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    posted a message on [1.6.X] [Work In Progress] The Quizers! An adventure map made by RockStar44
    Hey, what's up guys! RockStar44 here, and today I'm bringing to you my new map. It is still a work in progress. Here's the story:

    A long time ago, there was a town called Quizland. People there liked to make quizzes for people from other places. Eventually, they got to a city called Cubyland. It was the most powerful city in Minecraftia. All the people from Quizland started to make quizzes for the people in Cubyland. Until RockStar44, Quizland's best quiz-maker, got seriously injured by a person that didn't want to answer his quiz. RockStar44 killed that person. Shortly after, he returned to Quizland. War begun between Quizland and Cubyland. The war started because the person RockStar44 killed was actually Cubyland's mayor. Against Cubyland, Quizland didn't stand a chance and it was completely destroyed. All the people in Quizland were killed by the people in Cubyland. Except RockStar44, that, with his magical powers, teleported to a distant, small village: Tesville. After a few days, RockStar44 saw a lot of people in Tesville that he had seen in Quizland before. He called them, and, the next day, they reunited and they formed a group called:

    The Quizers!

    In this map you'll have to go through all of the story shown above. It will be quite fun when it's done! I don't expect it to take too long to finish, as it's not going to be a TOO long map. This map will be the first of a series of maps: The Quizers! When I am finished making about 4 maps of these, I'll create a new forum thread called The Quizers Collection.

    There are no screenshots yet! Please wait until I'm about halfway through the creation of the map and I'll add some screenshots then.

    See ya later guys!
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    posted a message on Applying to be a moderator
    Quote from AnUnknownMiner

    Being a moderator is not a come-and-go thing. You have to be serious about what you wanting to be one (a Sectional Moderator). Although Citricsquid said that 1 hour per day is enough.


    Oh ok, if one hour per day is enough, I'll be fine :) And I'm pretty serious that I want to help the forums.
    Quote from beastman3226

    It may be closer to three months because you're not in the current batch. However, if you get accepted you are instantly a mod and no longer have to wait.

    Oh, right. Well, I'll have to play the waiting game now. And I thought you became a mod after the batch was finished!
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    posted a message on Applying to be a moderator
    Quote from Ivy

    This is nice, but again, these kinds of things are off-topic and don't really need to be said here.
    Oh ok. Sorry!
    Quote from Kokkuri

    Asking questions and publicly mentioning you applied does not speed up the process of getting reviewed. Please be prepared to wait up to two months.

    If you wish to understand more of how the application process works please read http://www.minecraft...4#entry18825954 (linked in the OP of this thread at the bottom).

    As a supplement to Ivy's response.

    Oh god, two months?! Even if I get accepted then, my vacations will end and I will have almost no time to moderate!
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    posted a message on Applying to be a moderator
    I just applied and I hope I'll get accepted. I want to contribute positively to the forums further, and I think this is a great opportunity for me to accomplish my dream of helping people. And sorry that I applied twice. Please ignore my first application; I modified it and, instead of modifying the current application, it made a new one. :( Anyways, I REALLY hope you'll accept me, and have an excellent day :)

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [Work In Progress] Super Mob Ambush! A map made by RockStar44
    Hey guys! RockStar44 here, and this time I bring to you...

    Super Mob Ambush!
    A MineCraft map made by RockStar44

    This map will be a mob arena-style map up to 4 players. If playing with only one player, it will be just that player fighting against 10 waves of zombies, skeletons, and spiders. If two people are playing, you will have two options. One is that the two players work together fighting against 15 waves of zombies, skeletons, and spiders. The other option is that the players will compete. The winner will be the one that can get the most waves cleared in 5 minutes. If playing with three or four players, it will be the same competition. This map is still a work in progress. Please wait until I'm finished making it.

    There are no screenshots yet! Please wait until I'm about halfway through the creation of the map and I'll add some screenshots then.

    -Really cool underground mob arenas surrounded in lava
    -Advanced redstone circuitry for maximum automation
    -Super enchanted armor available at the shops for taking almost no damage
    -Super enchanted weapons available at the shops to ice all of the mobs
    -More coming soon!

