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    posted a message on YouTube Minecrafters around 200 subscribers?
    Quote from TheGreatAsdf

    CaptainSparklez, Antvenom, SkydoesMinecraft, Sethbling, VintageBeef...
    Lol, did you read "I really want to do some more collaborations"
    None of the ones you mentioned would ever collaborate with a guy that has 185 subscribers >.<
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    posted a message on YouTube Minecrafters around 200 subscribers?
    Do you guys know of any youtubers out there that is around 200 subscribers and uploads minecraft videos regularily?

    I really want to do some more collaborations! So let me know ;)!
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    posted a message on More in 1.7: Resource Pack Selection
    I dont really get it.

    What if you have 2 texturepacks with all the files a texturepack would need (with sound and everything), Placing one ontop of the other would just totally override the other texturepack??

    I guess the only way this would be useful, is when one texturepack is missing textures, and the other one has those missing textures as it would fill in the spaces for the top one?

    I think it'd be cool with a system where you can pick for example dirt.png from one pack and switch it out with another dirt.png in another texurepack IN the client itself >.<
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Mods] 25+ Mods that works together! - Auto Installers!
    Hello everyone, Andrè here.
    Sorry for posting this once again, but I wrote the title wrong last time, I put 1.6.1 instead of 1.6.2 on it :/

    Anyways, this video shows you a few of all the epic mods I use at the moment:
    All the links for each and every mod is in the video description! ;)
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    posted a message on [1.6.1][Mods] Minecraft: 25+ EASY TO INSTALL MODS!
    Hello everyone, Andrè here!
    I meant to type 1.6.2 in the title -.-

    In this video, I show you guys a few of the mods I've got installed on my minecraft!
    All the mods is in the description with a quick link to where you can download it!

    All of the mods are one-click to install!!

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    posted a message on Minecraft: GLSL Shaders - Tutorial for 1.6.2!
    I just recently uploaded a tutorial/review on the shaders mod ;)
    Everything you need + info on how to install it all is in the description of the video.
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    posted a message on What makes a good commentator / video ?
    I agree with all of you guys ;)

    I hate the fact that many big YouTubers don't really reply to any comments at all.
    Some people I think are too energetic, sometimes it makes me think they're a try-hard.

    I've never been super energetic in the videos I've made over the past 2-3 years (unlisted a lot of them though).
    I've been a bit more relaxed, whilst also knowing what I'm doing & communicating with the people who left comments about whatever.

    The reason of why I made this topic was to learn what could possibly help me improve. I'll definitely try being even more interactive with my subscribers.

    I've been getting better and better I would say.
    If any of you guys are interested in seeing my progress; Here is my first video ever uploaded, and underneath there is new video I just uploaded:
    (by the way, the only reason of why the super hostile video is unlisted, is because I found out after recording a few episodes of it, that it'd take me 10 hours to complete it. I didn't want to take the risk of not completing it)

    You can kind of see what I do on youtube in my thingy below the line.. tag or whatever it was called.
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    posted a message on What makes a good commentator / video ?
    I've got a few questions for you guys:

    1. What would you say makes a good commentator?

    2. What videos of Minecraft do you enjoy the most? (Mini-Games, Survival, Custom Maps, LP's, Mod Reviews or anything else)

    3. What type of commentator do you enjoy the most? (Smart, Hyper, etc.)

    If there is anything else you'd like to mention regarding this whole YouTube topic, then just go ahead ;)

    If you want, let me know who you watch on a regular basis ;)
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    posted a message on Super Hostile: Sea of Flame II - Dungeons, Creepers & MORE!

    Looks dang great. I hope you will make more like this one! could you also tell me how to start a discussion? Majorly appreciated if so.

