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    Its disappointing to see the work of one modder outshines anything anyone at Mojang has ever done with terrain.
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    The Cambriard Legend is an in-development free-roam, RPG Adventure map. The mechanics will largely resemble Skyrim, as it is most of my inspiration. As well as many dungeons, bandit camps and other structures the play can explore, the player will have to explore the open world a lot in order to find the destination. On the way, there will jaw-dropping landscapes, challenging enemies and mind-boggling puzzles. This is what i liked the most about Skyrim (roaming).The map is in development and will likely not be finished until the new year. It has been in development for about 5 months. But with time, comes quality. I am confident this will be the best RPG style adventure map ever, if not, the best of any adventure map.Please, if you have any suggestions, share them.

    will add more when my internet decieds to work. I have done a lot more than that one mountain! A LOT MORE! LIKE 1000x MORE!!!

    All terrain done with world edit or Mc edit. No default terrain!note: most terrain you see will be altered as this is still a WIP! Jagged mountains, unsmooth hills will be improved!

    Another map by me:http://www.minecraft...-blocks-of-tnt/

    If you want to help, create a superflat map and build somthing cool like an old ruin or a castle, then upload the map or a schematic. The more help i get, the sooner i can release this map.
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    You should spend more now getting better parts so that you don't have to replace it sooner. I'd recommend upgrading your cpu to an i5 and your video card to an r7 260 card. 16GB of ram probably isn't going to be needed.
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    Not many people have QHD monitors, unfortunately.
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    Biggest waste of time i've ever seen on this website. These a wiki for this.
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    Mc Edit and World edit can both be used to change the biomes, however you cannot change biomes in vanilla minecraft.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from BilboSR

    Do you guys ever think Minecraft isn't suppose to be realistic? The biomes are loosely based off of Earth's to make a realistic world, but not a completely realistic world. Just please stop complaining and think before you post!! Also on side note please do this survey: http://kwiksurveys.c...9njy64neq245672

    The Op, nor anyone here has stated that.
    Quote from lucariomaster1

    I have to say I really like the new biomes; my only major complaint is that the transitions are still too obvious. For example, in Beta transitions between biomes were easily missed because they were so slow, but now they happen over only 5 or so blocks.

    They're 2 block transitions.
    Quote from Lisha777

    Guys... I don't think its meant to look like real life. -_-
    Its a game, Minecraft! I'm glad it doesn't look to much like real life, that would be kind of boring.

    EDIT: Gee, I just read through a few pages back... Some of you will really complain about anything.
    I think the stone mixed in with the grass looks nice! And seeing it compared to the flat 1.7 beta terrain the new one looks way better. I don't like building on really flat spots, I like to mix my buildings into the terrain if I can, I find it looks much nicer, but that's probably just me.

    But really, in pretty much all the updates I haven't had any complaints, one of the only things about this update that I don't like much is the ocean gravel floor, even that's not to bad, its not as if you going to see it much anyway...

    Sorry if I sounded a little rude/annoying but I just find it frustrating how some of you will complain about so many things... Your still playing the game aren't you? Its not that bad.
    Mojang is doing their best!

    Dont think that beta had flatter terrain than now. Flat spots like that were hard to come by.
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    Quote from BodOwens

    I think if we heighten the density of the trees, the forest would look like a roofed forest. But still, you pose a point, sometimes trees are spaced so far from each other that clearings appear in the forests.

    Tree density is one of the major problems with the terrain for me, as it's fixed per chunk. It's what makes every forest the same. If random tree density was re-added, it should be similar to the system before 1.8, where forests could be dense (but not so dense that you find roofed forests), not dense where you'd find clearings and anything in-between.

    As for tree height variation, I think there should be many more oak designs which would be mostly taller that the 4-5m high trees that we find currently.
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    I have found that the grass colours in Minecraft are based on realism and not on looks, like how mountain biomes have blu-ish grass, which is probably suppossed to resemble frost. But this realism has made Minecraft depressing. I find myself serching for jungle biomes for the green grass. I love mountains but the ugly grass turns me away from the Extreme Hills biome. I have actually increased the saturation of my graphics as the defualt is very low. However not only does this make green grass greener, it make blue grass(Extreme Hills), bluer.

    Before Minecraft Beta 1.8, grass colours were much more vibrant, but not too vibrant like in alpha. Here are some comparisons:

    Forest Biomes:


    beta 1.3_01 to beta 1.7.3:

    Snow biomes:

    Current Taiga, Snow Plains nd Extreme Hills:

    Taiga, Tundra Beta 1.3_01 to Beta 1.7.3:



    beta 1.3_10 to bet 1.7.3:




    The old swampland grass was supossed look wet witha slight aquatic colour.

    other biomes:
    shrubland, (a previous biome that was removed in beta 1.8):

    Savannah (another removed biome):

    Previously, transitions were so faint, that you'd have to move many blocks to even notice the grass colour change. Now transitions are only three blocks wide. This is because only a small portion of the grasscolour.png in minecraft.jar is used. Minecraft used to use all of it. This can crate some ugly transitions as shown below:

    what transitions used to look like:

    Can you even see a sharp change from the plains biome to the forest. Remember that there used to be a temperature system so i couldn't get an image of a taiga to a rainforest or anything sharp like that.

    Transitions consist of 2 blocks now. Mojang really need to fix this.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from Chensen

    well I don't see anything better with 1.7.3 terrain the today's. I actually like today's terrain better! More variation IMO. In 1.7.3 all I see is dull trees, random hills, tiny "oceans" and a sad excuse for a dessert.
    In today's terrain, I see vast oceans, towering mountains, tropical jungles, vast forests, wide prairies, frozen wastelands, forested hills, Jungle islands, ect...

    yea... so much for variation huh?

    The land forms in 1.7.3 aren't even that good. I can and have found all of it in today's terrain.

    1.73 terrain varied more and that isn't an opinion, thats a FACT. It comes down to what's in the code and not what you've seen in your world. I can guarrantee you this cant and never will be seen in Minecraft 1.6.2:

    Not because it just hasn't been found, but because it cant be found .
    And also, foliage and grass colors were much more saturated than now, and certainly weren't dull.
    See some camparisons on my thread if you dont believe me:
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