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    Mods in green work for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3. Mods in red are outdated.

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    Now that I'm back, I wish to look for anybody that is willing and able to make multiple, quality video demonstrations of my mods. While I cannot offer anything physical, I would appreciate any help people can provide. :)

    It has been reported to me that some ad blockers hide or otherwise screw up the redirect button in the transition ad. To fix this, go to your browser's options and add "adf.ly" to the ad blocker's exception list. If you don't know how to do this, reference your help feature or otherwise research elsewhere, because I cannot help you.




    Version 2.0


    *PropertyReader Version 1.20 or Higher!*


    Sets cloud height, sun size/texture, moon size/texture, and star frequency to a customizable property file. Included are 11 example images, with 2 of them set as defaults. Any value is valid for clouds, any value above 0 is valid for the sun/moon multipliers, and and integer above 0 is valid for the star frequency. Toggle options are also included to turn any of the four components on and off.

    The property file is located (from your .minecraft folder) in /mod/Roundaround/BetterSkies. When adding your own custom images, make sure the background is black, not transparent, nor white.



    Version 3.10


    **v2.0 or Higher**


    Sets water opacity and underwater fog to controllable values within a property file. Valid inputs for opacity range from 0-15 (outside will revert back to the boundary crossed), and valid inputs for fog strength involve any number greater than or equal to 0.

    To set the water's variables from the default levels, start in your .minecraft folder, and go to /mods/Roundaround. Inside you'll see a CrystalClearWaters.properties file. Inside there is where you can change your levels within the boundaries listed above.

    - removed as dead link -


    Version 2.32



    A whole bunch of various tweaks and upgrades to a large number of blocks and processes.

    From the included info file -- keep in mind that each item is completely independent from every other one on the list, with the exception of the occasional pairs of classes in one category:
    ri = Redstone Wire
    -Can carry current indefinitely.
    nt & fm = Cacti
    -Can be placed right next to other cacti, can be placed on any block, can grow to 5 blocks high (only in original placement conditions).
    jc = Fence
    -Allows everything to be placed on top. The bounding box is only one block high for players, wolves, and minecarts.
    fa = Glass
    -Drops glass, allows everything to be placed on top.
    e = Chests
    -Can have blocks directly above and still open, if a chest is in hand, right clicking an existing chest will place the one in hand instead of opening the first.
    ki = Doors
    -Can be placed anywhere, and can stay suspended with no support underneath.
    gq = Bookshelves
    -Drops a bookshelf.
    np = Fluids
    -Allows any block (outside other fluids and air, of course), to discplace water and lava.
    uf = Torches
    -Allows torches to be placed anywhere.
    qh & ic = Sugarcanes
    -Can be placed on any block, can grow to 5 blocks high (only in original placement conditions).
    mo = Ice
    -Allows everything to be placed on top, biome specific destroy conditions: cold = drop ice and no water, immune to light. warm = place water
    nm = Buttons
    -Extends tick rate from 20 to 50.
    bo = Pressure Plates
    -Extends tick rate from 20 to 50.
    od = Regular and Powered Rails
    -Can be placed anywhere. Literally anywhere. Even off other tracks, even with no structural support.
    oi = Detector Rails
    -Extends tick rate from 20 to 50.
    -Inherits placement tweak from other rails.
    vh = Grass
    -Drops grass.
    xg = Fire
    -More efficiently burns logs and leaves. No more floating burning logs after forest fires.
    kw = Ladders
    -Jump climbs up, sneak climbs down. Doing neither keeps Y-movement still at 0.
    lc = Glowstone
    -Drops a stack of 9 glowstone dusts.



    Version 2.22



    Adds lava boats to the game. The lava boat is made up of a new block called "Dense Stone" smelted from smooth stone. The lava boat works in both water and lava, and doesn't break on collision. When harvested, it just drops the lava boat back.

    Through /.minecraft/mods/Roundaround/Block_and_Item_IDs.properties , you can edit the IDs for all my mods through one file. Anytime you install a new mod or an item is missing from the list, it will automatically regenerate and add the missing items for you.