    Adding Zombie Pigmen - eyliue180 - Decision Pending
    Arena for each wave - eyliue180 - Denied
    PE version - eyliue180 - Denied


    If you REALLY want this map finished soon, put this signature on to bring more people here, and I'll get more feedback and suggestions, which will give me ideas to make this map better and the inspiration to finish it sooner!

    BB Code:

    Feedback much appreciated!
    I will also take suggestions and, if I decide to use your suggestion, I'll give you credits for the ideas!
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [Work In Progress] Super Mob Ambush! A map made by RockStar44
    First 10 people to comment giving me suggestions will get a PM with a download link for a singleplayer-only beta test version of the map!
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    posted a message on SurvivalCraft taking away Minecraft: Pocket Edition players?
    Quote from dlcoates1

    Here is my thought considering I own both games. Minecraft has it's perks, and survival craft has its own perks as well. However, I must say that survival craft is better. While minecraft pe is an original, the fact that survival craft has pretty much everything that MCPE has + more is what makes it better. The fact is, Survivalcraft has caves, stars, HD graphics with sun and moon with light changes on dusk/dawn, realistic shadows, realistic clouds, working electronics (version of redstone), painted wood, fire, built in texture pack changer/downloader, built in world downloader, infinate worlds, and much much more. I could go on, but there is just so much that it has, that MCPE does not because they feel it will make the game lag. I have an iPhone 4 that I run both on, and when I can run photorealism texture pack at 256x256, with a massive forest fire, while rendering chunks and while above a cave system, thats a massive calling saying hey MCPE, wake up, why do we have all this done when you dont? I get that jeb and them want to make MCPE good, but survival craft just came up and in 2 weeks, it's already great and beats MCPE by far. The only differences is that MCPE has armor, and a few other blocks. MCPE doesn't even have working redstone yet, but survivalcraft does. MCPE doesn't have caves, survivalcraft does. MCPE doesn't have have texture pack customization, survival craft does, and it even downloads and installs for you. MCPE does't have sun/moon/stars/realistic clouds or HD textures, survival craft does. See my point? MCPE has been out since last year, survivalcraft has not even been out 2 months. Not to mention it is cheaper by $4. Did I also mention it has horse riding and cattle herding? It has wearwolves, sharks, fish, birds, and many other things as well. Sorry, but while I do like MCPE, I love survivalcraft now. I was skeptical about it at first seeing as how it is a minecraft copy, but honestly it is basically a true port of PC version of minecraft for mobile devices. Try it, you will love it. No regrets
    Well, yeah dude, I've tried out both games and, I have to say, SurvivalCraft is much better than MCPE... I guess SurvivalCraft will soon much more popular than MCPE (or at least, eventually, or maybe it already is more popular...)
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    posted a message on Lighting Craft
    Hi! I'd like to join your server!

    White-list forum

    Multiplayer name: RockStar44

    Position I want: Co-Owner

    Age is confidential (Sorry! :( )

    Gender: Male

    Why I deserve this: Because I'm responsible, I have NEVER griefed before, I don't hack, I hate griefers and I never abuse power :)

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    posted a message on Coming Soon...- Server Oasis- 4 Great Servers- Survival, Craft Bros., Hunger Games, MindCrack PE- Get Whitelisted Today!

    Hi! My name is BackToTheFutureGamer and I'm new to the forums... I just came here, to this random post, hoping I could socialize and maybe make some friends... I hope someone will suddenly talk to me and I can make a few friends...

    Oh hello there! My name is RockStar44 and I'd like to be your friend! :D
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    posted a message on I wish I was a Minecraft noob again...
    Hey guys! RockStar44 here, and this time I just wanna tell you that I wish I wish I was a MC noob again.... I say this because when I was a noob, it was fun figuring out every single step of the game. Now, I know all the crafting recipes, I can build a mansion in, like, a day and a half, I know exactly what to smelt to get another thing, and now all I use MC for is to test out mods that I think are cool... Do YOU want to be a noob again??? Post it in the comments section!!!

    Cya later guys.
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