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1. A wonderful gif by Wadupman, which took him 2 hours (along with another one)

2. My current profile picture by kairus101

An NPC Village (MESANO FORT) I'm expanding and upgrading :

1. Here I've started on the wall, and a few small houses plus the tower (and put glowstone on all the roads, plus adding new roads)

2. Night view. By now the wall is taking shape, and there are two storeys. Only one side is near complete).

3. By now, that side of the wall is finished. It is armed with snow golems and rather secure. However, the dispensers don't do anything.

4. Added some deco. plus some more buildings (finished another side of the wall). Note there are now iron golems patrolling the village.

5. Right, I'm on 1.2.5, and worldedit is behaving like a wild horse, so progress is getting real slow. I've finished up the walls, added a little keep (the castle looking thing), more housing, glowstone on the roofs of houses, and a railway that goes to another village (the thing in the top-left corner).

6. Hurrah! Finally a new update, and a big one too. This is going to take quite a few screenshots. First though, a new look at the fort/village:

7. The walls got a major upgrade, now with flags and I'm working on the dispensers so they could actually fire.

8. The pig stables of Steve.

9. A 3rd fleet supply frigate along with the Mesano fort docking bay. 3rd fleet, you say. What's that? You'll see

10. I'm not just working on the fort now, I'm keen on building an entire city, block by block. The block of stone you saw outside of the fort in pic 5. is now the Mesano Archives Building (right), although it is still rather empty on the inside at present. That is the only building of present that I used worldedit on, although I did use worldedit to make the sandstone floor of the fort. The building on the left is the Mesano Botanical Gardens Building, which we'll see in a minute.

11. View from the top of the Archives Building.

12. View from the bottom of the Botanical Gardens Building.

13. Ground floor and water lift of the Botanical Gardens.

14. 2nd floor of the gardens: The wheat farms.

15. Top floor, trees for all seasons.

16. A small building: "Bob's pub n' Inn".

17. A topside view of the Mesano fort elders senate building.

18. An inside view of the elders senate building.

19. The building of enchanting.

20. The national senate building [WIP] (Note how the railway goes through the building)

21. Another view of the national senate building. Note the sister building planned. One building will be the upper house, the other for the lower house. The enchanting building is on the bottom centre for anyone who wanted to see the exterior of the said building.

22. The bottom floor of national senate building.

23. The lift of the senate buildings.

24. The Railway station inside the senate building [WIP]

25. The Gates of Mesano (District).

26. Topside view of the Gates of Mesano.

27. View that any normal villager would see when passing through (and looking up).

28. The Cyan Dye hotel [WIP]

29. The start of the 3rd fleet. When worldedit updates, I'll be duplicating them like crazy. An Octavian-Class light destroyer (front), a Huron-class gunship (behind), and a Rowan class fighter-bomber gunship (behind right).

30. The troop carrier capability of the Octavian class. The Octavian is adaptable to troop carrying, carrying 9 broadside cannons on each side, wing guns (2 each side), 1 frontward facing gun (each side), troop deploying and many others. The backbone of the 3rd fleet.

31. The bomb bay of the Octavian-class.

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