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    Here are my various mods. If you want an older version of any mod, I probably still have it on Dropbox; PM me and I can send you a link.

    Also, if you want to support my mods, but want to spend somebody else's money, feel free to use the adf.ly alternate links that I'm adding. Click the link, wait 5 seconds, then click "Skip Ad".

    Table of Contents:

    Major Mods, an API, and the SaveConverter
    Cubic Chunks (1.0.0 Test version)
    4096 BlockIDs (1.2.5; moved to its own thread)
    Creative Item Adding API (1.0.0)
    SaveConverter Tool (Standalone; MC version independant :D )

    Smaller-But-Useful Mods
    SandStoneConversionMod (1.2.5)
    RobintonsMobMod (1.0.0)
    Shaped Charges (1.2.5)
    Volcanoes (1.2.5)
    Flooded World (1.2.5)
    Coordinates Info Mod (1.2.5)
    Disappearing SmoothStone Mod (Beta 1.7.3)
    MobSpark Mod (1.2.5)

    Cubic Chunks: (ModLoader compatible) (Minecraft Forge V1.0.6 compatible)
    The sky is the limit in Minecraft, literally. So is Bedrock. Well, not any more. Introducing Cubic Chunks Mod!

    Here is a thread with lots of CC pics.
    Here is a thread that has a few CC videos. (More coming soon)

    A handful of pics:
    This mod expands the world to be 65504 blocks tall, almost 512 times larger than vanilla Minecraft (exactly 511.75). Build in infinite skies, tunnel down to the lava core, raid dungeons deep underground. The sky is no longer the limit: Infinite Minecraft awesomeness in Three Dimensions!

    If you want an example of what can be done with Cubic Chunks, check out ModernCraft City by nadine.

    This mod overwrites these files. (Note: this is an old list; I need to update it sometime.) This mod should be compatible with most mods, so long as they don't modify terrain generation or chunks. CoordsInfoMod is included with this mod, but you can ignore it if you want to.

    If you find any bugs, please post or PM me the crash report and what you were doing at the time. If Minecraft blackscreens and you can't see the crash report, go to your minecraft folder, and look for a file named "CubicChunksErrorFile.txt". That file should contain your crash report.

    MineCrak wrote a tutorial thread that contains lots of info on exactly how to install Cubic Chunks. If you're having installation problems, try his thread before posting.

    NOTE: make backups of your worlds! This mod automatically converts standard Minecraft worlds and YMod worlds (turning Bedrock in the bottom 16 blocks to Stone) and Cubic Chunks V1.0 and V1.2 worlds to Cubic Chunks V1.3+ format whenever you load them, but you can only convert worlds back to non-Cubic Chunks format by using my reverse-converter tool, which has occasional glitches. If you find any errors in my converter tool, post or PM them to me.

    Anyone who wants to can re-write my world generation code, and post their re-writes. Also, anyone who wants to may make mods based off of Cubic Chunks, as long as they give me credit.

