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    I was banned by Jaz on 12/26/2012, and I was told by him that I would be banned for 3 months, before a ban appeal would be considered. Today is 3/19/2013, 7 days before the 3 month mark. I was wondering if I would be able to post an appeal, and be unbanned a week in advance, or if I need to wait another week before anything will be considered.

    I am posting my ban appeal below, just in case, if not please let me know, and Ill post again on 3/36/13

    Thank you.

    Ban Appeal:

    In-game Name:

    Who were you banned by?

    What was the ban reason?
    Harassing other players who I thought were my friends (I think), and stealing.

    Do you admit fault?
    I do admit fault to the stealing, I served a 2 day jail time, and had my inventory wiped, by Jaz as a punishment for that. I'll admit fault to the harassment as well, even though I had no idea that a certain player(s) didn't like the way I acted on the server, since none of them had told me to stop, told me they didn't like it, or told a mod about my activty.

    Why should you be unbanned?
    I had no idea that a certain person didn't like what I was doing, the entire time I thought we were friends and that he didn't mind me stalking him. Along with that, I don't know of anybody at all who doesn't like me, since like I said in the previous answer, nobody went to a mod or told me to stop what I was doing, I was simply put in jail for a week, then banned, only to find out the person didn't like me at all, and didn't like what I was doing.

    Any other information:
    I did tell the person that I would stop my activity with him, and no longer communicate with him before I was banned.

    Quote from jaztrumpet


    My time in this server has come to an end. I would like to thank you all for the opportunity to work with and lead you all for the past 16 months. It truly has been a privilege. We shall see what the future holds for MineResort. Besk of luck to you all!


    You're the reason I'm banned, yet I have no hard feelings against you. It is sad to see that you have left this server, I hope you are happy wherever you go, and with whatever it is you choose to do, goodbye Jaz, you will always be missed.
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    Quote from Whoopi_goldberq

    Extremely immature. I got insulted as soon as I joined the server, and the owenr wasn't much better. Obviously not a very friendly server. The owner does nothing about what the users say, and do.

    Are you using a mod that makes everyone look like ponies? lol, we're immature.
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    And the servers down, f'king ddos, way to ruin a day off.
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