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    I got a puppy.

    He's not even 6 months old.

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    The Support section rules have been moved, click here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/support/unmodified-minecraft-client/2601560-support-rules

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    I blame the French

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    Ermagherd it's BlueSteelmin

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    Quote from foldagerdk»
    First time post pls be gentle :i

    I might build up the courage to do a full face pic at some point, but I like to hide my identity due to my paranoia :)
    For now, please enjoy my fancy hair and an expensive shirt!

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    How Permissions Works, and YAML configuration

    All permission plugins use a file format called YAML. This file format is very good since it allows for coders to be able to get the information they need fairly quicky, but also means it is more sensitive to issues when writing the file. There are a few key issues that you must be aware of with these files

    - Tabs will break the file
    YAML files do not support tabs at all in the file. If the yaml scanners find a tab, they will cause the file to not be readable, thus causing your permission plugin to break. This means you cannot use a tab at all in the file. 2 spaces are like a tab, and so if you use a program like Notepad++, make sure you change the settings so that if you press tab, it will use 2 spaces instead.

    - Spacing is key
    The point of the spaces is, quite literally, to organize the information. Most use a 2-space hierarchy (that is, the difference is 2 spaces for a category). If you've ever looked at a windows file branch, it is very much a similar thing:



    Happen to see a similarity? That's right, the colons after the words in YAML are typically the designation of a new category. In this case, category = folder in windows (with a couple extra features). Now then, there's a few things you can do with this. To understand this, you really need to look at it a whole new way

    Example one:

    You can contain other "categories" within them. This allows for adding new attributes to the category, which you can further describe.

    Example two:
    - derp.node.1
    - derp.node.2
    - -denied.node
    inheritance (or groups):
    - user
    - moderater
    You can simply list the attributes of a category, or the properties that are contained within it. In permissions, this is most commonly seen when listing perm nodes, or groups that are inherited. One thing to note is that the dash must line up directly with the first letter of category's name (as seen above), and a space put after it.

    Example three: - Link
    - -denied.pex.node
    - ^denied.bperms.node
    - -denied.gm.node
    - denied.permbukkit.node: false

    Negation is another thing, which isn't native to yaml. for that reason, it's different for each permissions plugin, as they must create a character in which to negate the attribute. For each perm plugin, these are:
    PEX: a '-'
    bPerms: a '^'
    Group Manager: a '-'
    Permbukkit: using a 'perm.node: false'

    Example four:
    prefix: '&9[Mod] &f'
    suffix: '&9'
    rank: 200
    rank-ladder: 'staff'
    The third and final bit to yaml in permissions is similar to the listing of attributes, but when there is only one (Groups and perm nodes do not do this however). You can pretty much just put the value of the category entirely directly after the word, wrapped in single quotes.

    - Using apostrophes (The ' key)
    When you have something that is suppose to be read as text, be sure to surround it with apostrophes. This will tell the readers that this is a line of words, and to read it as is. Sometimes a file needs these since YAML uses some characters to represent things, so an apostrophe in front and at the end will tell it to ignore the characters as special and to just use them.

    - Giving Wildcard nodes
    Wildcard nodes are nodes that summarizes or cover a subcategory of all the permissions inside of it. Each category (or, we'll use "folder" again ;) ) has a list of permissions inside of it. Say we have these four nodes:
    - essentials.msg
    - essentials.signs.use.mail
    - essentials.signs.use.heal
    - essentials.afk
    (pretending there's only these perms in this plugin.)
    You could simplify this into three perms like so:
    - essentials.msg
    - essentials.signs.use.*
    - essentials.afk

    Or even more simplified into:

    Note that when you assign a wildcard node that in order to deny something that falls under the wildcard node's category, you must deny before the wildcard node itself. Java reads files from top to bottom, and as soon as it finds a match it will use that.

    The '*' node
    This is a node that exists only in PermissionsEx. It is a node that is derived using reflection, which breaks bukkit API. To a normal everyday user, this isn't too bad, and might just harm a few things like certain perm nodes or the ability to /reload. What it does is grant all permissions for every plugin. You must assign it wrapped in single quotes, like so:
    - '*'

    The different Permissions Plugins
    bPermissions - A simple, yet stable plugin. Good for beginners.

    PermissionsEx - This is the most versatile user-end plugin, used by many server admins. (For 1.4.6 users: Use the latest dev build found here.)

    Privileges - Fast, simple, and clean. Does not have fancy features.

    TotalPermissions - A new permissions plugin being developed by Lord_Ralex and myself.

    More to come, but the I really don't recommend using any others atm.

    Finding the errors yourself
    Because you really want to do this yourself and become adept at it, there's a handy-dandy YAML parser online that will find errors in your file for you. Simply head on over to http://yaml-online-parser.appspot.com/ and paste your file into it. Read it for the line number where your mistake is and ta-da, you can fix 99% of common errors ^_^

    A bit of an explanation of different errors:

    This error, defined by the “/t”, means that there is a tab in the file. The parser is good enough to tell you where the tab is in the file by giving you a line number. To fix this error, just delete the tab.

    This error means that you have forgotten to add a : where it was needed. Like the others, this will tell you where the : is missing, so all you have to do is add the : in the correct spot, usually at the end of the line.

    This error means that you forgot to close a String, or a line. Basically, you have a ' in a line and forgot to add a ' at the end of it. The parser will usually give you the line that this happens on, but sometimes it will not. You just need to add the ' to the line that has a ' in it already.

    How to receive help here
    • Post your yaml configuration in either tags or http://pastie.org and leave a link. Example for tags:
     This is your yaml file [/­code]
    • We currently can't use tags, just use pastebin.
    • Post relevant info, including which plugin you are using
    • Explain your issue, and the steps you've taken
    • Don't use obnoxious fonts or colours. We are all perfectly capable of reading things.
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    Quote from davidp5118

    People can/do lie about that easily, it was practically an untrustworthy and useless tool for that reason.

    You're absolutely right, this has been quite the problem. It makes it hard to trust people since some people have lied about their identity.
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    Considering it's 75809 characters long, I would say the error is pretty self-explanatory.
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    Something you might find of interest would be MCEdit: http://www.mcedit.net/

    Download the development version to be compatible with the latest minecraft, and this will let you build your levels as though using level design software (copy/paste, mass block changes, other things). There are filters and you can change global settings like the world's gamemode.
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