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    Quote from Keyguyperson

    ((Yes, this is too mass-effecty. This is not going to be a mass effect RP, you can have the reapers be from an alternate universe, but this does not take place in the mass effect universe. And the mass relays do not exist here. Sorry, it's just becoming too focused.))

    (Future Plot:)
    * Citadel is not a Reaper trap*
    * The Crucible is not needed as a last resort.

    Scientific Update
    Upon closer inspection, the Citadel is deemed safe for use. The 'Mass Relay' seems to be a powerful ion beam, and is under study. The alien that was in the hologram may have been talking about a different Reaper threat, or perhaps the hologram came from another universe and crashed on Junadias after going through the black hole.

    Military Update
    The Mhysi Intelligence suggest that the Reapers may be defeated if a coalition of the southern states came together as one to defeat the Reapers. Meanwhile, the New Asfan and Domino shipyards receive upgrades that allow them to churn out 300 units per month each.

    The military buildup is complete, but Fleetcom decides to reinforce the 3rd and 4th fleet first to 2000 units. This delays full-out war with the Geth by 3 months, and reinforce the 2nd fleet to 4500 units.

    This would mean the entire Mhysi invasion forces would total 195000 ships, with 13000 units under the Republic's command.
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    I can't see the videos...anyone else have this problem?
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    I'm confused on how to use everything now.
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    *creative mode....*

    but for survival, you'll just have to get between a creeper and a skeleton and hope for the best!
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    Really, really,
    it isn't that silly,
    I don't mind what you post,
    And you're not here to boast.
    This is a free space,
    (but you posted in the wrong place).
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    Quote from Vampiress

    learn more about minecraft? Learn more about posting in the right sections of the forum would be better..

    Mistakes are to be made in learning.

    Welcome! The wiki will tell you a lot about the game, in this forum will help with interactions of all sorts (mods, texture packs, servers, videos, creations, and more!) :tongue.gif:
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    One does not simply find a baby BEE alone.
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    I like music from the 70s

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    Quote from xXDXNooblyXDXx

    Why does your shirt change color?
    You naughty Steve...

    Multiplayer XD
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    This is how real men play it:

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