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    Quote from schpeelah

    No, it just deals damage to mobs standing in it when not dry.

    Ahh! Okay, that makes sense! So basically you can just make a giant trap for monsters with it.. huh.. never thought about that. Maybe I'll just make the roof really dark and have this chimney up to it, make a bunch of seared glass and laugh maniacally when I see a monster fall into it.
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    Quote from Azanor

    *looks at post above this one* .... anyway.

    So I have a question for you guys: I've started adding the still outstanding TC 3 items into TC 4 - the portable hole specifically. I came to a realization however: the portable hole has been in since the days of TC 2 and is my (and some other peoples) favourite item. However with the new wand system it really ought to be a wand focus instead of a separate item. It will need vis to use and making it a focus makes a lot of sense.

    Honestly, I'm torn. What is your opinion?

    One thing that could be done is infusing a wand with properties of the portable hole (seperate item that does nothing by itself, but needs to be combined with a wand). Then, lets say you shift+click with that wand, it creates the portable hole. If you really wanted to get fancy, make it even a seperate key binding, but at that point you may start delving into conflict territory.
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    Unfortunately the devs kind of bring on the whole "oh its going to be released soon! Big teaser coming soon! Things coming soon!" via their twitter and posting here. But as far as I'm aware, in about the three months I've visited this thread on and off, there has been maybe one teaser. For now, I'm writing this mod as abandoned until there is actually content released. I do realize mods take time to update. Trust me, I do. Just don't start working up the masses and start giving specific days/weekends for "teasers" or "content releases" unless it's actually happening.

    Its kind of like if I go "Oh hey guys, I made this really great mod that allows you to create fully functional airships that rely on fuel and can be made as big as you want...I'll release a teaser of it this Tuesday" and then Tuesday comes along and I go "Oh too many bugs :( :( :( :( :( But I'll clean up the coding to make things faster next time!" And then nothing comes of that. That's basically what I've seen in the past three months since Hologuard left the team. At least when he was on the team I actually saw progress and he said it'll be released "when it's done."
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    Hey Xolova, I've returned from a good three month hiatus from Minecraft, and wanted to say "WOW" your mod has progressed by leaps and bounds since January, I thought it was already nearing perfection, and yet here you are, constantly improving. Unfortunately, it looks like its the same ol' forums in regards to people and updates, lol. I really look forward to everything! Thank you so much for all you and your team's effort!
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    Hey Senpai, amazing mod, I've been playing around with it and enjoying it so much. I just love the class mechanics you added and the skills of each class. One thing I noticed, and its not even with the mod, just your original post: I think you placed the pet GUI outside of the spoilers tag, so I mean you can still see it, its just the spoilers tag is right above the pet GUI blurb. Don't know if anyone has mentioned it or not, but figured I'd say something, lol. Keep up the great work!
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    Quote from Michael7760

    Hey guys love your mod. Was just wondering if you're supposed to be able to walk on the dark bridge blocks made from 8 glowstone dust because when I place them I just fall straight through.

    Dark bridge blocks can be walked on if they have power going to them. If they aren't powered, you go straight through. I personally use them for sky bridges and the sort, going from one end to the other. They can also act as a nice pitfall trap for mobs or players.
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    Quote from cmcmillen

    All the other mods worked with this mod, but when I add in Tropicraft, it crashes.

    What you're going to have to do, is make an all new client, install forge, and then ONLY install Tropicraft, because here is what happens with some mods:

    --Because they crash on startup, they don't create a configuration file, therefore the only way to generate it is to either
    A) Remove all mods that conflict with it
    B:)Change the item IDs of all conflicting mods with configuration files already set up
    C) *easiest* backup your entire .minecraft folder, rename it, generate a new one, install forge, install tropicraft, edit the newly generated config file, copy/paste into your backup, then re-rename it

    EDIT: Damn cool face smiley.
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    Quote from Trutja

    Look my message of this morning:

    Or my head in the morning not works and see visions or someone forgot to change a line a bit afterwards of the habitual thing, ( can be perfectly the first thing, I am not going to deny it to you... ).

    You put GUI API in coremods, like it says to on the mod page.... (look at the text I bolded and enhanced for you....)

    Quote from ShaRose

    Hello! I'm ShaRose and I'm currently the primary maintainer for GuiAPI, taking over for lahwran who will still be contributing. GuiAPI is a powerful API for creating easy to create and use settings and menus in Minecraft, and uses TWL (http://twl.l33tlabs.org/).

    For Users:
    Current version is 0.15.2-1.4.6. Please note that as of 0.15.2 and on, GuiAPI is a coremod, and thus requires Forge.

