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    Sorry if this has been said before, but could you think of putting in some sort of 'class' system, where there are people dedicated to reviving other soldiers, etc.

    Think, TF2 with clay people. Except a lot simpler.
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    The sound of falling to the ground woke me up. I tilted my head slightly to see a strange.... person. It was still gloomy out, so I could only figure out the outline. EIther way, I decided to play it safe.

    After faking sleep for a while longer, the figure stayed. I figured he was friendly, after seeing the seemingly dead monsters at the bottom, and, I figured he was human.

    "Are you.... friend or foe?" I said with the most basic English I could muster. I didn't want to give him the impression I was smart enough to be a threat.
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    The monsters were climbing up the side. I knew I had to move, and more monsters were coming, these ones already at my level.

    "Wh... What am I supposed to do?!" I said with desperation in my voice.

    Then it struck me. Trees, I was always good at climbing them!

    "Let's see if I remember how to do this...." I grunted as I tried to get a hold on some branches. Folding back my wings as I brushed past twigs and branches, gathering scratches and cuts on the way up.

    "I did it!" I sighed as I got the top and created a soft bed with the soft leaves. But then I realised that even the soft leaves and twigs were stinging my back.

    "Hmmm... I think I might be able to manage one last spell for the day." I said as I unstrapped my staff from my side.

    "*Accelerated Healing*"

    With my various ailments healing, and the amount of magic I had used that day, I realised it was time for sleep.

    "It's not exactly a king sized bed with a silk blanket, but I guess it'll do..." I yawned, unaware of the monsters gathering at the bottom of the tree.

    The monsters that were slowing making their way up.
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    "Wha....? Where am I?" I said as I woke up from a terrible sleep.

    "Where is my staff!" I yelled as I rummaged through the black rubble surrounding me.

    I had finally found it when I looked up. I was in some sort of crater, and the sky was dark. I had just gotten up when I saw things appearing and coming towards me.


    In the light of my staff I looked around. I was, in fact, stuck in a crater. There were many things surrounding me, and they looked hostile.
    "Please don't hurt me!" I cried to the beings, advancing on me.


    "Ahhhhhh!" I screamed as an arrow flew out of the crowd and landed beside me. Using my basic survival instincts, I ran up the side of the crater, using my wings to get past the most vertical parts.

    When at the top I sat against a tree and tried to catch my breath.

    "Where.... Am..... I.....?"
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    Quote from CraftingCobras

    They're fine. They seem pretty useful actually!

    Have fun!

    Thank you and can do!
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    Quote from CraftingCobras

    Yes. Yes. Congratulations. You're in the laboratory. You may begin testing in the other thread whenever you like.

    Yay, I just added three basic spells to my character, just incase you want to check them for "OP"ness.

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    Character Application Form:

    IRL Age: 14

    Write a Short Description of Your Character (Where they came from, what they look like. Go into some detail): Gahnix is a very solitary and shy male Feil with a passion for alchemy and botany. His wings were not as large as others', and thus Gahnix was never very good at the Feils' sports, but was fairly good at other things less related to flying. Although his wings were sub-par, he is able to use them in times of dire need. Gahnix is short, with sky blue eyes, and short shining platinim blonde hair. He has no facial hair, and his face is relatively bare aside from a large triangular nose and a triangular birth mark underneath his eyes. Gahnix comes from a long line of magic users, but lacks the focus to hone his skills.

    Your Character's Name: Gahnix

    Your Character's Age: 20

    Your Character's Race: Feils

    Your Character's Class (In This Case, How Does Your Character Remember To Fight, What Abilities Do They Remember, Or What Weapons They Started Out With (Nothing OP!)): Mage, but as stated above, lacks the abilities to do anything other than basic magic. Gahnix carries his favourite broken staff most of the time.

    Can Your Character Read, Write, Speak Proficiently: Gahnix is fluent in English and Elvish, having studied heavily on the subject, and coming from a family of nobles with communications with humans, has grown up with English as a first language.

