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    Not everything is complete but its a nice small server with only 12 slots available at the moment
    A dedicated forums
    server ip:
    Towny Pvp Broadcast and others come take a look : )
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    #Hours: my hours vary from time 2 time but the least amount i can play is about 2 hours
    #Age: I'm 13
    E.Mail: [email protected]
    Contact: Not hard, as i play on MC often
    Maturity: 9 when im on Job is im just hanging out with friends then i can loosen up :P
    MC,username : IGN rubencoolguy
    Skype: I dont have one and dont intend 2 srry
    Position: Admin
    Donations: I would try my best 2 donate 2 keep the server up
    Thx for your time
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