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    Gold is extremely underrated by those who don't use it much but...

    1. PVP Enchanted apples are really strong:
    Absorption (2:00)
    Regeneration V (0:30)
    Fire Resistance (5:00)
    Resistance (5:00)

    2. Powered rails are the best way to move minecarts.

    3. Although they don't last long gold tools dig the fastest.

    4. Gold armor looks tons better than diamond and iron. (subjective)

    5. Golden carrots are actually the best food source in game providing highest saturation.

    6. Healing Potions, Harming Potions, Invis Potions, and Night Vision Potions all require gold.

    As you can see if one plays in a world for long periods of time, if they want to mass use these resources, they'll need tons of gold hence all the gold farm designs out there.
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    Golden carrots have feelings too :'(
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    Zombies can see you from really far away. Which means at night you'll have swarms of zombies everywhere.
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    Zombie sieges:

    Occur anywhere near a village
    Can be inside or around the outside perimeter
    Light level does not affect it
    Halfslabs do stop them
    They can spawn inside doors (Very annoying. Should be changed imo)
    Not sure if they can be in fluids. Pretty sure they can't
    Ignores the 24 block radius of player range

    So in summary its impossible to stop a zombie siege in a village due to being able to spawn in doors. Doors have to be on non halfslab which means one of the only viable ways of stopping them won't stop them entirely.

    If you only want villagers and don't mind them not breeding anymore, you can kill all the doors and just light the place up and it won't be a "village" so a siege won't happen as long as mobs can't spawn regularly.

    If you do want doors then:
    Iron Golems. The more the merrier so they stop zombies before they kill all the villagers.
    Back up villages, so if one village somehow dies completely you can repopulate.

    Halfslabing everything other than doors and spamming torches might reduce the probability of the siege happening.

    Although it is a rare occurance, it will happen eventually with time thus being prepared is a must if you plan on keeping that village for a long time.
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    Quote from CodenameDuchess

    I can see it being very useful, but equally problematic. Would it not be a useful item for trolls, as normal players cannot see it? Perhaps if it was non-solid, and you could only obtain it through the /give command. Issues might still remain, but I can't think of any right now; perhaps more technical-savvy people than I can help you.

    Some elaboration couldn't help, either. What light level does it give off? What does it look like in creative? Is it a solid block?

    If it is a creative only item I see no problem with it.
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    Gotta be within 16 blocks of the spawner. Sadly you gotta remake the trap.
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    If you don't want to farm the xp then go mine Nether Quartz.

    Go to unexplored land in the nether and just go mine every patch of quartz you see.
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    You can actually use iron ingots to fix it.
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    posted a message on End World RUINED Minecraft
    This is the worst attempt at a troll topic I have ever seen thus far. The only part of the troll was the last small part where no one would bother to read since you already bored everyone to death with a pointless rant about the end.

    Of course no one bothers to read your opening post. And after finishing reading your post, it still sounds like a rant about the end and not a troll thread.

    And apparently you can get infraction points for posting only a meme image in your posts without any text in it.
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    Quote from Chick0nHead

    at least add a city

    Its kind of impolite to show off your own stuff on someone else's thread...

    It feels like the wing on the lower part is a bit big, but I really like the coloring and the proportions of everything else. What texture pack did you use?
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