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    IGN: iTzFusiioNx
    RP Experience: Years.
    Age: 18
    Location (optional. This is for demographic purposes): New York
    Previous Bans: None
    ( http://fishbans.com/u/iTzFusiioNx )


    Name: Johnathan Blackwood
    Skills (3 maximum):
    - Pickpocketting/Thieving
    - Blacksmithing
    - Stealth

    Age: 28
    Appearance (we would like a picture of your skin as well as description):
    (( http://mcskinsearch....kin/iTzFusiioNx ))
    Johnathan wears ragged and ripped clothing representative of his low status. He is not an attractive person and sports a long, ragged beard. His hair, unshaven and uncut for years, is greasy and undermaintained. His clothing has grease stains about it and he is generally a dirty, disgusting being in general. However, his talent is blending in and remaining undetected. Since he is a "nobody" in society, he has learned how to blend in and remain unnoticed in certain situations, which has led to an affinity in thief-like skills.

    Character Race: Human
    Desire/Goal in life: To eventually free himself from the chains of poverty.
    Background (Two to three GOOD paragraphs minimum):
    Johnathan hails from House Blackwood, a small, middle class house led by Pilar Blackwood. Johnathan, born to his mother, Lydia, caused the death of his mother in childbirth and was cast out as an infant, disowned by his father, who was furious with the situation as a whole. As a small, newborn infant, Johnathan was found by a middle-aged wandering nomad down the street from the Blackwood Estate. When the nomad returned to his caravan and presented the boy to his wife, his wife was ecstatic and the two decided to keep the boy as their own.

    Johnathan led a good life as an apprentice to his adoptive father, Kevin. Kevin, after settling down from the nomad life, found peace as a baker in a small village outside of Kaeiyr. His caravan buddies, long gone, were no longer in contact and he and his wife had settled down to live their last years in peace. Night fell on the small village and the usual nightly chores were distributed among the members of the village- gathering firewood, preparing the food for the next morning, and making sure the walls were secure. Kevin and his wife drew firewood duty that night. As they trekked off into the night, Johnathan felt a pit in the bottom of his stomach. Dismissing the feeling, Johnathan had no idea he would never see his caretakers again. Kevin and his wife were found the next day, slaughtered, by a patch of cedar trees.

    Johnathan, 19 years of age at the time, plunged into poverty. Kevin's bakery had been repossessed by the village people and knocked down to make room for more houses. With no marketable skills, Johnathan began his journey to Kaeiyr in an attempt to find a job and make a name for himself. He never did. Instead, he failed in his attempts to find work and to get a foothold and plunged further into poverty. The fine clothes, which he had purchased in order to turn over a new leaf, slowly deteriorated. His face, over time, became hairier and hairier, but provided warmth during the colder nights living on the streets. For years, Johnathan has lived in extreme poverty, only good at a few things - stealing and breaking into things, both skills he adapted in order to ensure he does not starve or freeze to death.

    Example of Daily Interactions:

    ** Johnathan breaking into a home. **

    The night is dark and a light rain sprinkles the streets of Kaeiyr. The moonlight dimly lights the streets, casting enormous shadows which lay into the alleys. Quietly, Johnathan Blackwater walks through the streets, inconspicuously. His clothing wreaks of manure as if he hasn't had a bath in weeks. His feet, covered in rags, are torn and blistered with a minor case of trench foot inching up his left foot.

    Johnathan waits quietly in the dark alley as the guards parade past, patrolling for criminals to arrest and vagrants to harass. He rustles a few blades of grass as he moves forward from his position, approaching a window. The house above is lit well with light flooding out of the window. From his position, he is not visible to the people inside. He ducks down below the windowsill, gripping a medium-sized rock. Eyeing the guards down the street, he throws the rock through the window. A high-pitched shrill breaks the silence of night and the guards jog down the streets, drawing their weapons. Johnathan, by the time of the guards' arrival, has already disappeared.