    Default Block/Item ID's:
    Dense Stone - Block 199
    Lava Boat - Item 3293



    Version 1.12



    A redstone circuit torch crafted with lightstone dust that acts as a Flip-Flop logic gate, only changing state when the input changes from logic LOW to HIGH.

    Through /.minecraft/mods/Roundaround/Block_and_Item_IDs.properties , you can edit the IDs for all my mods through one file. Anytime you install a new mod or an item is missing from the list, it will automatically regenerate and add the missing items for you.

    Default Block/Item ID's:
    Idle Lightstone Torch - 190
    Active Lightstone Torch - 191



    Version 2.02



    Crafted with glass next to stone, cobblestone, planks, bricks, obsidian, sandstone, dirt, mossy cobblestone, or a bookshelf, one-way glass is a hybrid of these two materials. When placed, the side facing you will be glass, and all other sides will be the corresponding material. Takes on the properties of your glass (i.e. if you have the glass component of MinecraftUnleashed installed, the effects carry over).

    Through /.minecraft/mods/Roundaround/Block_and_Item_IDs.properties , you can edit the IDs for all my mods through one file. Anytime you install a new mod or an item is missing from the list, it will automatically regenerate and add the missing items for you.

    Default Block/Item ID's:
    One-Way Stone - 244
    One-Way Cobblestone - 245
    One-Way Planks - 246
    One-Way Bricks - 247
    One-Way Obsidian - 248
    One-Way Sandstone - 249
    One-Way Dirt - 250
    One-Way Mossy Cobblestone - 251
    One-Way Bookshelf - 252



    Version 1.02



    With updated and tweaked mechanics from the Pluckin'Crazy and SheepShearing mods, PluckAndShear does two things. Firstly, it adds a new tool, shears, which with right click can shear sheep. Shearing with bare hands or any non-shears item will only produce on wool block. Shears will increase this by an amount depending the quality of material used to craft them. Trying to shear sheep who've already given up their wool will damage them and the shears, so be careful. Secondly, chickens can be plucked via right click (with anything in hand). Chickens will have a small random number of pluckable feathers. When plucked, they'll either drop a feather (if they still have feathers left) and get hurt 0 health (they'll show the hurt animation, but take no damage), or once they run out, will be hurt half a heart each time.

    Through /.minecraft/mods/Roundaround/Block_and_Item_IDs.properties , you can edit the IDs for all my mods through one file. Anytime you install a new mod or an item is missing from the list, it will automatically regenerate and add the missing items for you.

    Default Block/Item ID's:
    Wood Shears - Item 4079
    Stone Shears - Item 4080
    Iron Shears - Item 4081
    Gold Shears - Item 4082
    Diamond Shears - Item 4083



    Version 2.14



    Makes zombies drop bones and a new item, rotten meat. When eaten, rotten meat hurts the player half a heart. However, the rotten meat can be smelted, then consumed for 3 hearts.

    Through /.minecraft/mods/Roundaround/Block_and_Item_IDs.properties , you can edit the IDs for all my mods through one file. Anytime you install a new mod or an item is missing from the list, it will automatically regenerate and add the missing items for you.

    Default Block/Item ID's:
    Rotten Meat - 4076
    Cooked Rotten Meat - Item 4077



    Even with my adf.ly links, I don't always create the income I need through modding (especially if I'm absent for a few days), so if you're a kind soul and wish to donate to help with my college tuition and housing expenses, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, when you donate, please send me a pm as well, and I'll be sure to add you to my list of favorite people. :)



    Contact Me

    The most effective way to reach me will always be on IRC. While I may not always be at my computer, I always leave my IRC client up and it takes logs for me. Your best bet to find me would be on my personal channel, #roundacraft on irc.esper.net. I have a quick link here to access it with Mibbit for those who don't know their way around IRC.


    Terms And Conditions

    I. Used Terms

    Mods - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
    Mojang - Mojang AB
    Owner - Roundaround, original author of the Mods. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the Owner has full rights over their Mods despite use of Mojang's code.
    User - End user of the Mods, person installing the mod.

