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    i like it im open to anything that involves more crops
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    Now on GetSatisfaction!

    Hey guys! I finally got the topic onto Get Satisfaction! If you really wan't to help get this idea noticed by Notch and Crew, please go to the link below and show your opinion! Thanks guys! Onto the actual topic!

    GetSatisfaction Link: http://getsatisfaction.com/mojang/topics/new_food_for_minecraft_with_images

    The Actual Topic!

    Welcome all, I have noticed that there are many different topics regarding things such as machines and new blocks and the like, but have not seen many topics about food, which got me thinking about all of the single use items in the game such as the bowl, milk bucket eggs and the like, and also made me ponder on how thing could work together to create better foods. Pleas hear me out on this and comment on changes if you'd like. I would like to point out that other than the cereal, I have tried to use only items currently in the game. I would also like to add the statement that I did create these images, I did not copy and paste them from other topics.

    Table of Contents
    From Top To Bottom
    <1> Sandwich
    <2>Ice cream
    <3>Fish and Chips
    <6>Sunny Side Up
    <8>Meat Pie
    <9>Meat Mix
    <11>Meat Stew
    <13>Sugar Cookie
    <15>Dust Bowl
    <17>Pumpkin Pie
    <End> Afternote
    <Banner> Banner

    First up is the sandwich. It is simply a combination of two existing foods and is created by placing a cooked pork chop in between two loafs of bread. It could heal somewhere around 5 hearts, less than the total of all combined materials, but without the hassle of having to move each to your selector bar.

    Secondly I present Ice cream. Again, like the rest of these foods the materials are already there to be used, they must only have a crafting recipe. This is created by placing three buckets of milk above two snowballs with a piece centered between them, and lastly a bowl to house the contents centered in the bottom of the grid. I suppose this would heal about 6 hearts due to the fact that some of the materials could be a bit difficult to get.

    Thirdly comes fish and chips. This food item would be a combination of fish and bread housed in a bowl that would serve as a plate. Fish and chips would be created using the crafting grid by placing a bread loaf and cooked fish above a bowl, as before mentioned. The order of the two foods would not matter. By eating this food you would get 4 hearts back, and could keep the bowl. I thought this recipe would be interesting because it takes two foods that don't heal many hearts, and put them together to heal a medium amount of hearts.

    Fourth most are sprouts. This recipe uses two seeds above a bowl, and heals only 2.5 hearts. This basically gives you the hearts that bread would, but requires no growing, but also yields no new seeds. You decide whether or not this would be worth the cons.

    Fifth is a shishkabab. This food combines the two current cooked meats and outs them on a stick. This would heal 5 hearts and would be created by putting both cooked meats, the pork chop and fish, and put them in any order directly above a stick after eating you would get the stick returned to you.

    Sixth is what I have dubbed as the "sunny side up" it is simply two eggs in a bowl. This would head 4 hearts due to the rarity of eggs, although they can be farmed, and is created by, you guessed it, putting two eggs above a bowl in the crafting table. The bowl is obviously returned.

    Seventh is cereal. Now you may already be thinking 'Cereal is far too out of place in minecraft to be put into the game!' To this I agree. However, I am not speaking of colorful shaped bits of sugar with marshmallows and a prize in every box, I am talking about the original cereal, this being shredded wheat in milk. Presto. This is created by placing one sole unit of wheat above a milk bucket, above a bowl. This concoction would yield you 2.5 hearts when eaten, and the bucket and bowl would obviously be returned to its creator.

    Alternatively, replacing the other idea could be a more difficult, yet more rewarding to make cereal. It would heal 3.5 hearts and would be crafted out of cooked meal replacing the wheat.

    Eighth is pie. More specifically meat pie. This pie would give you 6 hearts, as it requires quite a bit of wheat. It is crafted by putting a piece of cooked meat in the center of the crafting table, and surround it with wheat on both sides, its top, and its topmost diagonal corners. Below it is a bowl to act as the pie tin. This food would be great at healing, but has a lot of ingredients that are required. The bowl is returned to you.

    Ninth is the meat mix. It is a concoction requiring all forms of meat, cooked pork chop, raw pork chop, cooked fish, and raw fish, then by placing these above a bucket in the crafting table you are rewarded with a bucket of slop healing 7 hearts in total. This will yield you your bucket after eating as always.

    Tenth are pancakes. This recipe would require two full rows of wheat, one on top and one on bottom of the crafting table, and in the middle row a bucket of milk, a pile of sugar, and an egg would reside in any order. This recipe would act as a three time use item, somewhat like the cake, except it would always be in your inventory when used. Each time you devour one of the pancakes you are healed 2.5 hearts.

    Eleventh is meat stew. this stew would be the second in minecraft, alongside mushroom stew, and would require cooked meat and two seeds, a bucket of good old fashioned water, and a bowl on bottom, forming a + in the crafting table. This would heal just as much health as mushroom stew, that being 5 hearts, and would simply be an alternative way to get soup.

    Twelfth is cheese. Cheese can be created very easily, by putting a bucket of milk in the crafting square. Due to how easily it can be prepared and obtained however, it could give you only one heart of health. If it is incorporated in minecraft it will probably be an ingredient to another recipe. As a different idea, instead of putting it into a crafting table, you would be able to cook it instead this would yield the same product, with the same healing, just with different methods of obtaining it.

    Next taking slot thirteen is a basic sugar cookie. This would be a somewhat mediocre thing to obtain, and is created by placing a bucket of milk in the center of the crafting table, having a unit of wheat on either side and an egg on bottom with a sugar on top, forming a + shape in the crafting table. it would heal 4 hearts and the bucket would be returned ater crafting.

    In the fourteenth place is a basic omelet. It is crafted by placing three eggs above three cooked pork chops in the crafting table. This would yield the eater nine hearts due to the rarity of eggs and the already established healing rate of cooked pork chops.

    Please remember that this next idea is a joke! It is not actually meant to be implemented! (unless Notch likes it) Anyways, lastly, taking fifteenth place is the dust bowl. It is created by placing a bowl in the center of the bottom row in the crafting table, and then by putting each type of dust/powder in a + shape above the bowl. I would yield the user 4 hearts and would be the most random food to put in minecraft.

    Meal would be used to craft cereal, it gives no hearts on its own, and cannot be eaten as is, but after roasting it in an oven/smelter, you would be able to use it to make cereal. It is crafted by putting a row of wheat in the miffle of the crafting table, with a centered steel on top, and a centered bowl on bottom, both of which would be returned, and are used as a mortar and pestal kind of thing. Each recipe makes 3.

    Pumpkin pie would be crafted exactly the same as meat pie, except it uses a pumpkin inside of the wheat rather than a cooked porkchop. It heals the same amount of hearts, that is 6, and is crafted the same way.

    To end this post I would like to state that it would be great if Notch implemented some, if not all, of these foods into the game, although I highly doubt it. I have created a banner for this topic if you guys want, and as far as I know this is how the code works. Please comment on changes that you would think to be better, and keep in mind that if you have any other ideas, I will try to add an update to the post. Also, as a final note, I would like to say that the values of hearts given are not permanent, if anything they are mere placeholders for the actual values. I leave you at that.



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