    The guards turn on their heels after speaking with the family inside the home. Johnathan watches closely from the distance as the guards take their leave and return to their posts. Slowly, after confirming that the guards were not watching, Johnathan lifts himself up to the window, observing the family inside as the father comforts the shaken mother of the home. The father looks up to his son, commanding the small boy to go to sleep. The son nods and begins ascending the stairs with his father following close behind, gripping the mother's shoulders in comfort. The family retreats to their upstairs sleeping quarters - this is Johnathan's chance. Johnathan carefully picks up a metal rod and inserts it into the broken window, carefully knocking out the broken pieces of glass. He carefully climbs into the home through the window, then makes for a chair by the home's fireplace.

    He sits down within the chair, curling up by the warmth of the fire. Just then, looking to the left, Johnathan notices the house mother staring at him, speechless and frozen. Johnathan looks at the woman, opening his mouth but unable to make any sound. The silence is broken once again by a spine-curling scream. Guards from the street rush into the room to notice Johnathan. The guards confront Johnathan sternly.

    Guard Taylor: You! What are you doing in here? You're not supposed to be here.
    Guard George: Explain yourself! Now!

    Suddenly, George draws his weapon, his action soon-after repeated by Taylor. The two guards stand menacingly, looking at the vagabond, Johnathan, with distaste. Johnathan rises from the chair, scratching his dirty, dried-up hair and itching his beard for a moment. He reaches into his pocket, his movements carefully monitored by the guards. Quickly, Johnathan removes a dinner roll from dinner past and throws it at the guards while making a quick motion toward the broken window. He dives through the window, catching an edge of broken glass as he does so. Landing on his feet in the alley, Johnathan grabs his side, which had been cut by the glass during the dive. Following close behind, the guards chase after Johnathan, who hobbles due to the cut above his hip. Suddenly, Johnathan trips over a rock. Time seems to go extremely slowly for Johnathan as he plummets down toward the earth beneath his feet. Johnathan's face connects with the cold, hard ground and he goes unconscious. The guards, directly behind Johnathan, move in to detain him. After putting their weapons away, they move in and shackle Johnathan behind his back, awkwardly, then carry him off to the nearby guard outpost.

    After an hour or so, Johnathan wakes up. Guard Taylor, looking upon Johnathan, shouts out to another guard down the hall, "Oi! He's waking! Git the cap'n!" Guard Randolph runs off to retrieve the Captain. Guard Taylor looks down upon Johnathan with a grin, gripping a studded blackjack in his hand. Guard Taylor swings the Blackjack at Johnathan, thwacking him in the arm. Johnathan yelps out in pain as the Guard repeats his brutality over and over.

    Johnathan shouts out impulsively, "What you want?" Johnathan struggles to get free, noticing he has been tied to the chair and his feet have been shackled. He glances around the room, which appears to be a dark, cobblestone dungeon with little light other than an old candelabra in the corner. "I don't know nuttin'! Leave me alone!"

    The guard smirks, then swiftly looks to his right while dropping the blackjack to the floor. Johnathan looks to the doorway where the Guard Captain stands. Fearfully, Johnathan shuts his mouth and looks upon the Captain, who takes several steps in Johnathan's direction. Each sound of the Captain's metal-bottomed boot echoes down the hall and bounds off of the walls. The Captain raises his hand to Johnathan, who flinches, shutting his eyes and gritting his teeth in preparation for another strike. The Captain, instead of hitting Johnathan, reaches down to Johnathan's cuffed hands with a key, releasing the cuffs. He speaks solemnly, "I'm sorry these men brutalized you. You're free to go." A million thoughts race through Johnathan's head and a million phrases queue themselves to be said to the Captain, but no words can be produced. Instead, Johnathan rushes for the door, not realizing his feet are still cuffed. Familiarly, he plummets toward the earth, but is caught by the muscular Captain, who lifts Johnathan to his feet. "Careful there, citizen," the Captain speaks humbly. "Taylor, unshackle him and ensure he's well-fed in the Barracks. When you're finished, come see me in my office- and bring George."

    (( I got a little carried away with the story thing. ))
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    Greetings MinecraftForums! Xenos MC is currently looking to hire a new wave of moderators. With a rapidly growing player base and a new, better-than-ever server to watch over, we are in dire need of good, well-trained moderators who are willing to help.