    1.2: Fixes Player Freeze on Startup bug, improves Save Format while maintaining compatibility, reduces lag, fixes an exiting-Nether Chest bug, fixes a deep quarry lighting bug, includes very helpful Lag Spike of Death Fix (by sp614x).
    1.2.1: Entity save/loading bugfix. Those wierd indestructable player-repelling air blocks will now turn into cows, pigs, and sheep. Another few minor bugfixes, such as entity-rendering for y<0 / y>128.
    1.2.5: Fixed save-conversion Metadata-loss bug, fixed Tree generation bug, fixed map crash bug, optimized heightmap saving, added (untested) ymod autoconversion.
    1.2.6: Fixed bugs for Mushrooms, Doors, and Pistons for y<0 and y>128, tried to fix mob spawning for y<0 and y>128 (not sure if fixed), tweaked deep terrain generation, added CubePopulator mechanics (for anyone who wants to populate terrain :D ).
    1.2.7&1.2.8: Fixed crash near Y limits bugs, fixed can't-jump-out-of-y<0-water bug, fixed step-sounds-delay-during-walking-down-stairs bug, tried to fix rain-way-above-clouds bug.
    1.3.1: Drastically reduces save-file size (by a factor of 5 to 20!) (thanks for the help, Nocte). Various Bugfixes, hopefully including MobSpawning bug.
    1.4.0: First SMP compatible release. May be very buggy. Fixed Tree Gen to work for y<0 and y>128.
    1.4.1: Bugfixes for SMP release. Greatly optimized Server Chunk sending.
    1.4.2: Bugfixes for SMP height problems. Fixed packet classes to send y levels as ints. Fixed client-side HeightMap initialization error.
    1.4.3: Fixed re-populate bug, optimized ChunkCube-saving, added more functionality to the ICubePopulator interface, fixed a few misc. glitches, added IC ModSaver hook.
    1.4.4: Increased the height from 4096 blocks to 65504 blocks. Added rmb.
    1.4.5: Upgraded rmb. Misc. fixes, including lag fix.
    1.4.6: Moved RMob to its own mod. Fixed wild spinning on startup, Minecart duplication bug, and improved ICubePopulator in SSP.
    1.5.0: Added Minecraft Forge support, made CC able to be used without ModLoader (though the ICubePopulator mods won't work without it), added check for the ModSaver hook for IndustrialCraft.
    1.5.1: Updated for Minecraft Forge 1.0.6. Fixed ICubePopulator bug. Fixed invincible tools when using Forge bug.
    1.5.2: Added up to 4096 block tall terrain, with deobfuscation help from the awesome Nocte. Added caves below y=0. Miscellaneous bugfixes and updates. Added optional sevenfour's Far View Mod, togglable in the options.txt. Added fix for rock cubes generated in midair. Added mod_EasterEgg1094.
    1.5.3: Updated to Minecraft Beta 1.8.1, Minecraft Forge 1.1.1. Added variable max-terrain-height to the CubicChunkSettings.ini. Various bugfixes. Added Cubic Nether.
    Tall grass sometimes fails to render. This can be fixed by updating nearby blocks, or saving and reloading. Priority: low.
    Rain / snow behave wierdly above y=128. Priority: low.
    Recently, a handful of chunk holes have been seen (even one by me). Priority: med/high.

    Improve/optimize lighting calculations. This should remove any lighting glitches and reduce lag. (In Progress)
    Add faraway chunk rendering (compress faraway chunks down to a single cube and render that). (In Progress)
    Fix Multiplayer version bugs, and update Multiplayer. (In Progress)
    Team up with NetBlitzer on Chunk Generation, and/or the rest of Minecraft Revamped, if he's willing.
    CubicChunkMod V1.5.1 (Beta1.7.3)
    (If you also use ModLoader and/or Forge, you will have to install them first)

    Client CubicChunksMod V1.5.3 test version 5 (Beta1.8.1) - this is 99% updated/debugged, but it still requires ModLoader and Forge 1.1.1 (Forge 1.1.2 may also work)!!!

    Client CubicChunksMod V1.5.4 test version 5 (Minecraft 1.0.0) - works, but extra incompatibilities, and Strongholds don't always work. It requires ModLoader, and is not (yet) Forge compatible. Also some people have been reporting lots of ConcurrentModificationExceptions...
    Alternative MediaFire Link - Client CubicChunksMod V1.5.4 test version 5 (Minecraft 1.0.0)

    Experimental Builds:
    MC1.0.1 SMP test version (fairly stable as far as I can see):
    Server CubicChunksMod V1.5.4 test version 7 (Minecraft 1.0.1) - works, most known errors fixed; generating Strongholds will sometimes throw server-side ConcurrentModificationExceptions.
    -Alternative MediaFire Link
    Old SMP test version (this is fairly buggy, you have been warned!):
    Server CubicChunksMod V1.4.5 (B1.7.3)

    Old Cubic Terrain Generation test version (this should mostly work, but it just might do unexpected things like generating caves over your house, and it includes improved ChunkCubeAir saving, which won't be compatible with previous versions of CC until I add a patch to them. You have been warned!):
    Client CubicChunksMod V1.5.2 Test version 3 (B1.7.3)

    I will update this to 1.2.3, but it is a huge mod, so give me some time...

    4096BlockIDs: (Requires ModLoader and Forge)
    NOTE: After MC 1.2.5, I am no longer planning to maintain this mod. I have released the source code (see Developer Notes below), and I hereby give permission (and, in fact, thanks) for anyone to do whatever they like with the 4096IDs source code, so long as they give my code credit.

    Moved to a new thread.

    Creative Item Adding API: (Requires ModLoader)
    This API allows modders to build mods that add Items to the Creative GUI:
    As you can see, I've used it for my ShapedCharges and Volcano Mods.

