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    posted a message on Let Dispensers Place & Remove Slime Blocks
    This would be extremely useful, however I think that dispensers shouldn't be used to placing slime blocks. I think a completely new block, similar to the dispenser, should be added that can place a single block on front of it, or pick them up, and would work for all blocks, except for water and lava which can be dispensed from their buckets by dispensers. Nonetheless, there should be some way to place and remove slime blocks using redstone. Support, but possibly with changes.
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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!

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    posted a message on New Game Mode - Creativival
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: MenacingErmine

    Where did you hear about the server: MC Forums Front Page

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes, I will not be an idiot, disrespect staff, etc.

    What's our policy on raging: Paraphrasing, do not rage, it is only a minor setback.
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    posted a message on Granite, Andesite, Diorite Pillars - Variants on Quartz Pillars: Better Decoration
    Very nice textures, logical recipes, full support.
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    posted a message on Quarter-Size Blocks (walls/drywall)
    Personally I very much want a way to conduct redstone through a 1 block wide wall (1 quarter block, redstone dust in middle, and 1 other quarter block. This would be so useful for the game and, not that I'm a coder or anything, but it seems that it is very possible to make happen (there are mods with this kind of stuff already and my 3 year old and very often used computer can run it). This could also have some great aesthetic uses, such as have a 1 block wide wall with 1 side being one type of block texture and the other side being different. Also, I must note that while using these microblocks mods I didn't feel like I was playing a different game at all. The OP also isn't asking for those tiny microblocks, only ones wide enough to put redstone in. Even if this may not be likely to happen, I fully support this idea anyways. Like others I do also want to play Minecraft but this addition would be very useful and wouldn't be impossible nor would it change it into a whole other game.

    @Torabi, this change would only be slightly more game changing than when half slabs and stairs were added. Updates like the Adventure Update were more significant by far and yet, the game is still regarded as Minecraft by many.

    @DarkStar634, mods that add these types of things don't change the engine, these blocks, as with many other additions aren't necessary but would be incredibly useful. Also, I would expect them to add quarter blocks like this as we already have blocks that don't have a 1x1x1 collision box, like stairs and slabs.
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    posted a message on Fair Multiplayer!
    Quote from BlackAbsence

    Fair Multiplayer!

    What I suggest is a multiplayer mode that allows you and others to join into a NEW world at the same time! (one that has not been tampered by people who've already sucked the resources dry! and made it ugly). yes, this is a fresh world with no OP admins or limits to where you can build an all that junk. It is, as if you've started a new world on single player mode, but now there are people.
    Note: once the game has begun, no one ells can join the server! it will just be you and whoever ells started with you, who can rejoin.

    when clicking on this multiplayer mode you will be given these options:

    Player count: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 48, or 64.
    (this sets the amount of player that will spawn in the game. Note: Players will spawn 100 blocks away from each other, unless they are team mates which spawn 5 blocks away from each other.)

    Team/Teams: Yes, or No.
    (Note: enemy teams will spawn 100 blocks away from each other, and team mates cannot hurt each other... unless they push them off a cliff an such)

    Team count: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8,
    (meaning it will divide the amount of player by whichever into different teams. This option will be blanked out if "Teams" is set to No. Note: if player count is to small to evenly be divided by the team count, the umber will be blanked out)

    game mode: Peaceful, Easy, Medium, Hard, Hardcore!, or Creative.
    (This will set and lock the game mode to which ever mode)

    This will be a great way to make Minecraft less "host dependent" and more "join a fair match whenever".

    if you like, please be sure to hit that green arrow, for it's the only way of really getting Mojangs attention.
    please comment your thoughts, problems, solutions bellow.

    So you want to have a service that finds random Minecraft players and puts them in a world with you, where you can customize teams, player counts and such... well this is possibly in vanilla Minecraft. Step 1, find a random popular server and advertise your server IP on it. Step 2, have your server ready with it's player count customized and other things like teams using the magic of command blocks or plugins. Step 3, wait for the amount of desired players to join and then whitelist and kick any extras. Step 4, deal with the fact that a few of the random players you found are probably griefers. Step 5, give up on the whole random player-joining-your-server-and-putting-no-limits idea. You basically want this but more automated... The whole point of a matchmaking-type system is for short term games and it would be literally expensive for Mojang to have hundreds of thousands or millions of servers being used at the same time or being on standby, atleast if this supposed service is free. This is why Minecraft Realms is coming out, to have private servers for a small group of people and although you pay for the service, you don't need to worry about hosting your own server and other stuff like that. You can also do things like teams and such in vanilla and host your own server. No support because everything you want is possible in the vanilla game, will become easier in the future, and everything you want to do that is possible now is probably just a bit too complicated for you to do.
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    posted a message on More stuff with slimeblocks,slimeballs and pistons
    This (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1740760-slime-block-improved-concept-313-supporters/) older thread has the exact same idea and has recently been bumped back up with congratulations for being implemented, atleast partially.
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    posted a message on Better Horse and Donkey - Fix or improve what we have now
    Quote from Newlight

    I guess everyone like horse or donkey.Horse can jump high and moving very fast while donkey can carry some items.However,there is some problems which making horse riding became less fun and annoying.Here is my suggestion to improve it.