    If you are looking to become a server moderator, please fill out the form below and post it in a reply to this thread. If we decide that your application is good and we feel that you are worthy of the position, we will contact you with more information.

    Moderator Recruitment closes September 20th, 2013.
    [b]Minecraft Name:[/b] Answer here
    [b]Skype ID:[/b] Answer here
    [b]Age:[/b] Answer here
    [b]Country:[/b] Answer here
    [b]Timezone (ex: GMT +2):[/b] Answer here[/center]
    [b]How long do you spend playing Minecraft each day/week?:[/b]
    [*] Answer here
    [center][b]How do you deal with problems as a moderator? How would you deal with rulebreakers?[/b]
    [*] Answer here
    [b]Have you had any experience with another server as a Moderator? Are you currently a staff member with another server?:[/b]
    [*] Answer here
    [center][b]Would you be willing to help with any other aspects of the server? (building, coding/development, testing, etc.):[/b]
    [*] Answer here
    [b]Extra Information:[/b]
    [*] Answer here

    If your application is accepted by the Global Moderator and Admin Teams, you will be given the permissions of a Trial Moderator for 30 days. We will evaluate you during these 30 days and determine if you are fit to be a moderator. If you don't do well at any point, we will just remove you from the team.

    Skype is required. If accepted, you must sign up on our website: xenos-mc.net
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    Signature set.
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    Updates - 6/19/2013
    • Silver Premium Members will now have access to Create-a-Guild once the Guilds Update for the server comes along. Guilds will have a lot of special permissions on the server including the opportunity to do contract kills and earn tons of money doing guild assignments. Guilds will also be purchasable for 500 in-game gold (which is subject to change). Silver Premium Members will not lose their guild leader status once their premium membership expires.
    • Premium Members will have their premium status for one month. Instead of being demoted back to "regular player" after a month, they will get access to the VIP permissions group. VIP has a few less permissions than Bronze Premium, but still more than Player.
    • Builder applications will no longer be handled on the website. If you are only applying for Builder, you can apply on this forum. You will be contacted by our Head of Mapping.
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    [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]FORUM | WIKI | DYNMAP[/font]

    What is World of Azaria?
    [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]World of Azaria is an ambitious new project that has been in careful development for the last three months. With a team of highly knowledgeable staff members, we have worked to create the most sound roleplaying experience possible. By creating a carefully concocted balance between RP and RPG, we have created an experience which is fun for both roleplayers and PVP addicts.[/font]

    Our map is completely custom-made using WorldPainter. The total size of the map is over 8000 blocks in each direction. We've even checked to see how long it takes to get from one end to the other - 80 minutes if you're walking non-stop. But, we have also balanced this to make it easier to get from place to place. By using in-game currency, you can travel quickly from one city to another without having to walk.

    [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]Right now, we are working hard to create an enormous map which is comprehensive and detailed as well as awe-inspiring for the players. We are looking to create a roleplaying environment unlike any other seen before.[/font]

    [font=trebuchet ms, helvetica, sans-serif]How do I sign up?[/font]
    If you want to play on the server, you'll need to register on our forums and create a character. Once you have registered on the site, you will be able to post an application for a character. In your character application, create an interesting character that you wish to play as and that you think would fit into the world.

    Currently, we support four main races and one premium race. Our main races are Human, Dwarf, Orc, and Elf. Our premium (donation) race is Draconic Human.

    We also support many tiered player builds. When you join the server for the first time, you will have the chance to choose your class - Warrior, Scout, or Mage. These are the most basic classes we have and they do not initially have a lot of abilities. However, as you level up, you'll unlock powerful new spells for use in PVP.

    Builder Application
    [b]IGN: [/b]ANSWER
    [b]Name: [/b]ANSWER
    [b]Age: [/b]ANSWER
    [b]Skype: [/b]ANSWER
    [b]Timezone: [/b]ANSWER

    Character Application

    [b]I. Personal Information[/b]
    Where did you hear about A:RP?:
    Did you read the rules of A:RP?:
    [b]II. Character Information[/b]
    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Character Appearance:
    Character Origin:
    Character Personality:
    Character Alignment:
    Character Background (Requires 2 paragraphs).
    [b]III. Questionnaire[/b]
    List some roleplaying terms and what they mean. Give examples for each.
    What are the policies on crime roleplay (robbing, scamming, rape, etc.)