    Download 0.15.2-1.4.6 here: Link Removed

    If you are using Linux you will need to update LWJGL to 2.6 or higher, due to a bug in the version that Minecraft is shipped with at the moment. Windows users do not need to do this. You can download the latest version from the LWJGL website.

    Old Versions:

    Version 0.15.2-1.4.6 - Link Removed
    Above this requires Minecraft Forge
    Version 0.15.1-1.4.5 - Link Removed
    Version 0.15.0-1.4.4 - Link Removed
    Above this requires Minecraft Forge OR MOdLoader
    Version 0.14.8-1.4.2 - Link Removed
    Version 0.14.7-1.3.2 - Link Removed
    Version 0.14.6-1.3.2 - Link Removed
    Version 0.14.5-1.3.1 - Link Removed
    Version 0.14.4-1.2.5 - Link Removed
    Version 0.14.3-1.2.5 - Link Removed
    Version 0.14.2-1.2.5 - Link Removed
    Version 0.14.1-1.2.4 - Link Removed
    Version 0.14.0-1.2.3 - Link Removed
    Version 0.13.1-1.1 - Link Removed
    Version 0.13.0-1.1 - Link Removed - MAJOR BUG. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
    Version 0.12.0-1.0.0 - Link Removed
    Version 0.11.1-1.8.1 - Link Removed
    Version 0.11.0-1.7 - Link Removed
    Version 0.10.4-1.7 - Link Removed
    Version 0.10.2-1.6.6 - Link Removed
    Version 0.9.8a-1.5_01 - Link Removed
    Version 0.9.8-1.4 - Link Removed
    Version 0.9.7-1.3_01 - Link Removed
    Version 0.9.5a-1.2_01 - Link Removed

    CoreMods are installed simply by copying the jar to the coremods folder in .minecraft.

    For Modders:

    GuiAPI is now fully documented, has MCP source files, and includes a few examples.

    You can view the source code on my Github, at https://github.com/ShaRose/GuiAPI/.

    I don't currently host javadocs anywhere, though I do tag releases on Github when I commit, which do have javadocs. If it's not specifically tagged, or there's no comment, there's a good chance that no changes were needed and it was just a straight recompile.

    Installation instructions for GuiAPI into MCP are on the repo's readme, here.

    If you have modified GuiAPI by updating the theme, adding a new Widget, added functionality, or fixed a bug, please by all means contact me with details below or open a new issue on Github.

    Contact me:
    If you need help using GuiAPI (Adding GuiAPI to your mod), you can contact me on IRC, or you can email me using the option in my profile.

    Anyone (install help OR modding help) can contact me on IRC on #Risucraft on Espernet if you have an IRC client, and if not you can use the EsperNet Webchat here. Don't be discouraged if I don't answer immediately, I may be asleep / at work / otherwise AFK.

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    Hey Benimatic, just wanted you to be aware of a current and interesting bug which has arisen with the recently updated "Biomes O' Plenty" mod. We've been noticing biomes and terrain in the overworld generating twilight forest trees, such as canopy trees or Twilight Oaks or rainbow oaks, etc etc. Sometimes it just seems to full on generate an entire biome, but under the label of another biome added by Biomes O Plenty. Also the Skeletal Druid houses, and ruins generate in the overworld with them. No lich towers, naga mazes, hydra dens, and the like, but pretty much everything else generates (Fire Swamps and giant mushrooms included).

    I'm confident this is something with BoP's generation that wonks it up, but wanted you to be aware of the situation in case others come here with it. These biomes are like a hybrid between the intended and twilight forest, so it is actually cool sometimes what it creates, but then defeats the purpose, for me, of going to the Twilight Forest to catch this feeling of entering a foreign dimension.

    Note, I have individually made all biomes from Biomes O Plenty from IDs 254-190. Twilight Forest is at its default in the double digits somewhere.
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    Quote from WTFFFS

    I wonder how people can't be bothered to read on a text based forum, I mean isn't that sort of the point?

    Though the search function on this forum is pretty crap, I have better luck using google to search instead of it's own search function.

    Everytime someone asks that, I have to think its some 10 year old who just says "OOOO MAGIC!!!" and then realizes it isn't up to date, promptly asks/demands for an update, picks his nose, yells at his mother for a juice box and a hot pocket, and then trolls runescape. Please note these are the same people who, after the mod is updated, go "OOOO MAGIC!!" crams this mod and many other mods in his folder, then when minecraft crashes, instantly go to forums, demand help via "HALP ME PLOX RITE NOW" because they don't know anything about configs and can't be bothered to read.
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