    Problem that should be fixed
    1)Drowning horse
    This is very annoying thing I ever had in Minecraft.The wild horse(untamed) can swimming in river but the horse that we ride can't swimming at all.
    This bug make a horse rider had to push their horse across the river or ocean.
    Mojang need to make horse auto jump to make them floating on water.

    Leads: You can use a lead to drag a horse across most distances of water, although it's a little buggy.

    2)Laggy chuck loading
    Another annoying bug for anyone which have slow chuck loading time or bad pc.Currently,the horse riding is very frustrating for low-mid end pc user.When low or mid end pc user riding a horse,the game will lag out when chuck is loading.When Minecraft is lagging,the horse moving will move extremely weirdly by suddenly gone laggy or everything suddenly stop moving.

    Currently,I don't have a good idea to fix this bug because if forcing chuck update extremely fast by riding horse it would cause FPS drop.

    However,I do have a very bad idea.When player is riding horse,the chuck behind player will be rendered invisible(still loaded but the texture is unloaded) it will help improve FPS and might improve chuck loading rate.

    It is a problem with your specific computer and not a bug. Mojang can't optimize the game for every computer.

    1)Hunger bar
    It would be nice if our hunger is visible when riding horse.

    2)XP bar and jumping bar
    The XP bar has replaced by jumping bar while riding horse.This make player can't view how many level of xp whey got while riding horse.A simple solution is making xp level(not bar) rendered while riding horse

    Although it may be a little more convenient, you don't need to see your hunger bar or EXP bar/level number while riding a horse. I also feel it would make the GUI a bit more cluttered.

    3)Spawnable zombie and skeleton horse
    The zombie and skeleton horse is hide in the code.Mojang need to make both of these horse spawn but at a rare rate(about 1 out of 500).However,both of this horse can only spawn on surface(Y=64) and above.
    I wonder Mojang make them not spawning because it spawned in underground during development of 1.6...

    Yes, I think zombie and skeletal horses would be interesting to have in vanilla survival without the use of 3rd party programs or cheats. If implemented in the game, zombies and skeletons could ride their horse counterparts but have a low spawnrate, maybe %1 of mobs.

    Also please try to use proper grammar, it makes your posts look better.
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    posted a message on Bags
    This is why we have donkeys, mules, enderchests, and storage minecarts. No support.
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    posted a message on An update to enderpearls! Click me to see this idea!
    Quote from PandasPVP

    Hello fellow minecrafters, Hello ignorant first poster.

    Today I would like to share an idea of mine that I had thought of it deals with enderpearls, because in my opinion I believe that they could have a cool animation for throwing it instead of right-clicking seeing how minecraft developers are fond of making things enhanced and pretty cool. I don't think we need animations for throwing items.

    So my idea is that when you throw an enderpearl you have a pull-back on the throw similar to how the bow works. Some cool things that come off of this is that your range for throwing enderpearls would increase and if you own a server where you don't have a combat log prevention plug-in then this would help if the pvpers would only just enderpearl far out instead of having the pullback that slows them down. Just an idea hope I have supporters of this! Thanks! Enderpearls already deal 2.5 fall damage, I think this balances out their instant throw times. They also take time to land if you threw one far away.

    Your bad suggestion, redundant title makes this one of my least favorite threads.
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    posted a message on Carpeted Stairs
    No real disadvantages, only nice simplistic aesthetic additions. Support.
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    posted a message on Water mob.. no not a shark or dolphin....
    You are the OP, you are the one who has to come up with the ideas. You are the suggestor so suggest. We are the critics so we criticise. I also support more water mobs, like sharks or dolphins, but not some vaguely described "sea floor crawling mob".
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    posted a message on Multiple Scoreboard teams per player
    Support, no real disadvantages, only advantages for map makers and such. I can imagine a few good uses for these in maps.
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    posted a message on Soundproof block.
    Completely vague. You have said nothing on how to craft it or any of its mechanics.
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