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    After diving into the doorway you're already rushing to the next and tossing Lì in, ignoring his confused outcries. Just as well, soon you're dodging more of the shards of death Shou is throwing at you.

    You really are screwed.

    You dive into another doorway again, but of course you can't outrun her while avoiding the shards she takes from around you to trip you up. Tip-toeing your way through rough patches and dive-rolling through the stands, you try your best to stay as far out of her reach as you physically can. (Which is just barely enough not to have your faced ripped off forcibly)

    Upon finally reaching the ground arena, Shou still right behind you, you find the entire thing enveloped in a barrier of ripped reality. Everyone in the audience is panicking and at this point you're starting to worry she'll do something rash.

    At least with more people she has less opportunity to trip you up, so you take advantage of that to rush into another doorway, taking you back up into the arenas in the sky, jumping on the heads of a few people in your way in the process.

    You know that breaking the heart of a gifted woman can result in some pretty bitter vengeance, but this is just ridiculous.

    A few more dives through doorways and you're on the stadium second highest off the ground. With a couple of well-placed steps and a swing over the end, you find yourself jumping off of the arena. Frankly, surviving this fall is the only way you'll live. Only with your new vantage point however do you realize that she's enveloping the whole god damn island.

    You don't know how the hell you're supposed to resolve this. Hell, you don't know how you're going to land safely. Especially with the stream of flaming hot death directly behind you and a wall of ripped reality below you.

    On the upside, you probably look really cool right now.


    You don't know what's happening, but it's apparently important enough to warrant Ryan using himself as a decoy for you. This irks you to no end. You went out of your way to be self-sacrificing for your guardians before, and now he thinks he can do that to you and get away with it? The greedy jerk.

    You try to go back through the portal he sent you through, but of course he's no longer there. All that remains are pathways of white. The 3-dimensional holes are rather peculiar, but you have no time to waste analyzing whatever's going on. All you can do is try to chase them down and deal with whoever that woman was.

    You follow the path, which leads to another arena and continues into another, then another, and another, then back into the arena you were just in, then another, and a this point you stopped counting. Eventually you come upon a scene in which the woman is over the edge of an arena with streams of odd glass-like structures collecting from everywhere and over her, downward. You've seen how the white stuff blocked off areas, so you take a hunch that Ryan jumped off the damn arena. It would be so much like him. If this is indeed how the case, you are going to punch him in the face.

    Using just a bit of 巽 you propel your self upward. You lay down a foundation with 艮 to get into position, and with a touch of 巽 and 離 you spin vertically backwards.

    Xuánzhuǎn qǐzhòngjī tī!

    Announcing your attacks is a sure way to make them stronger. Ryan said so.

    The kick connects directly with her jaw in a way you almost regret. You fail at chivalry. It's official. She staggers off of her platform only for her to create a new one almost immediately. The shards of evil disrupted themselves and she struggles to get them back into formation. You at least have the honor to let her get ready, completely ignoring whatever was going on below.

    Of course she just locks you in a wall of that white stuff without a word.

    Feh. Walls can't hold you. First you try punching one. It hurts your fist. After recovering you try weakening the walls with some 坤 and charging your fist with 震. It still hurts. Tired of punching walls, you take some more drastic measures. Considering that you can replenish your 乾 rather easily once out of this place your go ahead and expend your entire supply on one blast.

    Heaven Sign「Expansive Energy」
    You gather all of the 乾 available to you and prep it.
    1, 2, 3.
    You radiate it out of you, without enough room to form a complete orb with the proper size. Contrary to expectations the energy does not destroy the white walls and you essentially hurt yourself with your own energy as they bounce back at you with nowhere to go.

    Once your 乾 is exhausted you can't really do anything but fall to the ground, tired and having difficulty breathing.

    These aren't exactly walls are they?


    You don't know how it happened, but the shards above you disorganized themselves. Thankful for the platform that was supposed to stop you from reaching the forest, you roll on it to break your fall, (which hurts a lot more than you thought it would) and jump off the end to the forest a bit below, brushing off the shards landing on you, lucky that none that touched you had their sharp edges against you.

    When you reach the forest floor, (the roll this time you think you're going to need either a masseuse or a doctor to fix) you're quick to hide amongst the foliage. Shou of course is down near you in a heartbeat and when she finds that she lost you is when she really loses it.

    Your entire vision starts fading to white as Shou screams. The last thing you see is her screaming figure surrounded by a cyclone of pure red shards.

    "Yes Rana?"
    "You lost the bet."

    To be honest you fell asleep while watching the matches. You feel bad about it. Really, you do. Still, you don't think you deserved Rigel yelling in your ear only to wake up to a sky and arena quickly fading to white. You tried shutting your eyes to block out the brightness, but all you could see was white.

    Then you couldn't see anything.
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    You curse your luck.

    You are the worst team in Brinkhaven history.

    It just all went downhill the moment Kira decided to fire his gigantic dumbass laser. He decided to destroy the entirety of the giant mushrooms encircling the main tree, which he lit on fire while still standing on it. He unknowingly vaporized Ven and trapped John in a burning room made entirely of wood. Of course he was shot out of the sky as you predicted and then you were left alone with Nex. When you were done with defending yourself (Shooting him between the eyes that is...) you couldn't stand the pain you were in. Considering how your entire team was dead and you were in no fighting condition, you decided to just suicide and be done with it.