    What do you mean? If you mean starting a topic, just go to one of the forums like http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum/186-lets-plays/
    and close to the top, there is a green button saying "Start new topic" :) Just hit that and you'll understand the rest.
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    posted a message on Super Hostile: Sea of Flame II - Dungeons, Creepers & MORE!
    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to my thread! On this thread, I will be posting my whole playthrough of the custom map called Super Hostile: Sea of Flame II!

    If you enjoy these videos, make sure to check out my youtube channel.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)

    Information about my channel & more:
    The Channel is called Andrekvit, which is basically a mix between my name (Andre) and surname (Kvitberg).
    I'm a 17 year old Norwegian boy, but I promise you will not be dissappointed by my English.

    I've had 3 channels so far, but I've returned to my first channel "Andrekvit". I've unlisted all of my older videos except for one which got kind of popular. So that is why there are only 4 videos up on my channel as of right now when I'm typing this.

    I had another channel called RunicTitan. I had many series, but a lot of them ended weirdly/never ended.
    That is one of the reasons of why I wanted to go back to Andrekvit. Start fresh with a plan!

    On my channel that I use at the moment, I will be posting Minecraft Mod Reviews, Minecraft Custom Maps, Minecraft Minigames, Cube World Seeds and perhaps a Cube World Let's Play sooner or later.

    Here are the video(s):

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    posted a message on SquidCrack 1.6 Server, Fresh Map, UHC mode (Whitelist ONLY)
    Your IGN & age
    I'm 16 years old and my IGN is RunicTitan.

    Why you want to join this server
    I'd like to join this server because of the UHC mode. I wanted to find a server that is a bit harder than just normal minecraft, so this would be perfect for just that.

    What will you do, what kind of person are you?
    Are you planing on building something for the community stuff like that
    I will build my very own base a bit away from spawn. I'll be building automated farms with redstone.
    My builds usually have a cool neat little design to them.
    Honestly I've got no plans building anything for the community as of right now, but I might think of something a bit later for sure.

    I'm the kind of person who likes to build alone or with close friends, I like chatting/talking with people on skype or on the server. I consider myself a kind and caring person who never shows any disrespect towards anyone ever, unless they me off by insulting me and/or ruins my builds..

    Your Skype
    RunicTitan. Please add it and send me a PM there instead if possible. Remove me after if you'd like, I don't mind.
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Inspired Server, With UHC MODE 24/7 {Grief Protection} [Whitelist]
    In-Game Name
    Why do you want to join?
    I want to join because of the UHC Mode where you do not regenerate health unless you do collect all of the stuff mentioned earlier.
    Also, my friends have applied for this server as well, and I think it'd be really fun playing on the server with them and everyone else.
    Will you help build a nice spawn town and help around spawn?
    If that is needed, then sure. But to be quite honest, I'd rather work on my own place a bit away from spawn.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [Challenges] NightSky Island - Similar to SkyBlock!
    Quote from LuichoX203

    I just played it for like 5 minutes and it seems fun.
    Btw, if you type or use a command block with the command "/gamerule commandBlockOutput false" the command block chat spam will stop.
    Also there is another gamerule, "/gamerule doDaylightCycle false" and the day/night cycle should stop. Havent tryed that so I'm not sure if it actually works, but it can be a better option instead of having a command block spam over and over again

    Ill check if that works, thanks ;)! But I think that might be in 1.6
    Quote from MassacreGamers

    when is the next update? The one with the dungeon and stuff

    The next update will be out pretty soon, probably tomorrow.
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    posted a message on Shaderpack with ONLY motion blur?
    Does anybody know if it is possible to create a shaderspack with only motion blur?

    I've been trying to edit some files in shaderpacks, but it seems like it kind of needs everything else in order to work, if something important is disabled it just gives me an error message.

    I've also tried just deleting some of the files, doesnt work either.

    So, does anybody know how to only get the motion blur effect??
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [Challenges] NightSky Island - Similar to SkyBlock!
    Quote from MrBluedewy

    Check out the latest installment in the series - NightSky Island.


    Awesome;) Adding that to the list :)
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