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    Quote from MaxiKevey»

    I guess this is dead now. The last update was five months ago. Always sad to not see a great mod in the mod lists for newer versions.

    To be fair, the fact they got this mod working at all in 1.12.2 with all the new block model stuff is pretty freakin' impressive.

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    These mods require Meddle, get it here.

    ===Iron Nugget Mod (Deprecated, see More Nuggets)===

    The Iron Nugget Mod gets rid of the lack of ore nugget mods for 1.9 and adds Iron Nuggets into the game. Keep in mind that this only adds Iron Nuggets and ore nugget-related recipes, nothing else (though I do plan on throwing in a chain armor recipe that requires Iron Nuggets once Fyber adds the mappings).


    Download 1.0

    (Requires Meddle 1.2.2+, DynamicMappings 018+, MeddleAPI 1.0.5+)

    ===Craftable Red Sand===

    This mod adds a crafting recipe for red sand. Nothing else.


    Download 1.0

    (Requires Meddle 1.2.2+, DynamicMappings 020-alpha+, MeddleAPI 1.0.5+)

    ===More Nuggets===

    This mod adds more ore nuggets into the game, including iron, diamond, obsidian and more!

    More Nuggets is now on Curse.com! You can download it from there now.


    a0.1 (Iron Nugget 1.0):
    -Added Iron Nuggets


    -Added Lapis Nuggets
    -Added Diamond Nuggets
    -Added Obsidian Nuggets

    -Added Emerald Nuggets
    -Added Diorite Nuggets
    -Added Andesite Nuggets
    -Added Granite Nuggets
    -Added Chorus Nuggets
    -Added Prismarine Nuggets
    -Added Stone Brick item (Used to craft Stone Nuggets)
    -Added Quartz Nuggets
    -Added Chicken Nuggets (joke item)
    -Added Stone Nuggets


    -Added Nugget in a Biscuit


    -Added Obsidian Shard

    -Obsidian Nugget-related recipes modified as a result

    Fixed for 1.11

    Website Downloads (for 1.2 and older):

    Download 1.2

    (Requires Meddle 1.2.2+, DynamicMappings 018+, MeddleAPI 1.0.5+)

    Download 1.1

    (Requires Meddle 1.2.2+, DynamicMappings 018+, MeddleAPI 1.0.5+)

    Download 1.0

    (Requires Meddle 1.2.2+, DynamicMappings 018+, MeddleAPI 1.0.5+)

    CurseForge Downloads:

    Other Downloads:

    (Faithful 32x32 addons by Nyodex. Big thanks to him!)

    Faithful 32x32 addon for 1.3

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    posted a message on Et Futurum - Brings the future to now!

    What he could do however, once the snapshots come out, is add 1.10 features.

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    posted a message on Animation in Resource Packs - a Minecraft 1.6+ Tutorial - Works in 1.8.x
    Quote from Alvoria»

    Disassemble it into frames and then follow the tutorial. How exactly you do that first step depends on the software that you have available to you, and I can't really help you with that.

    Actually, MrCrayfish made a utility for assembling GIFs into animated textures.
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    Quote from guestds»

    i dont get why people like jei cause i used it and it sucks cause you cant give yourself items just get recipe book then or disable cheat mode for nei dont get why jei which idt can be config in game and cant be used for anything but recipes and id find maybe is fmaous er i guess then nei which you can config in game and make it how jei is already... and nei has ingame enchants... there should be a merge of nei and all u want but all u want uses the give command then like nei but you can command copy?

    Did you try pressing Ctrl+O? It's a little different in JEI.
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    Quote from YO_LOrenzo»

    How do you combine this with mcpatcher (together with forge)? Is it even possible? Because I can't figure it out :/


    You don't even need MCPatcher. Install LiteLoader with the "Extract" option selected, locate the "liteloader-1.7.10.jar" file and copy it into your "mods" folder.

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    Hello. I would like to present a mod I've been working on over the Thanksgiving weekend: the Salt Mod.

    This mod adds salt for making food and stuff! Another thing with salt: it's kinda slippery.

    Salt Ore:

    Main ore of the mod. Has slippery properties. Mining gives 2-6 Salt Crystals.

    Salt Block:

    Mineral block made from Salt Crystals. Has slippery properties. Crafted using 9 Salt Crystals and gives 9 Salt Crystals when placed in the crafting grid.

    Salt Crystal:

    Obtained from mining Salt Ore. Can be made into Salt Blocks and Salt.


    Obtained by placing a Salt Crystal in the crafting grid and gives 4. Can be eaten anytime. Eating it will restore 2 hunger, but it gives the player Nausea for 10 seconds.

    Salted Apple:

    Obtained by combining Salt and an Apple in the crafting grid. Heals double the hunger than a normal Apple and can be eaten anytime.

    Salted Golden Apple:

    Obtained by combining Salt, a Stick and a Golden Apple in the crafting grid. Heals double the hunger than a normal Golden Apple and gives Regeneration for 30 seconds.

    Salted Beef:

    Obtained by combining Salt and Raw Beef in the crafting grid. Heals double the hunger than normal Raw Beef and can be eaten anytime.

    Salt Tools:

    These tools have 101 uses, the attack damage of wood/gold and the efficiency of stone.

    Salt Armor:

    No info available at this time.








    Have fun with the mod!

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    posted a message on [1.8/1.8.1/1.8.8/1.8.9/PC Gamer Demo/15w14a] [Base Edit] Falling Clay!

    Ever wanted Clay to fall because logic? This mini-mod is for you!
    I created this for no reason at all, I apologize if you don't like it. :mellow:




    PC Gamer Demo



    1.8 version created with MCP.

    1.8.1 version created with FMC (thanks FyberOptic!)

    1.8.8 version created by looking at mappings.

    1.8.9, PC Gamer Demo and 15w14a versions created without any modding tools.

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    posted a message on The Rediscovered Mod: Unused, Unimplemented, and Removed Features
    Quote from kristoskotsi»

    i got an idea why dont you add some pe minecraft features like nether reactor core and beetroots.i just think it would be awesome to see this things in your mod and it whould make it even better

    I will NOT be adding features from EITHER of these versions of Minecraft into the mod. Do not ask, you will be ignored if you do. I would rather implement ACTUAL ideas FOR THE PC version rather than simple jokes or things from Pocket Edition unless I find a good use in them (Such as the Locked Chest)
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    Quote from The_Killer53»

    Which version are you specifically trying to play on?

    Probably 1.8.0. Also will the 1.8.7 version work with 1.8.0?

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