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    Hello, some time ago I made several hardcore minictm, and I've thought about uploading them. To start I have to explain the context a bit, the first map is a labyrinth, a duel of resistance, full of zombies, open doors and survival, the second is much shorter, it consists of completing the map before running out of life, this is much easier, the third is also short and is not as difficult as the first, the fourth, which is the last, has the same style as the first. It consists of a map in which you will have to endure as much life as you can to reach the end

    I'll post some videos of when I made them[/pre]
    Descargar Minimapas de alta tensión y dificultad 1.8.3 - YouTube

    These maps were made at different times, so each one has a version, indicated in its file.[/pre]

    link dangercraft pack: https://mega.nz/file/u4YA0QqT#xF17MzwB61XyFmQHqb9oxzJTv4fG7cDAmJ_dBKfYIHU

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