    II. Liability

    These Mods are provided 'as is' with no warranties, implied or otherwise. The Owner takes no responsibility for any damages incurred from the use of these Mods. These Mods alter fundamental parts of the Minecraft game; parts of Minecraft may not work with these Mods installed. All damages caused from the use or misuse of these Mods fall on the user.

    III. Use

    Use of these Mods to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the User without restriction.

    IV. Redistribution

    These Mods may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the Owner solely. All mirrors of these Mods must have advance written permission from the Owner. Additionally, any and all mirrors hosted by the permitted are considered property of the Owner, and should be handled in the manner of the Owner's desires. Any attempts to make money off of these Mods (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) by persons other than the Owner are strictly forbidden, and the Owner may at any time claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

    V. Derivative Works/Modification

    These Mods are provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of these Mods require advance written permission of the Owner and are subject to the same terms as mirrored links (see IV).

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    Quote from Tiaer

    Anybody else notice that the crystal clear waters mod causes underwater grass? Is there a way to fix that?

    Sorry if anybody else mentioned this.

    Yeah, the bug was reported to me already. Unfortunately it's caused by Mojang's latest fix for getting grass to grow underneath non-opaque blocks like fences, signs, and glass. What they didn't do was add a check for water. I'm going to search as much as I can for a way to fix it without becoming any more invasive of a mod.
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    Quote from Rotten194 »
    Quote from Sephiroth »
    I see it as cheating the system, as it essentially entices users to click on two different links, which offering incentives to click the links is against the ToS.

    Offering incentives to click links is the whole point of adfly. People don't just click links because they have an obsession with plastic clicking sounds and blue text.

    That's exactly why I click links.
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    Alright. As the first person in the modding community to have used adf.ly, I feel I should put in my two cents. Before using it, unlike everyone else, I researched the rules, laws, and TOS extensively. By law and adfly's TOS, it is completely okay to link to whatever the hell you want. I could link to the download host of the minecraft.jar if I wanted to. As far as the law is then concerned, the money I would make is for the advertisement the traffic I create sees, and is completely unrelated to the content I'm linking to. HOWEVER, the rules being put in place here are rules for these forums here and should be considered final say for adfly and similar links on any Minecraft content on this and any of it's brother sites, as well as IRC and related youtube videos. If these rules say nobody but the creator and those with permissions can make adfly links, that is what is to be obeyed, even though they're not breaking the law or adfly TOS.

    As a side note, I've made $60 off it so far for nothing. It's definitely worth it.
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    The biplane is the only one that should be implemented. Early age aviation is all I wish to have. If/when you do more PLEASE either make them separate downloads, or make the different planes toggle-able modules.

    In any case, this is wicked awesome. :smile.gif:
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    Future Plans
    -Obfuscation Converter (Perhaps as a separate piece.)

    Examples and Tutorials

    Notes and Tips for Using PropertyReader
    Using PropertyReader to Establish Customizable Block/Item IDs
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    I have decided to migrate over to the new(ish) Minecraft Mod Center. After several issues will a couple moderators, my disgust in those running these forums, and most recently, a major annoyance with much of the community, this change is necessary and imminent. I have removed this thread in an attempt to stop the flow of "plz update" comments. Keep checking my downloads list on MMC for updates. I don't apologize and I will not keep this thread running, so do not ask.

    My Downloads
    Help Thread

    That is all.
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    Quote from Dweller_Benthos »
    Quote from Risugami »
    Latest version is 1.2.1_01, which More Stackables 1.12 is made for.

    Well, Minecraft never offered to update since the bugfix after Halloween, sooooo..... I just deleted everything in the bin folder and started over. Seems to work now, I wonder why I never got that update? Strange.

    Sometimes it just doesn't pick it up. If you played offline when the update was released, that may be why. Mine updated at first, but then I restored it to a backup of the previous version to remove some mods and it didn't update back to 1.2.1_01. I then had to delete the bin folder entirely and run the exe again to download the newest version back onto my computer.
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