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    posted a message on Roguelike Dungeons
    Heya Grey, seems like the catacombs are locking their timers up when they gen.

    heres a thread dump from JMvis


    causes the internal server on SSP (and SMP I imagine) to completely lock down. Doesn't seem to clear up after a few minutes either.

    Thanks <3
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    posted a message on GrowthCraft - [JUL-15-2014] Proper 1.7.10 release
    Hiya Gwafu!

    My minion Brizzle has been trying to get hold of you to ask you for permission to include Growthcraft in my pack Raxpack 2, But he hasn't gotten a response from you so far. I decided to suck it up and ask myself :P I would reaaaalllyy like to include Growthcraft in my pack, this pack will hopefully be hosted on the Feed the Beast service (provided I can collect all the permissions ;) )
    The pack will not generate revenue off you mod in any way and full credit for the mod will of course go to you, neither myself nor Feed the Beast will take any credit for Growthcraft.

    I eagerly await your response.

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    posted a message on Ars Magica 2 - Version (Updated February 8, 2016)
    Batteries no longer seem to keep their charge on SSP between world loads.

    Can someone else confirm / deny this please?

    I can recreate this by filling a battery with any of the three types, quiting and reloading the world. Then the battery shows empty

    I should note, this is 018. 016 did keep charge

    Edit: actually this seems sporadic, sometimes charge is lost. sometimes not. you can see this

    Mostly seen in my confusion that block pairings have been lost and also that the batteries have lost charge.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Raxpack Modpack - updated: 20/4/2014

    Raxpack is a modpack designed by me, Rorax, it's theme really is a mix of my favorite mods including well known ones like Thermal Expansion and lesser known ones like Player Beacons, It's kind of a techno-magical experience with a bias towards those who like to build pretty things.

    MobiusCore 1.2.2
    WAILA 1.5.2a
    OPIS 1.2.2
    JABBA 1.1.4
    DragonAPI v24
    RotaryCraft v24b
    ReactorCraft v24
    ElectriCraft v24
    DyeTrees v24
    Blood Magic 1.0.1g
    Witchery 0.19.2
    Mekanism Generators
    Emashers Resources
    Engineers Toolbox
    Gas Craft
    Carpenters Blocks 2.1.2
    GraveStone 2.8.3
    SYNC 2.2.2
    Ars Magica 2
    Plant Mega Pack 3.00.09
    Animation API 1.1.2


    Dragon API v23b
    RotaryCraft v23b
    ReactorCraft v23c
    ElectriCraft v23
    DyeTrees v23
    Blood Magic 1.0.1e
    Witchery 0.18.4
    MobiusCore 1.2.1
    WAILA 1.5.2a
    Opis 1.2.2
    Enhanced Portals 3 3.0.0b-Final
    Big Reactors 0.3.3a
    Dimensional Doors build 336
    Thermal Expansion
    Mekanism build 42
    Tinkers Construct
    Carpenters Blocks 2.1.0
    Note: I had to move the block ID's for Grimore of Gaia 3 so, anything that was 3030 will now be a "multiblock turbine" from reikas if you do a straight upgrade. Just cheat yourself back to normal.

    20/4/2014: Definitive first version.
    New: ReactorCraft v20f , ElectriCraft v20f
    Removed: Better Storage
    Opis 1.2.1
    WAILA 1.5.2
    MobiusCore 1.2.0
    Thermal Expansion
    DragonAPI v20f
    RotaryCraft v20f
    Makanism Generators
    Twilight Forest 1.20.5
    Dimensional Doors 2.2.3-326
    Enhanced Portals 3.0.0b5e
    Alternate Terrain Generation 0.9.5
    Better Dungeons 2.0.91
    Extra Utilities 1.0.3c
    Tinkers Construct 1.5.5d3
    Tinkers Mechworks 0.1.6
    Thaumic Tinkerer 2.3-140
    BloodMagic 1.01b
    Witchery 0.17.2
    Steves Factory Manager A83
    Big Reactors 0.3.2a
    Project Red (ALL) 4.3.7-32
    Bibliocraft 1.5.5
    Carpenters Blocks 2.0.8
    JABBA 1.1.3
    GraveStone 2.8.2
    Sync 2.2.1
    Grimoire of Gaia 2 1.8.2c
    Farlanders 1.1c
    Notes: Adding Reactorcraft and Electricraft adds massive worldgen so best to find new chunks or start a new world. Alternate Terrain Generations update could possibly mean the new chunks don't match old ones so prepare for chunk borders if you decide to keep your current world.
    Farlander Rubies were depreciated, they are still in the game but have now been replaced by Endumium, I have set ID's so that hopefully ruby ore has now been replaced with Endumium ore. And your blocks the same.
    As always keep an eye out for bugs in my configs, I do my best but there may be some quirks and input is greatly appreciated.
    One last very important matter. This is the first definitive version of the pack, marked by the fact that this will be the first version I play with for my LP. Lets see how it goes ;)

