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    Soartex all the way! (Soartex fanver, I should say)

    I just LOVE it!

    But in smp I try to make things look good with the default texture pack too :)
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    In other news, am I the only one cringing at the awkwardness between Doc and Anderz in the current UHC? Every-time Anderz tries to make a joke there's just pure silence. Lol.

    Haha yeah, I think it's mostly because they are not used to each other (I also love how Anderz calls a creeper a creeper and not a p****)^^ But still, I think they are one of the best teams when it comes to the actual UHC gameplay :)
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    Great topic! We need some underwater diversity!

    Quote from EnderYeti

    You can use some ideas from my suggestion for Sunken Structures!


    How about an underwater maze or dungeon! I'd love to explore underwater structures with some rare air pockets! THAT would feel like exploration, not like the flat dirt floor our regular oceans have :)
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    Instead of the bowl, i was thinking of a water breathing potion using lillypads as material, with a fairly long duration. It would make the underwater biome a bit more "end game", since you would need a brewing stand.

    About the biome itself, i'd love it, I enjoy building underwater and it definitely needs more diversity!

    Also, thank you Eraed, I didn't know about oceancraft and will check it out :)
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    posted a message on .:: Vanilla World ::. 24x7 | Vanilla | Whitelist | PVE | Anti-Grief | 30 Slots | 1.2.5

    In Game Name: Meh_
    Age: 22
    Country: Switzerland (I don't mind a bit of latency)
    Brief description of yourself: I'm the kind of player that enjoys the creative part of survival mode: I like to build, but I want to earn the blocks. I find fighting mobs fun only when there is a purpose to it, either exp, loots or ores (when caving), and not just for the sake of fighting something.

    I can build mobs traps, exp farms, know some redstone, and enjoy building secret doors and switches in my place.

    I am respectful and always ask before doing anything that could bother other players.

    I'm looking for a stable server with a friendly community to chat and play with, and your server seems to fit perfectly :)

    I usually use these mods: optifine, rei's mini-map and convenient inventory, but can play without them if they are not allowed.

    Thanks for reading, and hopefully i'll see you in game :)

    Oh and:
    I will follow the /rules

    Edit: corrected typo :)
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series (Spellbound Caves II out now!)
    Vechs! I hate you and like you at the same time!

    Thanks for all this fun and frustration :smile.gif:

    Both my mental identities salute you :smile.gif:
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    Quote from PetitChouFleur

    "One of the biggest game design decisions in Minecraft is that all (well, most) negative things that affect the world or the player should happen near the player, and be clear to the player. That’s why creepers only explode near players, and that’s why fires stopped spreading indefinitely. This is somewhat related to my dislike of mazes in game design, where the player has no way of knowing or figuring out before hand what decision is the correct decision. Don’t penalize the player for things they can’t control."

    Exactly, thank you :smile.gif:
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    Well I'm glad Notch is buffing their base stats :smile.gif: As for their block picking ability, I trust him on this one, since if I remember right, he once told something like 'events should only happen around the player', but I can't seem to find the exact quote :S
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    Quote from Arcane Wraith

    Why not play peaceful or creative mode if your more interested in the building aspect?

    Because I want to earn my ressources, and I enjoy fighting monsters in order to get said ressources. And what is this nonsense about survival not being about building stuff? What do you do in survival, run naked into the wild or build a base?

    Quote from Arcane Wraith

    Also, creepers break blocks too, should we take away their ability to explode?

    Creepers only explode near you, to kill you. They punish you for being careless.

    Endermen pick blocks anywhere, for no reason. They punish you for playing. (I'm not concerned about my houses, since I can prevent their griefing there, I'm concerned about the landscape.)

    Let me return the question: If creepers did only destroy one block when exploding, but would explode instantly after spawning, would you be fine with that?
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    Quote from green999

    Thanks Man... Not trying to hate on whiners, but...

    Just shut the **** up... Your scared of an animated mob? Or is he gonna be too powerful??? Get over it...
    If your happy that the endermen aren't hard to kill... It just ruins the game.

    101% agree with this guy.

    **** Whiners and Hopefully Notch makes them powerful and not stupid... :sleep.gif:
    Really, I looked at them straight in the eyes... No attack. Best mob ever to to the whiners...

    Thanks Man For Getting this Big To All the Whiners

    Wow, so much nonsense in one post.

    First of all, despite all your efforts not to, you hate on the so called whiners.

    Then, about the endermen: "animated mob" does that imply some mobs are not animated? "Is he gonna be too powerful" You mean, after a nerf? A correct formulation would be "was he too powerful?". Going on to "If your happy that the endermen aren't hard to kill" what on earth does that have to do with people complaining about their block picking ability? Did this ability make them harder to kill? Not to mention, almost everyone agrees on the fact they are too weak physically (and this wasn't changed since their release).

    Then: "Hopefully Notch makes them powerful and not stupid" means you think they are stupid at the moment. Which is exactly the point of the so called whiners, who say they build nothing, remove block without any reason / action from the player.

    And lastly, what does the fact you looked at one of them in the eyes, and he didn't attack you have to do with the so called whiners? The only thing that got changed is which blocks they can pick.

