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    I see goodbye posts now I think it's respectful that I post mine. Some of you know me as Yellowfinz when I first joined lockdown two years ago I had a dream of becoming something great in the server I accomplished the impossible I've made friends Ive made enemies I've made games I gave back to the community. When I first met Lillie when she was a chatmod I was just so intreged because she made me smile made me laugh and we had a lot of good times together. I want to thank MsV for being there for me When I needed her I want to thank you for giving me a chance at being staff. I dreamed the Dream MsV and I accomplished that dream because of Lockdown because of all of you. Unfortunately some of you know I had to leave because I joined the United States Army and I had to move on in life I am now living the dream and I'm hapoy because you all made that happen. The reason I joined lockdown was because I wanted to make new friends and just be loved by a community I havent had a lot of friends when I was growing up but some of you may not know the girl that I first loved and was my best friend and basically my sister she died at the age of 14 and my life turned completely to darkness and I hated it I started staying inside all day not talking to anyone and just played games I didn't see the light of day I barely talked to my family and I barely even tried anymore I thought my life was ruined it was life that for four years throughout high school it seems as if I make friends and they suddenly just die the next year Ive lost 8 friends in the past 6 years just recently lost one three days ago but when I was alone in a different country I thought of my best friend and my other deceased friends and mostly I thought about all of you on Lockdown Prison I thought about what you were doing I thought about if you missed me as much as I missed all of you Im sorry for all the trouble I caused when I was playing Im sorry for leaving you when you needed me the most I will always Love each and everyone of you individuals I fight for you and I fight for them. Saltcore I love you so much you cutie. And I ove you Lillie! I will always be a Prisoner on LockdownPrison. Ive heard you are starting a network and I have more time on my hands and I would definitely come back if you allow me to. You've all changed my life and made a huge impact on it. Can't forget will and merajur you both were my best friends ever we have had a lot of good times together and I'm happy that we did I will always love you guys like brothers.

    Feel free to message me on skype and reconnect: Blacksun8814
    Steam: Blacksun8814 or Negimong

    Sincerely Chris (Yellowfinz)

    Long Live Lockdown Prison!
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    Quote from Merajurr

    Even though you are incorrect on most things you are claiming you are correct on, Nate, I shall remove the banners and videos you have created for the server from voting sites. Please allow for a few days for this update to take place, thank you.


    Legendary birds on the buycraft store have been reduced (AGAIN) to $20, whilst Mew has been added for $30! The donor ranks are also coming out later, priced between $20 to roughly $80!

    If you don't feel like buying a Mew for $30, then you could vote instead, as Mew has now been added as a lucky vote reward! It'll be rare to get him, but quite easily obtainable for the dedicated player! Other things alongside Mew have been added as a lucky vote reward, such as a Fossil Token, a 'raining perk' (you get lots of money), a lot of food, and more! Use /vote to get the links of the voting websites and vote to have a chance of obtaining sweet stuff!
    First prison now pixelmon loving it :)

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    Quote from XjoewX247

    You've come to the right place Joe I'm sure some of our community members will be posting soon about their hosting websites and plans, GB space ect. Have a great night!
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    Quote from KJL3

    I am wanting to buy a Minecraft Realm, but is it just a server with a whitelist that is not a Bukkit so you can do cool things? I thought it was.... whitelist....Vanilla......no plugins.....no cool stuff...........no mods........no warps.........not a normal server. What is it?
    Minecraft realm is:
    • Minecraft Realms is a work-in-progress feature that allows players to create and manage their own private server without prior knowledge of the concepts for hosting on the internet.

    Realms is a service that can only be used by players with the following requirements:
    • You must have a Mojang Account
    • You must have a premium copy of Minecraft
    • You must have a working internet connection
    • System Requirements:
      • Windows, Linux, or Mac
      • Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 64 (KB) 2.6GHz
      • 2 GB RAM
      • 150 MB HDD
      • GeForce 200 Series or equivalent
      • Java (Java SE 6 Update 32, or Java SE 7 Update 4 or newer)
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    Guess who's back Yellowfinz is Joining back on Lockdown.

    Wanna tell you all about the new improved Yellowfinz. I talked to MsV and I missed her and everyone else.