    This is compatible with CreativeAPI_1.0.0 as long as you install this after the CreativeAPI, as well as any Creative GUI API that does not modify afp.class. It also includes a minor change for my 4096 BlockIDs patch.

    UPDATE: Forge added something similar to this, so no point in my maintaining this.

    Download CreativeItemAdding API V1.0.0 for Minecraft 1.0.0

    SaveConverter: (Works no matter what Minecraft version you use! No dependencies!)
    This is a standalone tool with readme and GUI to convert between Cubic Chunks worlds, YMod worlds, Vanilla Minecraft worlds, and Beta1.9+ExtendedHeight worlds.
    The ExtendedHeight format conversion should now work.
    New Feature: NBTViewer mode lets you explore level.dat files, data files, and YMod/Pre-McRegion save files from a dev's eye view!

    V1.5.4: Fixed a major bug that made Source-Save-Format options get applied to the Destination-Save-Format. This will hopefully make Beta1.9+ExtendedHeight Conversion work.
    V1.6.0: Misc. bugfixes and added tooltips.
    V1.6.1: Fixed 1/2 errors in YMod conversion. Fixed MC-Extended Height Format support.
    V2.0.0: Added NBTViewer. Fixed YMod format bugs. Added in-converter help page.
    V2.0.1: Updated/Corrected Anvil format's "Add" tag's name.
    Download SaveConverter V2.0.1 (Direct link)Download SaveConverter V2.0.1 (AdF.ly link)
    Download SaveConverter V2.01 Source Code[/anchor]

    SandStoneConversionMod: (requires ModLoader)
    If you find tons of SandStone (say, in Cubic Chunks :D ), and want some sand instead, this mod allows you to convert SandStone into 4 sand.
    Download SandStoneConversionMod B1.8.1
    Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.0.0
    Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.1.0
    Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.2.3
    Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.2.4 (Direct Link)
    Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.2.4 (AdF.ly Link)
    Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.2.5 (Direct Link)
    Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.2.5 (AdF.ly Link)

    Robinton's Mob Mod: (requires Cubic Chunks Mod)
    As a joke, I've created an NPC named "Robinton". He's sort of like Herobrine for Cubic Chunks. He occasionally spawns when you're attacked, never attacks you, wanders around aimlessly killing hostile mobs, greatly resents being attacked (except with fire, for which he'll occasionally give you red apples), and vanishes as soon as you re-load the world.

    Download RMobMod B1.7.3 for Cubic Chunks 1.4.X
    Download RMobMod B1.7.3 for Cubic Chunks 1.5.2
    Download RMobMod B1.8.1 for Cubic Chunks 1.5.3 (and test versions)
    Download RMobMod MC1.0.0 for Cubic Chunks 1.5.4 (and test versions)

    Shaped Charges: (requires ModLoader)
    Have you ever gotten tired quarrying? Have you ever wished for a way to make TNT more controlled, without destroying 2/3 of the item drops, with perhaps a little extra power (or maybe a lot of extra power)?

    Enter Shaped Charges. Shaped Charges are crafted from three TNT in a column. Expensive, you say. True, but, each Shaped Charge blows a 1x1 collumn from bedrock to the sky! No item drops are destroyed! (Try to stay away from the blocks you hit, it is a very controlled explosion, but it can still hurt you.)

    20X20 Quarries in minutes!

    A quarry I dug with this mod (in 1.2_02, but it still works the same):

    Ready To BLAST!


    Nice Items :) Lots of Cobble!

    I also made the mod automatically compact all Cobblestone produced into one lag-reducing ItemStack :Spider:

    Shaped Charges Mod even has a video about it. (See post 19 on this thread) Thanks GerMinecrafter!

    v1.02 - Made compatible with Beta 1.5_1
    v1.1 - Fixed/improved explosion damage, fixed multiple-cobblestone dropping bug, version updates to Beta 1.7.2, added Cubic Chunks handling.
    V1.1.1 - Fixed Cubic Chunks handling. Shaped Charged it now recognizes presence of CC? Version updates to Minecraft 1.0.0.
    V1.1.2 - Fixed an attackEntity bug that caused Minecraft to crash when a ShapedCharge's blast hit an entity. Added configurable ShapedCharge ID. Added a Creative Item Adding API hook, so that if you have the API installed, you can just grab ShapedCharges off of the Creative GUI. :D
    V1.1.3 - Fixed a bug or two.

