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    posted a message on RuthlessPrison looking for a building team!
    Hello everyone, my name is ZyphExclusiv, and my partners name is dontdodrugs2. We are the owners of a server named RuthlessPrison. We have recently changed our spawn, and players seem to have not liked it and quit the server. So in my being, I have decided that I am going to get together a few people, and make a team to build a large, prison-like spawn.

    What we are going to need is at least five people to help create this spawn, me and dontdodrugs2 not included. We would do this spawn by ourselves, but will take much more time, and I am sure some people would like to earn a rank on the server that says you helped make the map.


    We are looking for mainly builders, but if you can WorldGuard too, that would be great! Because I can WorldGuard, and it would just be a lot easier if I had an extra hand.

    Here is the application we are going to be using to be able to create this team:

    Maturity level:
    Email (optional):
    Building skill (1-10):
    What you have built:

    Thanks for your time in reading, and hope you guys enjoy your day!


    We will be contacting you via Skype, or E-mail if need be.
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