About Me
Ello! As you may have noticed, I am currently working on a texture pack called "Legenda Realismus",latin for "Legend of Realism" The textures (I think) are looking great so far, for the theme of the pack is RPG realistic, hints "legend" and "realism". I would like it if you could help me with this pack please, and see what you think of it.

How I started
    Well, I started when my cousin introduced me to this blocky game. "It's called Minecraft,"she said,"and it's so fun! You can pretty much do whatever you when you want, and it's really fun!" "Really?" I said, doubting her (I was about 9 or 10 years old at the time.)"Why would someone want to play a game like that? Just look at it, the graphics suck, there's literally no point to the game, and your character looks like a derp!" "Well why don't you try and play." she said. "Ok, fine." She introduced me to the controls, how to move, break blocks, etc. My opinion changed after I started to move around and get used to the game, and I was hooked. That's when I started playing, but I didn't get the game until 1.0.0 came out.Then after getting 1.4.7, I decided the textures where getting REALLY boring, and I wanted to make a texture pack of my own, thus the one above.

(see interests below)
Interests -Minecraft of course -League of legends. Volibear is freakin' awesome btw. -Magic: The Gathering. Fav. Colors: Red & White (and a little bit of green) -Camo stuff -Metroid -Legend of Zelda -And other junk

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Minecraft _t_b_1 Xbox Don't have one.