    22/02/2014: HOOGE update.
    New: Big Reactors 0.2.15A
    WAILA 1.5.1
    JABBA 1.1.1a
    Extra Utilities 1.0.3a
    Thaumic Tinkerer 2.3-100
    Thaumcraft 4.1.0e
    Rotarycraft 16c
    DragonAPI 16d
    Enhanced Portals 65c
    Mekanism Generators
    Steves Factory Manager A78
    Config Changes:Thaumcraft taint has been made less agressive, worldgen chance is 3x default, spread is 2x slower
    A biome ID clash caused by Dimension Doors was resolved. this should not cause any crazy worldgen changes, but biomes that were showing as "Limbo" should now show as something else.

    18/02/2014: Big update, I have included Better Dungeons (Chocolate Quest) by Chocolatin and setup the configs to where I initially feel they are quite good, they havn't been play tested super well yet, so give me feed back, too common? too rare? certain dungeons in the wrong biomes? let me know :)
    I have also (hopefully) halved the spawning rates of Gaia mobs EXCEPT the ones that spawn underground.
    I am seriously considering completely turning off the daytime mobs (centaurs, harpies e.t.c) as their spawning rules arn't quite up to snuff yet but I also don't want to take Gaia out of the pack.

    10/02/2014: Release! it's out to the masses, go wild! Please report any problems here with my config set and possible tweaks that you might like to see, I am NOT taking mod suggestions for the pack.
    But I will take setting suggestions :)

    because this is an unoffical mod pack, everything must be downloaded from each of the mod authors directly! the only thing I provide is the set of configs needed to make the correctly set up experience run.

    You will find the list of mods here in this google document below.
    If you are not familiar with setting up a modded Minecraft experience from scratch you will find no help from me here, this modpack exists with the expectation that you know how to accomplish this.With that being said, downloading the mods in the above link to the letter, making extra careful to get the listed version only and then applying my config pack to the config folder should see you away laughing :)

    Speaking of the config pack, you can claim it below
    Be aware. Now that Chocolatins Better Dungeons is in the pack, you now need to extract the contents of the zip into the main folder of your minecraft instance, rather than straight into the config folder. Have fun!

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    posted a message on Rorax Minecraft Lets-Play with the Raxpack.
    Hey guys, I am about to go to bed so this page will look a lot different tommorrow.

    For now however I wanted to put up my Episode 20 world save.

    And here is the link to the Raxpack part of the forum so you can actually /use/ the save :P

    You will also want to grab the Plant Mega Pack, and the config for it for the raxpack will be in the world download.

    Dropbox link to the episode 20 world here

    Raxpack thread here
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    posted a message on Chocolate quest. Mods for the adventurers
    Has anyone worked out how to disable ars magica integration with chocolate quest? I want ars magica but I don't want ars replacing better dungeons mobs and loot
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Raxpack Modpack - updated: 20/4/2014
    Quote from ike709
    It isn't really that complicated, I have also created modpacks. You just setup the modpack files, get the mods, get permission, use dropbox to host the files, put it on the technic site, and there you go, a modpack. (Plus a bit of magic with configs and compatibility checking.)

    with technic aside because I make no quams about disliking them. It isn't that simple

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    posted a message on Galacticraft 4.0.1 [6,400,000+ Downloads!]
    Please for Finnigans sake provide a download mirror. Ad.focs screws up far too much.
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    posted a message on [1.6.x][Forge] WildCaves 3 (v0.4.3.3)
    I highly suggest you throw this on github and put it under an open source licence, that way it can be opened up to anyone who feel they can make improvements, or want to bring this up to 1.6.4, it also means that if sometime in the future you feel like putting a little work into it again yourself, you can.

    Good luck Alex :)
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    posted a message on Player API
    Quote from schpeelah

    Dude. 1.6.4 brings zero new functionality. Its entire purpose is saving your worlds properly when you update to it, and then to 1.7. Don't worry about it until 1.7 is out.

    well considering that 1.6.4 is out and world gen mods are moving on from 1.6.2, I will worry about it. 1.7 is too far away
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