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    Australia would be good. I don't think it should be held in Asia as they're not in to Minecraft as much. I think Brazil is too dangerous to hold a Minecraft convention (especially as there will be lots of children going to MineCon and Brazil has a problem with child prostitution and other crime, I've read). Africa wouldn't be as good, as I'm pretty sure they don't really have a gaming community and lots of people would have to be vaccinated and stuff first. Canada would also be a good place.
    I think that the next one should be either in Canada, New Zealand, Australia or somewhere in Europe (like England, Germany, Switzerland or Sweden).

    In Brazil there are lots of places that are safe but there are cities like Sao Paulo that wouldnt be great. Other places like Pocos de Caldas would be nice. Also, lots of people say that you need vacines and stuff, but that`s only if you are going to the rain forest. I dont know about Rio de Janero though, it is famous but dangerous. Especially in the outskirts there are police officers in gunfights with gangsters and poor. Only in Rio though. If you consider other places brasil is an OK place to hold minecon. I vote Canada or US.

    Sources: Ive been there.
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