    Can Your Character Build: Having taken a few classes at school on the subject of building things, Gahnix can build things from wood, but nothing as complex as houses and such.

    Can Your Character Farm: He can farm flowers and mushrooms for alchemy, but nothing substantial like fruit or bread.

    What Kind of Strengths Does Your Character Have: Gahnix is a proficient alchemist and is able to manipulate staffs effectively.

    What Kind of Weaknesses Does Your Character Have: Extremely weak and lacks most survival skills.

    Spells: - Accelerated Healing {Minor}: Heals small cuts and bruises faster than usual, essentially removing the wound
    - Growth: Casts a spell that grows something, at a cost to the user.
    - Torchlight: Sets the tip of the staff ablaze, illuminating up to a five meter diameter (25ft), or to be used to light something ie. a torch or campfire.

    Anything You Want To Add: Nothing really.

    Thanks :3
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    Quote from bayliss34 »
    is this a joke?

    Is your avatar a joke?

    Yes it is. But still, he/she must be new. Give him/her a break.
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    Minecraft Account Name: Ryanlollies
    Name and last name: Ryan Black
    How old are you? 13. But mature most of the time, and I have a passion for roleplaying.
    Gender?: Boy.
    Time-Zone/Country of Residence: GMT+10, Eastern Australia, Queensland.
    Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself: An akward kid with a high voice, that is slightly above average in intelligence. A littly on the chubby side, but not obese/fat. Although stubborn most of the time, if you manage to befriend him he makes a great ally/friend.
    Why you would be a good addition to the server: I love to Roleplay, and I'm available a lot of the time.
    Describe yourself in one word: Quirky.
    How much time could you be on the server weekly?: Hours and Hours. Trust me.
    What do you know about roleplaying?: Well, I was the admin of a RP Thread/Forum/Place. I learnt that sometimes people do break the godmodding/OOC Knowledge rules, but you have to get over it and move on.
    What do you expect this server will be like?: Great for roleplaying; fun.
    What is your past roleplaying experience?: I used to be a part of a Roleplaying forum. It was a Post-Harry Potter-Events roleplay, based on a dark world. I would have stayed longer, but RP was extremely slow.
    What other server have you played on and why did you leave them? Well, I still play a LITTLE on some other serverrs
    How long have you played minecraft?: Since last year..... I can't remember. I know it was before beta though.
    Have you ever been banned before? if you have write the reason why to ( Be Honest ): I DID. On a really strict server, but the rules were confusing and I was un-banned, as I was innocent of the acused crime. Which, by the way, was taking a wooden pick and sword from what I thought was an abandoned house.
    Have you read the rules? Do you understand them and do you agreed with them?: Yes I have, but I am going to re-read them again. It is quite a long/good list of rules, and I don't think I soaked them all in yet.
    Have you read and do you understand the lore? Yes I do, but like I said, I'm rereading the whole first post.
    What is a slime called on the server? [Unknown] Or Unknown.
    Have you ever had a sexual intercourse with your pet? ( Be Honest ) >:ohmy.gif: No! But I bet this is one of those trick questions and I missed the part where you tell me I have to say "yes", right? I'll re-read and check it out again :biggrin.gif:
    Do You Have a Referral, if so who?: Nope.
    Do you have a microphone?: Yes.
    Will you be active on our Mumble?: Probably not, but I can be.
    Why you want to be accepted (A short answer, nothing big): Because I love RP, but as you said, other servers "Claiming" to be RP, are ********.

