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    posted a message on Hazza! Welcome Civilians to McSoulcraft.tk Rollplay pvp Server! Join Today !


    Hello And Welcome to McSoulCraft, Start an Epic Adventure.
    We Offer from a wide variation of Fun Plugins. We are glad to have a player like you! Explore the map with ranks, rank up and get new and better ranks (scroll down to view ranks). The server is a free build so you can build what

    ever your heart desires. We have 2000 Player slots

    Owner:Captain_Chuckles / Redbone93
    Co-Owner:BuckLimpit / DEKZTR
    Super Admin's:ULTIMATEVIKING & MoistEvilMonkey
    Admin's:DickChappyMC & Reaper5573
    Moderator's:Streak556 , Loki0790

    Donator + (Scroll down for more info)

    Donator regular (Scroll down for more info)

    Assassin: Assassin's have an awesome /kit Assassin's can climb blocks, Turn invisible to others, poison swords And even Throw Knife Shuriken's!!!

    Knight: Knight's Get an awesome /kit they Have heavy duty armor and sword. They can also throw Knives!!!

    Warrior:Warrior's are aboriginal Fighter /kit for goods.

    Hunter:Hunter's have a good /kit
    as a hunter u get to spawn a dog and keep it.

    Farmer:Farmer's have all the essential items to make a great farm in there /kit.

    Woodcutter:Woodcutter's Have all 4 Tree saplings with 8 bone meal to plant them and make them grow.

    Adventurer:Adventurer's get to explore the map there /kit will help them in the process.

    Worker:Worker's get basic items for building a house in there /kit .

    Builder:Builder Get's permission to spawn item's to be a builder you must build something epic. The final decision will be made by the owner.

    Donator :D

    Donating Rank
    When you donate, The Server will have an upgrade and I am always willing to hear what kind of plugin you have in mind.


    Donator [Rank]: $10.00 Monthly
    Godmode : $3.00 Monthly
    Donator+: $15:00 Monthly
    Protected Land: $1:00 Lifetime 15x15 Block Grid

    Read About the Commands and benefits you get from donating at our Rankssection

    You do not need a PayPal account just hit to button to start the donation process.

    Disclaimer :
    Please be aware if you are donating to the server to help make it run better, if you don't pay full amount You will not receive your proper rank, you are not giving me money directly for a rank, you are just being rewarded an item/rank for your generosity. Also please be aware it is not the owner nor anyone else fault if you get banned, kicked, temp banned or hacked. You cannot refund a donation. That is including griefing, hacking, X-raying, racism, If the server goes off for whatever reason you cannot have a refund. Therefore by Donating you accept these terms and understand the punishments.




    (2000 Player Slots) Hello im the Owner CAptain_Chuckles if u have an idea or mabey just wanna chat or have a problem post it here on this server and ill help u as much as i can :D
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    posted a message on McSoulcraft.tk [Faction][Pvp][Rollplay][Ranks][Donator] The server Built for you ! :D
    Connect to 19

    What will we build next?
    You can make a account on this page using Facebook. It only takes 5 seconds if you already have a facebook account.
    Webpage updated 01.05.2012 by Buck
    Hello Welcome to SoulCraft!

    SoulCraft is a modded server Combined with a survival mode. Build what ever you want! You can build with materials from dirt to bedrock (with admins supervision). We are glad to have a player like you. Explore the 1.2.5 terrain and harass the npc's in their villages. The Server is a free build so you can build what ever your heart desires. Except if you want to build in a town, that only allows certain materials. This is your server have fun and please Respect the staff.

    Soulcraft is a bukkit server, hosted by multiplay. We have a varity of plugin's. Some of the most important ones are ChestShop, Essentials, WorldEdit, and even LogBlock so we can find out who griefed, and even roll back their damage. These are some of the plugins to help the server run better and smoother.

    Donator Rank
    When You donate, The Server will have an upgrade, and I am always willing to hear what kind of plugin you have in mind. But this plugin has to benefit everyone and not just you.

    Donator [Rank]: $10.00 Monthly
    Godmode : $3.00 Monthly
    CreativeMode: $15.00 Monthly
    Protected Land: $1:00 Lifetime 15x15 Block Grid

    To see what you can do as a donator, check our Ranks section.

    Donators: When you donate to the server. Your making the server last longer and run faster

    If you wish to donate you can donate 10 dollars (or more of your choosing) for one month and have access to a WHOLE bunch of commands and therefore make it more fun for you. Donating is worth your money if you're a creative player.
    You can donate to [email protected]/paypal all donations goes to improving server. So everyone including yourself can have a better playing experience.

    Catch up on the latest news :)

    You do not need a Paypal account to send money just hit the button and donate.

    Additional Details

    This Is the server Built just for you !!!! Its your server ! build what you want :)
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