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    posted a message on Molydeux Game Jam Underway
    And how is this Minecraft related? We're not Moiang forums,are we?
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    posted a message on Bukkit 1.1 server CRAFTDERP
    This server is survival ( Obviously :tongue.gif: ) . For now we have a whitelist, applications also go here. If you would like to join post this:

    Why you want to join:
    What you can do for us:
    If you will not beg OR ask for OP/Creative

    Alright. The IP is: We have WorldEdit,Inventory opening plugin, and Essentials. We currently have 3 players that applyed on a different forum website. Spawn at a Snow ( Or whatever it's name is) Biome. the Owner is Mat54, someone who shares this account, and me, the Co-Owner, Ruleoftime21. Banned: ( Unless you use :Flint and Steel: for Nether Portals) :Lava: :VV: :tnt: :Flint and Steel: . We do allow mobs to spawn, THIS IS SURRRVVIIVAALLL :tongue.gif: Apply now! If you want that is :laugh.gif:
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