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    posted a message on Modpack I made lagging a lot during world generation

    I'm new to modpack making and modding in general, so I apologize if I'm missing something.

    I created a 1.12.2 modpack not long ago, and wanted to test the
    performance of it and hopefully make it playable on lower-end systems.
    When loading in chunks, however, it lagged a lot. Sometimes even
    freezing for a moment.

    I'm not sure what mod(s) are causing this. I was making worlds using OTG if that makes any difference.

    Here's a list of the mods listed in the modpack folder:

    -AI Improvements
    -Better Builder's Wands
    -Biomes Bundle O' Plenty
    -Biomes O' Plenty (as a dependency)
    -Brandons Core
    -Chest Transporter
    -CodeChicken Lib
    -Draconic Evolution
    -Dungeons Mod
    -Ender IO
    -Extra Utilities
    -Faster Ladder Climbing
    -Faster Leaf Decay
    -Gravestone Mod
    -Iron chests
    -Mekanism Tools
    -Moar Tinkers
    -Mouse Tweaks
    -Mystical Agriculture
    -Mystical Agradittions
    -Open Terrain Generator
    -Redstone Flux
    -Tinkers' Construct
    -Tinkers' Addons
    -Tinkers' Tool Leveling
    -Tiny Progressions
    -Twilight Forest
    -Wesley's Roguelike Dungeons
    -Xaero's Minimap
    -Xaero's World Map

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    posted a message on Having trouble choosing a version to make a modpack for

    I'm making a modpack for my first ever modded playthrough/yt series with
    curseforge/forge. I started with 1.12.2 because I heard that one was the
    most popular version for modding/modpacks, but then I came across a
    couple posts saying that 1.16.5 and 1.18.2 also had as many, if not more
    mods than 1.12.2. Therefore, I'm torn between which version to chose.

    I know many mods are only on one version, mainly either 1.12.2 or not
    (iirc). I've also noticed that 1.12.2 mods are usually ones that have
    been around for longer, like Dimensional Doors for example. That makes
    it kinda hard to chose a version, since I don't know what mods work with
    what, and it's likely I'll find ones that are in one version but not

    If it helps any, I've got a few main themes going in my WIP 1.12.2 one.

    -Automation (systems and such)
    -Progression (including like better tools and armour)
    -Vanilla but more (like potion core)
    -Ease of life (like chest transporter, hwyla, & building wands),
    -Exploration (mainly biomes like biomes bundle o' plenty, structures, & a couple dimensions)
    -Bosses (adding new ones, tweaking vanilla ones)

    Again, this is my first time even modding minecraft outside of optifine and shaders, so there's much I simply just don't know.

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