    But, what if I don't want to PVP?
    That's perfectly fine, this is primarily a roleplaying server. We allow the players to agree on which kind of combat that want to do - RP fight or PVP fight. By default, if players in a fight don't want to PVP, it is an RP fight that is required.

    Joining the Staff Team
    There are no in-game requirements to become a staff member. If you think you have what it takes to help out and really make a difference (every little bit helps), feel free to apply for staff here.
    We are currently looking for:

    Application Moderators (A:RP Tester)
    Forum Moderators (A:RP Tester)
    Content Team / Lore Writers (A:RP Tester)
    Builders (A:RP Tester)
    Plugin Developer (A:RP Developer)

    Three donation levels - special permissions (including Create-a-Guild)

    Comprehensive Guild Permissions system

    In Progress: 100% Custom Script (rolling launch)

    Comprehensive Lore with Cities

    8000x8000x256 blocks of custom mapping!

    Dedicated support team

    Lore which is influenced by the players' actions (and guided by a dedicated lore team)

    This is the basic summary of our lore. The full story (and updated stories) can be found on our wiki.

    Long ago, there was a massive amount of magical energy roaming aimlessly through the universe. These magical energies were known as gods. In their intangible form, they were powerless. However, over time, they gained tangible forms and thus increased in power. Depending on the type of magical energy they were composed with, the first gods had different powers which made them into the champions of a specific type of magic.
    Each god sat upon a throne within their own realm of Vordalis. Each god, using their specific type of magic, forged a piece of paradise within Vordalis. In the center of Vordalis, a great city of magical energy was erected. Later named Vordalis Major, this city became the bridge to the mortal world.

    The mortal world, through Vordalis Major, was created using enormous amounts of energy during a battle between the different magical gods. In their fight, they crossed magical essences and the pure magical presences of water, fire, earth, and air. The result was the mortal world which possessed each of the elements in abundance. Instead of being single, isolated kingdoms of magic, the mortal realm was a combined kingdom of all types of magic.

    The First Men were created by the champion of the mortal realm in approximately 4352 BCE. Created in the image of the gods, there were small groups of each race to begin with. Over time, the numbers grew naturally into what they are today.

    For the first 142 years, Azaria was in a state of establishment. Darkcrest, having been founded only recently, was being built and established as the center of life on the continent. Azar II ruled as the chief of the group known as the Azarians. The civilization was not advanced in technology by modern standards, but it was the leading power in the area.

    Over a century ago, Azar claimed the land and territory of Azaria in his own name in order to maintain peace and order throughout his kingdom. He had travelled far and settled deep in order to be able establish the colony of Darkcrest.

    However, the past of this new continent had yet to be discovered by foreign eyes and an ancient evil stirred beneath the depths of soil and stone that laid below.

    Darkened souls that had remained in slumber for years that could not be counted felt, and tasted the pressence of life that festered in the air above them.

    With dark tallons, they made there way to the surface, picking at the gravel that blocked their path, craving the taste of flesh and soul.

    At long last, they penetrated the ground and the skies turned dark as people would scream and cower in fear from the gaze that scanned the landscape, for these beings were not near the things of nightmares.

    One by one, the towns-folk of Darkcrest were picked off. They were stripped from either flesh or soul, and given the task of plaguing the darkness for what was left of eternity.

    Azar panicked and tried to turn to a higher power. He pleaded and begged but the gods feared to answer his call as these creations came not from them.

    However, this did not mean that they would not provide as much assistance as they could possibly muster. One of the gods streched out his arms and grabbed the boundries of the stars and pulled them inwards, like a soiled canvas, and disperssed them into the world below.

    Constellations flew and darted, and some of them were enough to bring back most of the un-dead spawn. Through the constellation of the ranger, marksman, rogue, mage, and warrior, heros pulled their bodies off of the ground, and stood ready to fight with however much longer their will-power would last. And this will-power lasted for many years to come.

    They fought bravely, side by side, and pushed these beings back into the darkness, the crevices, the cracks of solitude below, and there they remained banished.

