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You may read my profile in any particular order, but I suggest reading Me first or just for basic info.


Welcome, to my profile, fellow MCF member/guest/moderator/person. You are reading this because you want to know about me? Yesh, i'm popular! Well then, reader, let's begin!

I joined these forums on the 23rd of April, 2011. I frequent the Suggestions, Recent Updates, Mods and Maps forums, or basically Minecraft General and Mapping and Modding. I hope to become a mod in one of those forums to stop the random outbreaks of spam we receive. Since joining, i've accumulated over 1000 posts and been here for a year. I have a tenth of the reputation the most reputable guy is. So, yeah.

I have heemaphobia (I have no idea how to spell that) which means the fear of blood. It's not severe enough to make me faint, but it can make me quite... troubled. No, I am not vegetarian.

My new avatar which I made myself is called Enderrotom. Two days after making it, 2 people had already stole pirated robbed used it. So I guess it's quite good. It's a mixture of an Enderman and the pokemon, Rotom, holding a cookie.

When posting, I do try to be nice and constructive (for suggestions). And I guess i'm doing quite well. I am 1/10 as reputable as the guy who has the most reputation points, so I assume i'm doing quite well.

Minecraft Info

I got my Minecraft account in Beta 1.4. My very first house was actually quite a nice underground structure, with 3 crafting tables, 7 furnaces, 2 chests, and a bed. I don't know how I remember those numbers, I just do.

Now, I live in the jungle and have an insanely large cocoa bean farm running to make all the cookies in the world. Oh yes, I have a pet Enderman called Squiggles.

I absolutely adore Fire Resistance potions. I make as many as possible, they really help above lava lakes.

I have killed the Enderdragon 5 times, 4 of which using only snowballs and iron boots.

Contacting Me

You wish to contact me? Ok then! There are 4 ways in which you can do this.


The best possible way to contact me is on MCF. I check all notifications as soon as I see them, and if possible, I reply. If I don't reply, i'm either offline or something's come up.


I have a twitter account solely for the reason to see what Jeb, Dinnerbone and GameChap are up to. However, you can contact me on twitter. It may take longer than MCF, but I will see it. My Twitter account is!/RotomGuy


I also have Skype. I'm don't check Skype as often as MCF and Twitter, but I still do. I can only accept friend requests while on my computer. I'm not on my computer while out, only my iPad. My Skype Name is RotomGuy Minecraft.


This is the worst way to contact me, there is a very high chance I won't notice your message. I suggest you don't, but if you still want to, my name is RotomGuy7.

Question Time

How old are you? I will not directly answer that, reader.

Why not? People stereotype about certain things, especially age. By keeping my age hidden, I can avoid those steriotypical veiws people have.

What on earth are you talking about? I am suprised. Stereotype means you think the same for everyone of that type. Eg: People stereotypically think nurse's are female.

What is your name? RotomGuy, reader.

No, your real name! Real life isn't a factor on the internet, my word...

Stop using big words! Big words are my speciality, albeit multiple human beings cannot fathom it!

Can I be your friend? On the internet, I am open to friends. Outside the internet, not so much.

I don't even want to ask these questions! Well, tough.

Can I ask you a different question? You may, via one of the contact options I listed earlier.

Profile Information

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