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    Thank you for the opportunity to check out your server from taking Whitelisting off for the weekend.

    It would be helpful for Spawnpoint to have signs, at least, pointing to the rails that lead into town. I noticed you do not have /back in place, and I'm more familiar with faction land claiming than the thing with the golden shovel. Several friendly people were there and I was invited to claim a house, but they could not tell me plans for the server, and you don't give a web page so I could see more your "vision" of what kind of server you intend this to be.

    Since I'm not sure what it is I am looking at, I can't be sure this is the kind of server I am looking *for*, but again thank you for letting me take a look. :)

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    I'm not sure if this is the proper forum, but it's a redstone mechanism I'd like to be pointed to or see developed.

    I'm on a 1.7.9 Bukkit server. I tried to build which has a massive storage system made by jl2579. shows one where SirRobHiFi added a furnace room.

    What would be great would be a three stage build for 1.7+ to resolve several issues, or at least answer questions:

    1. The SirRobHiFi version uses a mod for filter pipes, no water + ice. jl2579 works in vanilla. I have no control over the server, and with the Bukkit DCMA drama, I'm not clear how much the Server Op has control over the server until all that shakes out. For vanilla server, is water over ice the best way to go where possible?
    2. The jl2579 I got partially through building seems to have brought the server to its knees. So instead of the version with three wings of storage, it would be fantastic if there is a way to build, say, one wing, then add other wings as we get a feel for how full the server clock-cycle is.
    3. A "community center" would help having a storage area, a furnace, enchanting table and anvil dispenser. It would be wonderful to see a merge of SirRobHiFi's furnace into what jl2579 built.
    4. Somewhat related to all of this, what if an iron farm were built into it? CAN an iron farm be built into it, and/ or gold farm? How much, "This is Really Useful for the Commnity" stuff can be packed into an area without making the server scream for mercy?
    5. Once we get to this point, does this beast fit into Realms without annoying Mojang?
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