    These heroes stood valiant amongst the towns-folk as they recieved rewards and riches, only to turn them down for a simple life. Each of them took on a spouse, and of course a family, and over time this family grew.

    Now, spread throughout the land of Azaria, the houses of the original heroes stand, and their deciples within them.

    Until 312 CE, the continent was being discovered by many explorers. These explorers, initially sent out in every direction from Darkcrest, settled in various spots. Many of these spots became key installations in modern civilization while many others failed.

    Vordalis, sometimes referred to as the Spirit Realm, is the final resting places of posthumous souls and spirits. Made from pure energy, the realm was once inhabited by the Old Gods before they were overthrown by the Mortal Heroes. Upon death, the Mortal Heroes passed on to the center ring of Vordalis and began erecting their cities of righteousness.

    When a person dies and their soul is released, it is transported to Vordalis for judgment at Vordalis Major. From there, powerful spirit mages are able to classify the soul into its proper ring based on the purity of the soul. Based on actions taken during life, a soul is classified into one of the Rings of Vordalis. The rings closer to Vordalis Major, which is located in the center of Vordalis, are considered to be more pleasurable for those who inhabit them. The rings on the outside of Vordalis, like Solus, are rings of punishment. Currently, there are five rings, however there were thirty-six at one point.
    Souls are able to travel to any ring lower than their ring, but cannot travel up unless they are classified into a higher ring. For example, a soul assigned to Vordalis Minor can travel to to Solus and back up to Vordalis Minor, but cannot pass into Vordalis Major due to the warding spells.

    Vordalis Major is the first ring of Vordalis. The first ring is for the purest of souls. Those who save lives and fight their hardest to preserve the mortal races of Azaria are given the privilege of staying in the best of the rings after death. Vordalis Major consists of the most peaceful environment available to souls after death.

    Vordalis Minor is the second ring of Vordalis. Vordalis Minor is the place for those who have not been perfect during life but have not been evil. Those who were generally good people during life are given the privilege of staying in Vordalis Minor, a ring which is protected by the Heroic Wards.

    Vordalis Sumas is the third ring of Vordalis, protected by the Heroic Wards. It is the place where neutral souls are sent. Those who were neither evil nor good are sent to Sumas to roam.

    Vordalis Magnas is the fourth ring of Vordalis, home of those who were minorly evil in life. Mortals which did evil things during life are forced to endure minor punishments in undeath while they roam Vordalis. Magnas is not protected by the Heroic Wards, as evil souls are not of equal value as good souls to the heroes which rule over Vordalis.

    Vordalis Solus is the final ring of Vordalis which still exists. Solus is the home of those who were corrupt or evil during life. Those who murdered others unjustly or did things which compromised mortality. They are forced to endure constant punishment for their crimes during life. Adding to this, they are also faced with the threat of permanent destruction by the encroaching corruption.

    When the Mortal Heroes died, their spirits passed on to Vordalis. Upon passing to Vordalis Major, the spirits of the three heroes organized a coup to take over Vordalis Major. In a long series of wars known as the Spirit Wars, the heroes fought valiantly for control of Vordalis. Eventually, they achieved victory and drove the gods out of Vordalis and into the void. Putting up a series of massive shields, known as the Heroic Wards, they were able to keep all corruption out of Vordalis for an extended period of time.
    Starting about three hundred years ago, the gods began their second assault on Vordalis. By combining their powers, they were able to create Magical Essence. Using this Magical Essence, they were able to create a new type of creature known as the Corruptor. The Corruptors, led by the former gods of the Azaria and Vordalis, began an enormous assault on the wards from every direction. The shields, unable to withstand the massive amount of corruption and shadow energy, receded slowly toward Vordalis Sumas. The Heroes, in response to this attack, strengthened the shields without expanding them to the edges of Vordalis again. These shields became nearly indestructible upon strengthening.

    After the shields had receded, the corruptors began their final advance on Vordalis Major by slowly eating away at Vordalis from the outside in. Their final goal, which will take hundreds of years, is to corrupt Vordalis entirely so the Old Gods can create a new spirit realm in place of the current one.

