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    posted a message on My first 2 AE Montages [MW2]
    I don't like the effects at all but they're good.
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    posted a message on Do graphics really matter?(minecraft or sims 3)
    Quote from TheMarsh

    Don't make me choose! :unsure.gif:

    Well, in minecraft there are creepers, nuff said

    In the Sims 3, you could practically do anything you want. =3

    Like having sex!

    Even though I always do that on the weekends.

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    posted a message on *Goes to ROBLOX.com*
    Quote from LatestEdition

    That game is so stupid lol

    You got that right.
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    posted a message on *Goes to ROBLOX.com*
    *Looks at site*
    *Creates account*
    *Goes to a game where some kid tells me I'm gay or something*
    *Checks out forum*
    *Sees all of the forums suck balls*
    *Goes to the bottom*
    *Sees Scripters*
    *Sees nothing relevant and everything that has one spark is related to Lua which is gay*

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    posted a message on I got IP banned from ROBLOX.
    Becaused I said Minecraft is better and so is the community and everyone agreed with me. I posted it in Off Topic, I shouldn't of gotten banned. :dry.gif:
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    posted a message on Roblox?
    I just tried the game.

    I tried the "Top game".

    When I joined, first 5 sentences that I saw on the game:

    "hey u wana go out"
    "no, i hav another bf"
    "aw cumon baby"
    "aww ok, i can dump him 4 u"


    That place is ****.
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    posted a message on Happy Independence Day!
    Quote from Trexmaster


    I'm not from US n' A.

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    posted a message on How to troll "ROBLOX RALLY 2011"
    Quote from Chrisarepwn

    (PS: I hate roblox, but I browse the forums occasionally)

    1: Walk in dressed up like Steve
    2: Tell some kids that a random kid in the corner is SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX, watch the chaos
    3: Tell one kid that another kid thinks he's a "noob"
    4: Walk in wearing ANY Minecraft merchandise
    5: Ask an admin why they're such horrible admins
    6: Tell MSE6 she's the worst god damn moderator ever, watch her rage.

    Also, I bet kids will be climbing over eachother trying to get to Telamon to ask him for free "robux".

    If you told everyone that kid was sonicthehedgehogxx I'm pretty sure everyone would try and kick his ass with swords and think he will respawn, then they all go to jail.
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