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    Even though this seed does not have all biomes it does have a large desert, taiga and jungle with a small plains and extreme hills and a few floating islands in there somewhere.

    Seed: 1653155536


    End portal: 117x, 41y, -34z
    Library: 111x, 39y, -23z
    Chest: 77x, 33y, -26z (15 Redstone)

    3 Villages

    -405x, 73y, 33z (9 iron, 3 gold, 1 bread)
    -156x, 67y, 67z (No Blacksmith)
    -398x, 71y, -241z (No Blacksmith)

    Nether World

    Blaze Spawners: 78x, 57y, 110z and 24x, 58y, 62z
    Nether Wart: 60x, 66y, 107z


    Lava Fall: -340x, 109y, -130z
    Desert Well; 23x, 77y, 152z

    I know this isn't much but if you post any coordinates of something you've found I'll add them to this list.
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