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    Name: Saiget Van Moises
    Nickname: Moises
    Alter Ego: Sai
    Race or Species: Human
    Shadow Lord: Shadow Lord Of Deception
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Alter-Ego: Deceptive, Quiet, Convincing[] Evil Self: Deceptive
    Talents: Skilled Thief, Assassin, Agile, Can go through almost all obstacles, Sneaky.

    Sai grew up without parents, and no one to take care of him. He was forced to live in the streets, he made a living through thievery and tricking people. A dark hooded man approached him one day, the man offered a deal he could that resist, riches and to be free from this poor life in exchange of his allegiance. Sai agreed. Sai is now one of the most trusted servants of the "man". He is spies in the west kingdom for the shadow lord, he is also does hit jobs for money and wealth.

    Other: Balance
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    posted a message on IronSpire PvP Server - A different way to PvP! Clans/Trade/MobArena/NPCs/MCMMO/Free Land Protection/Portals/Ranks!
    Been in this server for a month and it has a great community and staff! I recommend everyone to join
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    Ask fuego
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    posted a message on Killion Detention Center - Largest and # 1 Prison Server [UPDATED: 1.7.4]
    In-game Name:Andyworm - My accounr is actually rovince04, He is in A-block now so Im just gonna apply for my alt to be guard, if that's okay.
    How old are you? 15
    What is your timezone(GMT)? GMT+8
    What time can you guard? (Ex: 1PM-4PM)? 12pm onwards. I may be off for breaks or playing on my main.
    How long have you played on Killion?: A month.
    What is your current rank (Block)? My Main account is A-block but this account is C-block.
    Do you have experience with prison servers? Yes, I've played 1 other prison server long ago.
    Do you have experience guarding?: Actually, no. This is my first ever I will apply for a guard job.
    Have you read ALL of the server rules, both guard and prisoner?:
    What makes you the best guard applicant?: My timezone, I am very active during this time, and since there is 0 - 1 guards on this time, while there are many players on. I can guard most of the time, follow all the guard rules, I guarantee when Im guard Ill do my duty.
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    In-game name: rovince04
    Location and Age: Philippines 15
    Previous bans:None
    Reason you should you be accepted:I am looking for server since my old one is getting boring
    Additional info:I am really good with economies, I can help people and stuff.
    Special Key:HCR9
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