord of the wicked ways can cast a fire ring around himself that burns away most troops.

    Warlock "altered", A demented mind, or perhaps a insane soul. This warlock also has the way of the fireball, however he loves to mess with the minds of those who are around them, making friend foe in a blast of confusion.

    Warlock standard, The usual powerful, and slow to charge essentially long range sniper of the arcane arts. The same as warklock hero, but weaker and takes longer to charge.

    The mods warlock, Will cast a fire around it's self as a part of it's melee, and will cast fireballs as a part of it's long range attack "ghast balls".

    The beauty of this mod is that much has already been done, and if just re implimited it can serve to be a grand major modification of the Minecraft look and feel of the game entirely.
    For instance, these units and items have been made.

    Trow, That unimplimented Large zombie basically. This huge unit would at most have modification to it's "power hit" making people fly. Perhaps with the hidden use of a explosion that doesn't do damage to the land. Reskin it blue for the most part it becomes a perfect trow.

    Spiders, They exist in the minecraft universe and do the same exact function! Perhaps changed skin, and a lowering of health with a bit of extra speed and it is Perfect.

    Thrall, These are simply zombies, if it really wishes to be done a reskin and perhaps using a bit of the "nether pig or skelly's" code to make it hold a ax wouldn't hurt.

    Undead archers aka "souless", Skellingtons also exist. The only effect aplied to them would probally be somewhat hard, but making arrows "pass through them" yet damage them.

    Swordsmen, you the player with the right equipment is a swordsmen essentually. Using these models and the basis of a zombie, you have a swordsmen's intial setup.

    Satchel charges, Tnt nuff said.

    Lightning, already exists and is proven moddable by the "lightning arrows" mod.

    The major goals

    What would a mod be without a clear direction and goal set?
    Still on paper I tell you.

    1. Gather, create, and otherwise set up required media, team, and already implemented code functions.
    This is the media that would otherwise make it impossible for this mod to exist, this is the Team that is required for the mod to even be made into existence, and this is the code functions that already exist in minecraft ready to be called from a list.
    2. Setup frames for different monsters.
    This is the "modded creatures" in the game that make up the Myth universe. Using base code from Minecraft, and a bit of simplifying this will allow the creation of different units quickly.
    3. Lightly touch on how to guide monsters via way points.
    Since this will ultimately "try" to be a rts, but if it fails devote to just a conversion mod. The system of how to guide mobs must be explored at the very least.
    4. Figure out "effects" that monsters can cast. Be it, the warlocks easy to make "fireball" aka ghast ball.
    The dwarven mortor round, or even healing. These "actions" need to become defined.
    5. "Director" entity created for the control of the troops. This is the "floating" entity that is able to spawn the way points and actually control things. This is also the thing that may be scrapped most easily if it is found to be beyond the skill level of the eventual team.
    6. Myth2 Texture pack for all standard objects that already exist in game. This is the easiest, and actually more of a "nice touch" to add to the game so that everything seems to match with the Minecraft universe.

    Technical Information:
    Myth 2 is a tag based rts system, that takes properties and compares various interactions with such.
    For the most part, The mod will try as best as it can to use already made entities and "hide" them, since many of them have the physical calculations, and properties necessarily needed for this mod.

    For instance, a dwarf "mortar" would just use a simple spawn trick with the already present tnt entities and explosions. Archers who need arrows for thier attack, would fire it similar to a skellington but with extended range. Even lightning already exists, and perhaps we can collaborate with the one who made "lightning arrows" to simulate the "Fetch".

    Team status: Recruitment.
    So far I am the only one and the silly "ideas" man, but will reskin minecraft, and also contribute to the mods code.
    Project status: Idea stage.

    Feel free to say what you will, after all this is just in the idea and planning stage.
    If you wish to sign up state so for all to hear. Like many big ideas there is a large possability it won't be done if no one beleives in it, so feel free to state your opinion reguardless of what it be.

    Disclaimer: All media belongs to their respectful owners, and Myth is a product of team Bungie.
    I hold no rights to the media used for demonstration purposes, and as such if any owner wishes this media removed please pm me.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Falling Water
    There is another "rule" you could add to make water act a bit more realistic.

    When Water block "falls", Check sides before falling. If water block is detected, then Pull water block-aka deleting the water block detected, and then placing a water block Exactly where the now "water falling" entity is.
    This would make it so that "lakes" could drain, via pulling water from connected cubes of water. Eventual, and usually slowly it all would go down the drain.

    Though there is a flaw.

    As you have it currently the rule that water is deleted upon hitting into a water block.

    An alternate rule would be.
    If water entity hits water block.
    Water entity looks around the "sides" of the water block and tries to spawn water there.
    If no where else but the "top" of water block then it spawns water there.
    Resume normal water entity deletion "aka what you use for the dropping of water I assume".

    This rule would only allow a straight column of water to defuse like a puddle upon the ground upon falling and thus doesn't take up alot of cpu. Also using this with pistons it essentially is possible to create a weird form of "pump" as the last part of the check spawns a water block "above" if all other sides are "covered".
    There is no way for water to "fall up" so you don't have to worry about placement of water "below" the water block, so leave that check out and spawn rule entirely.

    This way water is able to "fill" a place, the logic may be a small bit glitched, but it is something to consider.
    I also forgot, In these checks "Ignore" the branches of water or the branches of lava, but all other blocks should be considered for the check as they block water to even include water Source blocks, and lava Source blocks. Air of course isn't counted as well.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Falling Water
    This honestly should be the Official physics of Water/liquids in general.

    It does all of the amazing things listed below which has been the goal of Notch :

    Prevents grievers from easily grieving.

    Allows a believable simulation of liquid, without spending any extra power of the pc to simulate.

    Follows the "infinite" behavior of liquids to consistently pour without tedious work. Which is Something notch will NEVER give up.

    This mod is truly amazing, I love the capability of it all. It has no flaws, but does make "tnt cannon" creation a bit more complex to make, which actually isn't much of a problem as long as you observe how water behaves.

    I vote this mod to be official.
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