    Still, it wasn't as painful as you thought it would be. Might have something to do with the fact that a bullet has passed through your head before already. Still, it was pretty embarrassing, if not because of the onslaught of onlookers, then because Rigel was laughing hysterically when you got out of the arena.

    Simply the best therapist your ass.


    In a whirlwind of action you were dragged out of whatever adventure you had gotten yourself into.

    Quite disappointingly so.

    From what you can tell, the other team outright commit suicide. It puzzles you why they entered in the first place.

    Whatever, you can accept a win by default. The sooner you can win and/or not win this tournament, the sooner you can see whether the prize is what you're looking for even though it probably won't be. Still, it's better than searching the city aimlessly.

    Or maybe you're wasting time here when you could be searching the city...


    Maybe you should go check on that guy who was out to kill you earlier. Perhaps a little investigation can aid your quest.

    You recall the instructions (which you have since lost) took you from a crowded stadium to this nearly empty one. You entered from the crowded stadium, meaning you need to get back to it.

    Of course, it doesn't work out how you plan and you give up on trying to keep track of where you've been after the 3rd empty stadium. As you take a step through the next door you notice Ryan is sitting in the stands, which confuses you greatly, but also makes you start thinking up a way to explain to him why entering the tournament was a good idea which it isn't dammit why did you enter in the first place?

    Well, it hasn't been a week yet, so you suppose you haven't yet failed.

    You begin walking up to him from behind when a patch of gold and black in the stadium catches your eye. You were positive that the only one who wears that weird haircut was Ryan, but apparently one of the competitors in a grassy field has the same hair. Despite it being on a woman, it's pretty much the same length as Ryan's hair. Curious, you move over to the next set of stands, hoping to avoid Ryan for a while and start sliding down the stairs to get a better look. As your abilities can tell you, Ryan noticed you anyway and starts following you. You suppose this was inevitable, but at least you can get a better look at this competitor first.

    That was what you thought anyway.


    Your name is Ryan.

    You don't know why you came. You know it's a waste of time and it only makes you feel worse, yet every year you come back just to watch. Sometimes she wins, sometimes she loses, but she's so much stronger of a person than you will ever be. Sure, she rips apart space-time, but that's not what makes her strong.

    ...You left her.
    You left her to die.

    You sigh, complete with the typical downcast closing of the eyes. When you open them you see Lì running straight towards the arena, which is very bad and why the hell is he even here?

    You rush after him. You have to keep him away from Shou at all costs.

    He seems to pick up his pace to near sprint down the steps. You call his name out loud enough for you to be sure he heard, but he doesn't stop. Dammit, he's running laps around the entire god-damn arena for this.

    He keeps getting closer and closer to the arena. When he finally gets to the barrier surrounding it, he just stops and stares. You're about to grab him and spirit him away out of the place when you notice that she's staring back.

    Of course.

    And now she's staring into your soul.


    You never finish the thought because too soon you're pulling Lì out of the way of the sharpest projectiles known to man.

    Ripped straight through the unbreakable barrier they set up for these things. After all, nothing can stop reality.

    You can plainly see that Shou has grown agitated at your presence.

    Very agitated.

    So agitated in fact that you fear for Lì's life. Not your life, no, that's just not your style. Still, things are going to get really bad.

    Like, damn. You don't think she would kill everyone on the island, but she has changed ever since... you left her...


    You were a good girl.

    You marched on, rolled with the punches and kept yourself sane through everything. You built a bridge and got over it. You stopped caring. You became the unholy menace amongst your peers and the most potent offensive force Iradia had available to her, yet here you are. Breaking down again over the same damn thing.


    You start to pull.

    Simply pull. You rip, you shred, you pour all of your hatred and all of your anger into the simple gathering of reality around you.


    No barrier can hold you. You make a way through in moments.

    You start ripping, creating a path upward toward that worthless ass. No one can follow. You've ripped up most of the arena into shards by now, along with the space around all of Derika, working your way inward. He will not escape this time.


    When you actually get to the window out of the barrier you've created, he's already fleeing, dragging a boy with a strange hat along with him.

    He won't get away.

    You launch a stream of shards at him. He evades with a ridiculous roll to the side, tossing the kid forward and letting the shards shred up the stands instead. Well, he didn't get rusty at least. Wouldn't be as satisfying if he died so fast. You're probably going to have to trap him first. Accordingly, you start ripping where he stands. But of course, he's dodging into another arena and you follow with a cloud of death on your heels.

    You begin ripping the area surrounding the bottom arena. He will not escape. It is going to happen. He will die, and nothing is going to stop you!

    At best you'll let Iradia keep him around so you can have something to take your anger out on. Either way he's not going to survive. There is no god damn way.
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    So in other words he's useless as anything other than a meat shield.
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    Very suddenly, Revi versus 力 may actually become a playable game.

    If it does, it'd be a single boss fight, danmaku style.
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