    So next time you want to "hate on whiners", try to remain polite, and get your facts right.

    Quote from endlessdeth

    1) Endermen add a challenge to the game that only the rival creeper could even dream to rise up to.
    2) If you don't want it to be picked up, DON'T DISPLAY IT.
    3) When I first saw endermen, I was pumped to see something that could be more frightening than a creeper.

    OH NO! IT STOLE A PLANK!! Let's go ***** on the forums.

    My version of the story:
    1) Endermen add an annoyance that only the rival griefer could even dream to rise up. (aka griefing ssp worlds)
    2) I don't want wood from the tree trunks to be picked up, how should I not display it?
    3) When I first saw endermen, I was disapointed, because it was not scary at all (and weak as hell).

    Oh no! it ruins the landscape without any other reason than the "estethic" aspect of a floating tree and it destroys block when despawning! Let's post feedback on the forums to see if others agree. Seems Notch agreed (If not, why would he add "it was a terrible idea"? ).
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    Quote from noaboa12

    How about, for you 8 year-olds, you mod the game?

    I'm assuming you're talking to those of us against the endermen block picking ability (you will surely correct me if i'm wrong)? You'll be glad to hear it's been modded in the 1.9 pre-release. The modder's name is Notch.

    Once again, why do you have to call people "8 years-olds"? If you don't mind some lecture, I'd invite you to read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem

    You might learn something.
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    Quote from LLToon

    Then prepare to see me on the side of the argument to buff the Enderman's other facets in the upcoming updates. I'm sure we'll make a great tag team for pushing forwards for a buff to it's base stats and AI.

    And who exactly is against buffs in the base stats / AI ? Almost everyone agrees on these points.

    @ Too-DAMN-Much: Reading your posts, you just totaly ignore every argument of those against your position, simply because you think they are cry babies. That is called a biaised opinion.
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    Quote from TehWench

    Not even read the thread have you?

    So if I get it right, your arguments are:

    1) They add challenge
    2) Go play creative

    And that's about it.

    1) The challenge you talk about is subjective. I personally call that annoyance. What challenge exactly do you see in their block picking ability? Do they use it to kill you? No. do they use it to destroy your buildings specificly? No. Do they build actual things? No. Do they grief anything without any reason? Yes.

    2) Really? Because people have a problem with one misconcieved feature (That even Notch called "an horrible idea", and who could make better statement if not the creator of this idea) they should give up about 80% of the gameplay?

    Did you ever come to think alot of people like survival because you have to earn your ressources in order to build your stuff? This feeling does not exist in creative. And yes, some people build actual stuff in survival fyi.

    Or maybe, you say that because you think people find survival too hard with these block-moving-endermen? And you're such a man that it's a piece of cake for you? And why exactly would it be hard? You seem to think it's easy to replace one block. And I agree it's easy, and I add it's downright stupid to have to replace blocks and fixing floating trees.

    Now compare your arguments this non-exhaustive anti endermen list:
    1) They destroy blocks, which may be a problem on the long run.
    2) They alter the landscape.
    3) They grief without any kind of interaction with the player.

    These are called facts.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Automates v1.0 - Make your lazy world automated.
    This... Mod... Is... Just... Amazing!

    I voted others, because I think auto sheep-shaving or dying would be great :smile.gif:
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    Quote from theneomaster

    Excuse me? It's just a game and that was just my opinion, there is no need to be so rude.

    First of all, Enderman MOVE, not destroy a completely random block probably about once a minute or two. Creepers, on the other hand, explode you and your house 1) if you get close to them. And I don't see you complaining about them...

    Secondly, the odds that an Enderman should take a block from your house, is indeed very low. Hostile mobs wander completely aimlessly until within sight of a player, which is 14 blocks. Also, they spawn AT LEAST 24 blocks away from you, and only on a block with light level 7 or less. Add a couple of torches around your shelter, and you're almost completely safe from any hostile mob coming near you and your shelter.

    Oh, and I'd very much like to see a screenshot of a house "completely ****ed" by endermen. I don't know about you, but I've played minecraft 1.8 almost every day since the release, and I have NEVER, EVER had an enderman take a block from my house, even though they've been spawning high and low. I've seen them move random natural blocks, but never anything I've made. Even when I've gone mining, and that's because I light up the area surrounding my house/shelter. Torches too valuable to waste like that? Just replace the damn blocks that they have taken, it's unlikely to be more than 1 or 2.

    I'll say it again; If you want to be creative and build awesome things, play Creative mode. If you want health, hunger and the ability to gather resources, but 2) don't like the scary monsters, then play Peaceful mode. I really do not understand why people hate the endermen's block moving capability so much. They're nowhere near as bad as creepers! We all hate creepers of course, but it's not like we're begging notch to nerf them or remove them altogether..

    I stand by the statements made in my previous post, and still agree with Sir_Dragonovv.

    Totally agree with NoiGren on this one, and I'd like to add to the bold parts: 1) As you say, IF you get close. Because of that "if" we don't complain, because it makes them counter-able unlike endermen ruining the landscape. 2) What exactly is scary about the block picking ability?
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