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    Quote from zodathria

    (this is a suggestion not actually facts)

    First Patch upgrades 3 things

    Silver Vien's added -

    When Mining Silver Veins you get 4 silver dust per deposit + experience. rarely more then gold. weapon's and tool's made by silver automatically deal more damage to undead. silver dust can also be used some potion's as substitute for other hard to get mats. Silver Blocks. very pretty nice shine to them. has more bluish tilt like iron look with glitter has more smoother like snow block look

    I'm fine with this, Seems fairly balanced. However what potion and materials?

    Witches - Killing Witches cause them to randomly drop crystal shards - 9 crystals shards make a "fine crystal" Fine crystals can also be colored by dye's just like . there great item decoration. made to make silver golden chandelier's watch if powered by redstone they light up a massive 30 blocks when hanging from celling. ment for those more exquiste massive homes. without scattering torchs everywhere

    Seems like a rather hard to get item considering how powerful witches are, Perhaps natural crystal and crafting with like redstone?

    Second Patch

    Silver Moon/Golden Moon Crystal Set - Tools and Armor/Bows -

    This set cannot be enchanted anymore then it already is cause has most powerful 3 enchants in the game.

    Upon Making it has
    Undestrictable - Silver or Golden Moon Items have infinite durability ((have same mining and cutting speed as iron cant mine obidian))
    Undying - dont lose these items when you die they stay on your charater
    Crystal Power - Deals more + 1 more damage on single target for everytime you hit them works on
    Illuminatus Shots - You deal 4+ additional damage to undead and and your arrows can flare up dark rooms by forming into a torch when they miss. no longer needs arrows to fire cause shoots arrows made of light
    Crystal Defensive - every 30 seconds cooldown - your armor will put up defensive bubble around you giving you 1+ heart of health for each crystal type gear you have max 3 hearts - the boots
    Pegasus's heels - Only on the boots your movement speed is increased by 10% and you take no damage from falling
    Getting Full set gain - Luminated bonus enchant - means that your charater lights up like a torch! so no longer then torchs . making you movable torch
    Diamond Armor - Still gives more protection. Diamond Weapons still do more damage. and you can enchant them how you see fit. with Silver/Golden moon you cant but still

    indeed it is powerful however it hardiest flipping set to get . silver is more powerful then the golden but silver extremely rare nether ore. witchs do not drop there crystals -easyily every 20 witchs you kill they have a chance to drop 1 crystal shard

    Nope. Hands down nope. Anything infinite falls under 'OP' period no matter how expensive it is.
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    Quote from DoubleTake8

    NO SUPPORT. If you want technology like this in MC sticking out like a sore thumb, do it in a mod.

    Technology that sticks out like a sore thumb? I'm sorry but in a game with a poor remake of the steam engine and a record player both of which we're invented after the cannon I'd say this would fit just fine. And unlike guns this would not result in making other weapons useless.

    As for the original poster, 10 blocks is the range of throwing a potion, I would suggest the increments are 20, 40, and 60 instead with the option of angling the mortars for these ranges or allowing more gun powder for different ranges. Also a direct aim option that let's you rotate it freely to aim any direction.
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    posted a message on Idea for villagers
    Yeah...*Finally I have compleated a town for all of the- 6 more villagers pop up* OH WTFTSVDBKJSBFYUSGJK!! *Kill spree*
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    I would like to request a mod that creates Ore veins, How would these ore veins look?
    it would depend on what ore your talking about.

    Coal, Diamond - Would collect together in basicly a massive bowl made of coal, and at the center the would be diamonds.
    Iron, Gold - Would form in 3-6 block tall veins which are 2-6 blocks wide these would stretch for hundreds of chunks and fork off randomly(To create a more realistic miney feeling)
    Lapis, Redstone - Would form in kindof a sphere in the center with forks coming off, Lapis would randomly speck the redstone veins.

    I this is possible please make it, I really need one now.
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    So my sugestion is simple, allow snow to buildup more then this wimpy 1/4 block.

    So snow will slowly buildup when it is snowing it will go in this order:
    1/4 Block (Current)
    1/2 Block
    3/4 Block
    Full Block
    Then it repeats ontop of that.

    Now of course to prevent snow buildup from getting so large it builds a mountin of snow there will be a natural degrading so every X days 1/4 snow will be removed from the blocks but to make this a tad more realistic the less light and the lower the snow is the longer it takes to melt, also in a small area high up the snow takes longer to melt (Enough to cancel out the high light).