    Download ShapedChargeMod B1.7.3 (v1.1.1)
    Download ShapedChargeMod B1.8.1 (v1.1.1)
    Download ShapedChargeMod 1.0.0 (v1.1.2)
    -Alternative MediaFire Link
    Download ShapedChargeMod 1.1.0 (v1.1.2)
    -Alternative MediaFire Link
    Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.3 (v1.1.3) (Direct Link)
    Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.3 (v1.1.3) (AdF.ly Link)
    Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.4 (V1.1.3) (Direct Link)
    Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.4 (V1.1.3) (AdF.ly Link)
    Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.5 (V1.1.3) (Direct Link)
    Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.5 (V1.1.3) (AdF.ly Link)

    VolcanoMod: (requires ModLoader)
    There is a GetSatisfaction thread on getting Volcanoes added to Minecraft, so I thought I would build my own...

    As you can see, while the lava is a little blocky, it works!

    (You can craft Volcano Source blocks until I add Volcanoes to Terrain Generation):

    Volcanoes Erupt, Recede, cool lava in their vicinity into cobble gravel and ores, create earthquakes (beware of putting precarious structures near Volcanoes), and fire LavaBombs! LavaBombs fly through the air and create a small explosion and a VolcanoLava block wherever they hit. VolcanoLava that cools down (usually when the Volcano Recedes, but also from the LavaBombs) turns into random ores: Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Redstone, Lazuli, Burning Netherrack!, lots of Cobblestone, and lots of Gravel.

    (The mossy cobblestone in the picture is because of a MossyCobbleSpreads partial mod I made... until I saw someone else already made one.)

    Use FlowingWater algorithms for VolcanoLava (no more blockiness!) (added in 0.80 test)
    Improve VolcanoBomb texture/sounds?
    Add Volcanoes to Map Generation
    Fix any glitches that show up
    Optimize code

    v0.71 - Made compatible with Beta 1.5_1
    v0.72 - VolcanoBombs now explode when they hit a roof or wall, not just when they hit the ground
    v0.80 test - Test version using BetterWater algorithms for Volcano-Lava, improved Volcano Sources, etc. Please post or PM me any bugs you find in this version. BUG: Volcano crater expands unboundedly, creating ridiculously massive crater. The Volcano eats your world :( I am working on fixing this, for now, probably just use v0.72.
    v0.9.0 - Updated to Beta 1.7.3. Re-wrote pretty much all of the code, except the excellent VolcanoBombs. Volcanoes now use regular Lava (no more blockiness). Added Earthquakes. Algorithms are rather more processor-intensive during eruptions than they used to be.
    v0.9.5 - Dramatically improved Volcano erosion direction algorithm. Tinkered Lava-bomb firing. Made earthquakes and even eruptions shake the player around some.
    v1.0.0 - Tinkered some constants to improve earthquakes yet reduce player-shake damage during quakes. Added smoke pouring out of the top of the volcano. Misc. bugfixes.
    V1.1.0 - Added a config file to change generated ores. Removed Cubic Chunks dependency.
    V1.1.1 - Updated to Minecraft 1.0.0.
    V1.2.0 - Added many more config options.
    V1.2.1 - Added a Creative Item Adding API hook, so that if you have the API installed, you can just grab Volcano Source Blocks off of the Creative GUI. :D
    V1.2.2 - Minor fix to make sure VolcanoMod works both with and without 4096IDs.
    V1.2.4 - Added a few more options, plus experimental taller volcanoes.
    Download VolcanoMod for Beta1.7.3 (v1.1.0)
    Download VolcanoMod for Beta1.8.1 (v1.1.1)
    Download VolcanoMod for 1.0.0 (v1.2.1)

    -Alternative MediaFire Link
    Download VolcanoMod for 1.1.0 (v1.2.1)
    -Alternative MediaFire Link
    Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.3 (v1.2.2) (direct link).
    Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.3 (v1.2.2) (AdF.ly link).
    Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.4 (v1.2.4) (direct link).
    Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.4 (v1.2.4) (AdF.ly link).
    Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.5 (v1.2.4) (direct link).
    Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.5 (v1.2.4) (AdF.ly link).

    Have you ever wanted to know what it would feel like to be (more or less) Noah? With the water nearly to the clouds, only a handfull of small islands to live (or spawn) on, and trees and resources very scarce? Enter FloodMod!

    Mining is dangerous! Who knows when you might tunnel out into the depths of the sea! But you can build unbeatable back doors to your base:

    Look! A wall of water! Well, as Notch has messed up terrain generation compatibility before, I guess I don't feel too bad doing the same:

    At least it is compatible (with wierd chunk transitions) with regular Minecraft.

