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    I am not that good at computers :tongue.gif:
    Where do I find the ram info?

    Since you're using a Windows OS, go to the bottom left corner and find the windows button, and search 'RAM' and you should see something like 'Show how much RAM I have' or something along the lines, and click it. I'm not entirely sure if it shows what type it is (DDR/DDR2/DDR3) but it will show the amount of installed RAM you have.
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    Quote from Builder4Free

    Ok guys I was watching the tutorials from the newboston. Bucky was making a seris of videos on game development. He promised that he would show us how to make 3D Graphics and a 3D game. He did about 19 videos and never continued. So I havea a good knowledge of java and python so I was wondering if anyone new of a place that teaches you about java or python game development.
    Thanks guys.

    His tutorials give a good basis but isn't always the best. It bestows me how to make a 3D game, though.
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    posted a message on *Goes to ROBLOX.com*
    *Looks at site*
    *Creates account*
    *Goes to a game where some kid tells me I'm gay or something*
    *Checks out forum*
    *Sees all of the forums suck balls*
    *Goes to the bottom*
    *Sees Scripters*
    *Sees nothing relevant and everything that has one spark is related to Lua which is gay*

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