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    Quote from Lord_of_Europe»

    I have a few ideas on how to fix the teaming problem.

    Now, having a team deathmatch mode probably won't solve anything. Mainly because teams usually form up mid-game to gang up on the 1 player who has already got 4+ kills. Typically, there are 2 areas where teams form up, either in the middle with all the chests or off to the side by 1 chest.

    The latter doesn't really matter (rhyme), because if you're the player with 4+ kills; you'll most likely have lots of gear and they will be 2-3 players all trying to share the same chest. With little effort, you should be able to deal with them no problem.

    Going back to the first where everyone camps by the chests. Simple. We need to keep chests in the middle so at the start of the game players have the choice of going to the middle or running off to the rest of the map, so we're keeping chests there. I don't like the idea of chests not spawning items while players are near by because that completely gets rid of camping which I think a game like this needs a little of, also as said above; teams could just camp a little away from the middle and keep coming back for the chests. So what we do is; have only the middle chest in the middle (if that makes any sense) spawn items and keep the other 4 empty. That way, yes, teams in the middle have a little advantage by being in the centre of the map; but they're not overpowered by having access to 4-5 chests all to themselves. This way, they only have 1 chest. And this puts them in near enough the exact same easy to deal with situation as I stated above.

    "Oh, but what about Cavern which only has 4 chests at spawn". A team at the centre of cavern is near unbeatable because they will near-always have a bow and/or potions to throw at you while you swim through the water; always knocking you back so you can't do anything apart from get salty. So for cavern we simply don't have any re-filling chests at spawn, this way they don't have unlimited access to arrows and potions which will even the odds a little.

    Another idea I had was to get rid of hunger in battle mode and switch it for stamina (or something) Which will work it the exact same way, only restoring your stamina will be a little different than hunger. This idea involves only spawning food in low quantities and quality away from the middle and having the main source of food be from killing other players (who will drop carrots or something after being killed, in addition to the stuff they were carrying). This way, you will need to kill players for food if you want to live. So if there are 2-3 players teaming in the middle and one of them is starving, welp, I guess someone's going to need to kill the rest of the team for some food. This may also make the game more aggressive/ fast-paced so weaker players might not have time for teaming up; they need food NOW.

    Welp, that's my idea. Feedback from anyone who read ALL of that is very much appreciated. :)

    EDIT: I forgot to add, that split-screeners should be banned from competitive because they ALWAYS team no matter what. Let them team in casual and leave us try-hards alone.

    Sorry, but this game doesn't need any camping, period. I don't care for it, and neither do quite a lot of other players from my experience in MP games. Players are supposed to grab what's in the chest and head out into the map, not stay at spawn and camp the chests. Doing so will eventually give them enchanted gear, which in turn gives that player an unfair advantage.

    I think adding a Team Deathmatch mode would be a cool idea.
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    Quote from AK49_Logan_907»

    Well I don't think there is a way that will fix the kicking issue all the way. My only thought would be is if there was actual dedicated servers so that it was like a real multiplayer game where you just search a game to join. Then add a report system so that bad players can be reported and be dealt with accordingly.

    Dedicated servers would be way better than hosted servers, as the host could just end the match by quitting the game.
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    Quote from Mooshroom_Gal»

    I'm excited for the update to come out, but at this point in time I think this account and this map is dead. The update was suppose to come out 2015 and it is now almost two months into 2016.

    Gnomes' last post was Jan 27th. Hardly dead. And real world responsibilities take precedence over a Minecraft adventure map. Never assume the author's account or his/her map are dead just because they haven't posted in six weeks.
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    The first suggestion I would give would be don't use signs. We now have the Book and Quill so it would be immeasurably easier to put quests in that rather than use signs.

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    Quote from GamingPlant»

    Just so you can see that most people like the changes or are even just fine with them (or don't know but by this point you'd have to be not paying attention to anything Minecraft related to not know). Out of the 207 people who have viewed your topic, 10 comments are praising the new changes (11 with this one) and OP is the only post against the new changes.

    Also, only 20 people have signed the petition out of around 200 possible signers and the poll results are:

    Get rid of changes: 3 votes or 10.7% of voters

    Keep changes: 25 votes or a whopping 89.3% of voters

    And what those people seem to forget is that these changes also affect PvE. Not everyone plays PvP. I don't, and I have no interest or desire to do so anytime soon.

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    Ah, okay. I did have some trouble with the office because I didn't see any place to put the lever(I ended up going into creative and breaking down the door, something I actively try to avoid doing when playing adventure maps, sorry). Also, was there a third Redstone torch somewhere in the map? I got into the control room (the same way I got into the Overseer's office), and found three slots instead of two, so did I miss one?

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    Is there a map of the Sewers somewhere? I'm getting lost.

    Edit: Nevermind, I finally found my way out. Now I can't find the Overseer's Office. I keep coming across the Overseer's Quarters.

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    Can you please provide an alternative download link for the voiced resource pack. Mediafire has it locked behind a Captia wall.

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    I don't see the reason for adding the PC crafting system to the console version, optional or not. I think it's unnecessary.

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    Okay, it seems that updating the display drivers has fixed the problem.

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