    So thats my idea in a nutshell any ideas? Comments? Possible Problems?
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    posted a message on Slaves?
    Minecraft is rated E
    People like you want to add **** like
    and a whole lot of other badly made **** that will drive minecraft too Teens - Mature
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    posted a message on Slime Upgrade
    Dont you all wish you could take a little slime, then nuture it and turn it into your EVIL MANAICAL MINNION DEMON SPAWN OF DEATH!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH I mean Pet, Perfect Pet in the whole world!
    Well I have a few sugestions on how to improve them!
    Bucket Slimes
    Simpily right-click a baby slime with a bucket, and you shall pick him up!, now you dont have to wait for him and protect him while he is following you up ladders and such! (Also when you bucket a tiny slime he becomes a tamed slime)
    Feeding Your Slime
    Slimes should be the waste-bins of the universe, when you right-click a slime with anything the slime shall ingest that object, and you shall watch it slowly disapate in an animation
    Now everytime you feed it, that counts to its next growth stage.
    Now to make it fair the growth stage shoudl be really hard to get (Like a 1000 dirt blocks to grow or something...)
    Sick em Slimey!
    When your slime gets big enuff he will go on his own to feed (As in he will Ingest any Mobs that come into contact with him except you, Also he will eat any wheat, surgar cane, Pumpkins, leaves, watermelons, and any other plant-like material hhe comes into coontact with)
    Too explain the reason for this lets go into a Text adventure with Steve!
    <Steve is walkng thorugh the forest with his Mega-Slime Pet, the slime is eating any materials it comes across for food>
    Steve: Boy its sure queit out today aint it slime-

    Steve: Thanks slimey!
    <Steve walks home and puts slimey in his kennel>
    Identifying your Slime
    Perhaps you are tired of same old green-slime
    well never fear!, simpily take any dye in the color of yoru choising and right-click yoru slime with it, then his goop will change to that color!

    Some ideas taken from
    -and a bunch of other old threads that I dont rememebr the names of or the creators

    Well thats all I can think of for now, Please support the Slime Effort!
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    posted a message on "Doesnt fit with setting" is overused and technology can enrich the world of Minecraft
    Quote from MrFreaky

    Just because its a sandbox game, doesn't mean there should be a whole lot of overpowered items/weapons. It needs balance to make it a fun experience. You can go on creative mode now and place as much cobblestone or TNT as you want, but people won't say that is overpowered because that is the point of creative mode. In survival, however, your first task is to survive, and so adding something overpowered like a machine gun would make it too easy to survive and the fun of shredding all those creepers would wear off quickly and the game would get boring.

    On topic:
    Saying it doesn't fit in with the setting should NOT be a warnable offence, BUT I don't think it gives people an excuse to dismiss the idea completely. Let me explain:
    Minecraft has its own fantasy-ish style, and by that I mean it doesn't just have modern technology like cars, electricity, guns, things like that; it turns those things into minecarts, redstone, bows and so on. That is the style Notch wants, and that is the style Minecraft has
    But still, if someone suggests an idea that you think doesn't fit, say so and explain why and most importantly try to think how their idea could be changed to fit into the theme.

    So perhaps just saying "omg noooo whats wrong with you it doesnt fit" should be warnable, but if the statement is backed up with an explanation and improvement suggestion then it should be fine and dandy.

    Aperantly you have never fired a gun..
    and how would it be over-powerd?
    *BAMBAMABAMAMAMAMAMA click, click* **** I ran out of bullets again! *reloads* click! *ABABAMAABAAM-* click click, **** RAN OUT OF BULLETS AGAIN! *Reloads, but finds no more bullets* CRAP! *runs otu for 3 hours making more bullets, runs back* AHHAHAHA I SHLAL KILL YOU ALLLZ! *reloads* ABAMABAAMBAMABMABMABAp- OH **** IT! *throws gun into Lava pool and walks off*
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    posted a message on Endermen should only be able to move blocks in the Ender
    No. Whats the fun if they can only manipulate **** in there own world?
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    posted a message on Endermen should fight in packs.
    Learn to use Iron Armor

    I personally like this, I think endermen shoudl be like zombie Pigmen, whne you attack they all Fight you

    Imagine your in the dark Endermen teleporting around you in a circle, Blocking you in!, Everywere you look Enderman Flash! Endermen!, You cant attack them all! You attempt to shoot but you miss! they hit! you lose alot of health!

    oh the excitment!
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