    1. FudgeThe YellowfinzFoudation (No More Events will be held or giveaways).

    2. I must not ever lie, Abuse, scam,hack,Yell,At any players staff or anyone Else.

    3. I'm a Guy, I fooled you all from the start except Salt she knew and so did MsVerita.

    4.MsVerita Unban me after you get ur pizza Girl :D CAN YOU UNBAN THE ONE AND ONLY YELLOWFINZ.


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    Quote from JackBooz

    Added. As of now I have one interested. Anyone else?
    me I wanna see pictures though
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    Quote from MsVerita

    Haplo and mediarocker are my technical "on call" guys. I have an issue, I make a phone call, issue taken care of. Gotta love em!
    I do love them I payed media 1.60 cents on lockdown to buy a coke and drink it since he dun good lol.
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    Quote from Squirtle

    Hi guys, i have good and bad news.

    Good news is its my birthday and yellowfinz is getting all my donations. YES, im giving her my donations i have on lockdown.

    Bad news is that i officially have departed from lockdown and wont be joining back ever again, so you wont see me playing there.

    The reason i have decided to quit is that i dont like the new rules and some of the staff and how the server is turning out.

    I'd like to thank msverita for being so nice and being the most supporting friend. We have had so many memories and hope to see you on another server one day. goodbye and thankyou for the times

    I'm gonna miss you by why did you pick me to have it all :(
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    Quote from oogleboogle

    IGN: Backstabber2812

    Age: 15

    Time Zone: GMT +11

    Do you understand the rules?: Yes. I have read and I understand all rules.

    What times will you be available to be online?: I can be available 8:00am – 10:00am and 5:00pm – 7:00pm every weekend

    Can you be online during weekends? (Friday- Sunday): Yes. I can be online Saturday and Sunday (sadly not Friday).

    Current Rank: Veteran

    Are you staff on any other server? Yes. I am a Warden on Mineville Detention Center, was an A-Guard on Killion and a Mod on Tecticraft.

    Why should we pick you: I believe I am suitable for the Moderation role for a number of skills I have:

    • I am always honest

    • I have a sharp eye on chat

    • I have a high level of maturity

    • I am patient

    • I am respectful

    • I follow rules

    • I do not misuse commands

    • I have a logical but creative mentality

    • I have experience in Moderation

    • I am organized

    • I am never biased

    I believe these skills are needed to be a Moderator. I am always honest in in both life and in-game. I have excellent leadership skills that I can use to help new players and guide them if they are in-need of help. I have a great habit of answering questions as well.

    I am also really passionate about becoming a Moderator. Personally I am a mature, fair, helpful, responsible and an honest person more than happy to contribute in a positive manner to the community. I will never misuse my powers and I will help enforce all rules to the community.

    To be honest, I am not fast nor slow at typing. I can type at a moderate speed but I don’t really see a difference to the outcome of the question or the comment because at the end, it will be answered or told. I will respect all players and follow all rules without misusing Moderator commands. I am fair but if needed, I will take action. I have a logical but creative mentality that will help me make decisions by following the rules and at the same time asking myself should I take action or not.

    My Objectives if I become a Chat Mod:

    • Maintain a clean chat

    • Help players around and guiding them by answering questions

    • Creating a happy community

    • Taking care of rule breakers

    I have great knowledge about how the Server operates and I know how to moderate and manage situations as I am doing a 200 hour management course at school. I will be on the Server moderating at least 8 hours a week. I will also dedicate myself to the server (already am). I am never biased and I will always stay neutral in conversations.

    I am familiar and I understand all the Server Rules and I also am familiar with Moderator plugin commands as I have been Warden/Admin/Mod on other Servers. I know the job of a Moderator is to assist Wardens and balance their workload with us and I shall complete whatever is thrown at me. I have a great ability with dealing with the chat.

    Extra Information: Not will I only help and assist people on the Server, but as Mod I will help and assist people on the forums and guide them around. I am up to date with rules and the system and I know what is going on around. I know all rules, therefore I can answer questions appropriately.


    From Merajurr (Warden):

    From Yellowfinz (Mod):

    Thank you for taking your time and reading through my Moderator Application and considering me for the Chat Mod Role! :)
    Your welcome good application ;)
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    Quote from xGun

    Great Video. Looks good. The best part is mehere at the end just swimming up through the water.
    Your all CRAZY in a good way though :P.
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