    Character Name: Ryan Chark (I'm very original. Don't get me wrong, I am, kind of. But I use Ryan almost anywhere I go. If I die and have to make another char, it'll be different.:biggrin.gif:)

    Background / Who are you?: Ryan Chark grew up in a very disturbing environment. He was always running around sewers or abandoned cities with his father, a crazy man with a passion for testing the limits of science. When Ryan was 5, his father gave him his first book on science. Ryan learned to read and write early, as during his spare time he almost always had a book in-hand.
    His father, on the other hand, was following a long trail of clues left by his collegues. He used to work with a bunch of scientists, trying to cure people of illnesses, and make life better overall. But his practices were.... Not so practical. He was kicked out, but a number of his collegues left clues all over the world for him to follow. They believed someone had found a cure for a disease very popular at the time, but it was very hard to get to him.
    Together, Ryan and his father, Simon, gathered things from left over laboratories and warehouses.
    As he grew up, Ryan Chark fell into a depression. As he got older, and with the lack of friends or aware family, he grew lonely.
    Simon and Ryan had finally found a seemingly empty laboratory. They settled down there, but after a while of exploring the extensive centre, his father was killed by a group of Mutants, left there for testing.
    Ryan grew up, learning how to survive on his own, and not to trust anyone or any place.
    At 15, he longed for someone, anyone.
    As he wanders into yet another abandoned city, wearing his father's tattered, bloody, dirty, oversized lab-coat, perhaps he will find that person?
    (I hope that was good enough.)

    Character Family: Father: Simon Chark, Mother: ???
    Character Age: 15
    Character Appearance:? Oversized dirty labcoat. Bright orange hair. Broken glasses, slightly chubby. Cuts and bruises everywhere.
    Character Personality:? Very quirky and akward in crowds.
    Occupation: Not available. But likes to write and read stories and do science-y stuff in spare time. (Most of the time.)
    Can your character read or write? Yes.
    Can your character mine? To a degree. Not very proficient.
    Can your character build? Using his intelligence, to a degree.
    Can your character fight? Not really.
    Can you make tools?: Yes.
    Can you farm?: Yes.
    Any special skills? Has an affinaty for anything requiring knowledge.
    Does your character have any health/physical or mental problems/issues?: He has OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
    Character Fears: Getting close to others, being killed, ANYTHING NOT SYMETRICAL! (From OCD)
    Describe an event where your character is in deep pain:
    A screenshot / description of your skin: (I'm making it before I join, but I know what it will be) A tattered lab-coat, covered in blood. Bright orange hair, with worn out brown eyes.
    Other Information: N/A?

    Eh, I hope that was good enough. Time to re-read the OP!
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    Quote from Fizzydog »
    Hey you whiners, the server is down. get over it. Your life won't end.

    Due to the lack of un-notification, I have been trying for over 1 hour and 45 minutes.

    I don't know about you, but trying every half a minute to log in, only to recieve an "End of Stream" error every minute, isn't very fun for me.
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    Quote from AgentK177 »
    Quote from Ryanlollies »
    Ok this is ridiculous. I've been trying for 40 minutes now, to no avail. Can someone give me any advice?

    Same its happening to me its F :VV: :VV: :VV: ing annoying :/ I've been trying for about 30 minutes, and im about to crazy and :SSSS: .

    I seriously can't do anything.
    It's so annoying, someone come get me when this stops. . _ .
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    posted a message on ◄ The Plague: Reborn™ ►
    Ok this is ridiculous. I've been trying for 40 minutes now, to no avail. Can someone give me any advice?
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    Quote from eliaas »
    hey just put on ur texture pack and it looks LEET!
    the feathers looks a bit wierd tho :tongue.gif:

    Tey look like that because it works as in-game currency. Zombies drop them a lot, and you can sell them for 10 credits every stack.

    They are the only sell-able things to the shop, thus, they are coins.

    EDIT: Also, I've been trying to log in for about 7 minutes now. Keep getting end of stream messages. : (
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    Oh, thanks so much. I will definitly repay the person in question.
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    Quote from Yodeken »
    my point is these guys and there admins ****ing suck **** balls there douche bags

    That's a bit harsh. Sure they didn't listen to my side of the story, but they have there reason to ban me. : /
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