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    Ok so I bought Minecraft a while ago and haven't played it in a few months. I go to play it now and find I have to migrate my account. But there is one problem. The email I used was an old email I can not access anymore. So I can now verify by email it is me. My user name is Rock89811 and I want to get playing again so if anyone could help it would be great.

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    Staff Application: GymLeader
    - What is your In-Game-Name? Rock89811
    - How old are you? 13
    - What's your gym coordinates (Required): x: -6162 y: 68 z: -3780
    - What Gym Badge do you wish to control? Rising Badge
    - What LvL Range do you with to be. (EG: 40-50): 0 - 100
    - What is your skype username? Rock89811
    - Have you donated? No
    - How long have you played on the server for? A Week And A Bit
    - Why should we choose you over any other applicant? Because I Get Along With Lots Of People. I Love Levelling Up My Pokémon And Have Great Fun Battling People. I Already Have A Gym Built And Can't Want To Use It A lot. I Have Great Fun Playing Pixelmon. I Think This Server Is The Best Pixelmon Server There Is :D
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    Message Removed
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