    [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]Our map is over 8000 blocks in each direction. While it's impossible to show you every single inch of the map, here are just a few screenshots of our completely custom landscape.

    The Red Mountains. Located in the Northeastern Corner of the World of Azaria, the Red Mountains are the home of many tribal orc cultures. After the dispersion from Darkspire, many orcs travelled to the mountains and made villages on the sides of mountains. The area is rich in clay and minerals, but is very cold due to the high altitude. Many parts of the Red Mountains are above the clouds.

    The Crystal Caverns. The goal of every miner is to find the Crystal Caverns beneath the Red Mountains. The Crystal Caverns are a network of caves and runnels which stretch across the entire world. Filled with an amount of ore and gems beyond belief, this cavern has been written off as a myth by many, but few still strive to find it and claim its riches.

    The Arid Wastes.Long ago, during the spirit wars, this part of the world was stripped of all nutrients and materials. Now one of the harshest places to live in, this region only consists of sand, dead grass, and dead trees. The souls of those who died in the spirit wars are still humming in this region. Many, because of this, believe this region to be the closest bridge between Azaria and Vordalis, the spirit realm.

    Fallon's Pike. This island is home to Fallon's Brigade, the resistance group which is fighting against the alleged tyranny of the Northern Alliance. Owned solely by High Lord Wes Fallon, the island is constantly patrolled by the many contingents of his private army.

    Meet the Team

    Descent, Lead Administrator

    ItsDarius, Senior Administrator

    Francesca, Senior Administrator

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    Heavy RP Experience | 100% Custom | Now Recruiting Staff

    What is World of Azaria?
    World of Azaria is a new server which has been in soft development for 2 months by a team of six dedicated people. Now that summer is approaching, we're ready to release our idea to the public. We are currently looking for people to help build one of the most intense roleplay servers out there.

    What are we looking for?
    We are currently looking for people who can build, write, and do other things to help out. We have enough programmers, but if you're talented, contact us and we'll see how you can help with the script development. Builders are really needed right now - we have just received our development server just for building and we need some help with filling up the land.

    Custom? You mean you made one plugin to call it custom, right?
    Wrong. This server has been under development for 2 months now. During this time, a series of plugins have been developed just for this server. We will not be using iConomy, Shop plugins, CommandBook/Essentials, or even Permissions. We have written a set of permissions, economy, shopping, command, admin, and world generation plugins just for this server. The only pre-made plugins we will be using are WorldEdit and WorldGuard (which will both be phased out after the server is released).

    What do I get in return?
    If you help us out now, when we really need the help, you will receive Tester status when the server releases. You will have limited administrator permissions and a Control Panel account. You will get all of the updates before they are released to the players and you may receive a bit of money from the donation fund if you're good at what you do.

    DescentDesigns, Executive Administrator (Skype: itzfusiionx)
    Supervolcity, Executive Administrator (Skype: supervolcity)
    How do I join the project?
    Add itzfusiionx and supervolcity on Skype. From there, we will talk to see if you have what it takes. Builders don't need screenshots to join.
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    Agreed. I'm sure there are mods to make it easier.
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    posted a message on Suspension request thread

    3 day I believe
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    posted a message on Auto-Download Mods
    Before someone says it, I know Spoutcraft already does something like this.

    I believe that the default minecraft client should auto-install advanced client-side mods that are installed on the server. I have an idea of how it would work.

    In the .minecraft folder, there would be a /mods/ directory. In this directory' root, there would be a text file called register.txt - on each line of this text file would be the name of one mod. Then, a directory would be created in the mods folder for every mod that is listed in the register file.

    On the server-side, a similar system would be used. The files for the mods would be downloaded from a similar registration-based system with individual folders. When downloaded, the class files for the mods would be put into the folders corresponding to their specific mod within the .minecraft/mods/ folder.

    The class files from the mods folder would then be available for use by the client at any time during the operation of the client. For example, if a server with a certain mod calls the method ModClientManager.installMods(String modWgetUrl), the files within minecraft.jar would first be searched. If there was no class file with that method within minecraft.jar - it would search the mods directory for a modded class file which fits the need of the queued event.

    This would essentially download class files and add them to the disposal of the client.
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