    Just don't generate side-by-side chunks with this mod on and off with BetterWater active:

    your framerate will drop to approximately 0.02 FPS! (I guess BetterWater doesn't handle massive Tidal Waves well, does it...)

    I also added a Server version, but I'm not in a position to test it thoroughly, so let me know if any bugs show up.

    By the way, this mod is not compatible with my Cubic Chunks Mod, however, can mimic Flood effects by setting the CC water level to something extraordinarily high.

    I once, in an older version, had a glitch where Minecraft wouldn't generate a new map with this mod active. I suspect this is linked to the game having to find a spawnpoint. Fix if this glitch ever repeats.

    Ryth asked me for this mod, and gave me the idea for it.
    Studying BiomeTerrainMod helped me figure out how to make this mod. Thanks!
    You may be able to create a set of BiomeTerrainMod options to mimic the effect of this mod (set WaterLevel to 90).
    This is not Cubic Chunks compatible, but the newer versions of CC can do the same thing, by dramatically increasing the WaterLevel option.

    Download FloodedWorld B1.7.3 (v1.0)
    Download Server FloodedWorld B1.7.3 (v1.0)

    Download FloodedWorld B1.8.1 (v1.0)
    Download Server FloodedWorld B1.8.1 (v1.0)

    Download FloodedWorld 1.0.0 (v1.0)

    Download FloodedWorld 1.1.0 (v1.0)

    Download FloodedWorld 1.2.4 (v1.0) (Direct Link)
    Download FloodedWorld 1.2.4 (v1.0) (AdF.ly Link)

    Download FloodedWorld 1.2.5 (v1.0) (Direct Link)
    Download FloodedWorld 1.2.5 (v1.0) (AdF.ly Link)

    I was getting annoyed at the debug screen: it uses too much screen space for just getting my current coordinates. Then, half the time, the lag indicator goes up so high I can't see my coordinates, anyway! So, I created a mod for it:

    Just press F4 to enter the condensed debug screen. Cheers. :)

    Download CoordsInfo Mod B1.7.3 (v1.2)
    Download CoordsInfo Mod B1.8.1 (v1.2)
    Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.0.0 (v1.3)
    Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.1.0 (v1.3)
    Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.3 (v1.3)
    Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.4 (v2.1) (Direct Link)
    Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.4 (v2.1) (AdF.ly Link)
    Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.5 (v2.4) (Direct Link) (Install V2.4 over Forge if you're installing them both.)
    Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.5 (v2.4) (AdF.ly Link)
    Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.5 (v2.4) Source (Direct Link)

    DisappearingSmoothstoneMod V1.0:

    I was testing out my Cubic Chunks mod, and I needed a way to quickly find the underground ores. I had also been thinking over the code I used to remove bedrock. The result:

    A mod that makes smoothstone disappear whenever you load a chunk. It's compatible with Vanilla, Cubic Chunks, and pretty much anything else. To install, copy the .class file into your minecraft.jar file. If you want to see much better in the dark, also copy the .class file from within the "LightAll" folder to your minecraft.jar (copy the class, not the folder).
    NOTE: this change is permanent, and cannot be reversed! BACK UP YOUR WORLDS!!!

    Download DisappearingSmoothstoneMod Mod B1.7.3 (v1.0)

    MobSparkMod V1.0: (requires ModLoader)

    Ever got annoyed trying to find hostile mobs? Or at them sneaking up on you? Well no more!

    V1.1: added special handler for EnderDragons
    Download CoordsInfo Mod B1.8.1 (v1.0)
    Download MobSpark Mod MC1.0.0 (v1.1)
    Download MobSpark Mod MC1.1.0 (v1.1)
    Download MobSpark Mod MC1.2.4 (v1.1) (Direct Link)
    Download MobSpark Mod MC1.2.4 (v1.1) (AdF.ly Link)
    Download MobSpark Mod MC1.2.5 (v1.1) (Direct Link)
    Download MobSpark Mod MC1.2.5 (v1.1) (AdF.ly Link)

    God for creating the universe
    My family for buying me this computer
    Notch for making Minecraft
    The MCP Team for allowing all of us Minecraft modders to Mod Minecraft
    MineCrak for triggering lots of interest in my mod

    Here are support banners, if anyone wants to use them:

    (The first one may be too tall by the new forum rules?)

    This one was contributed by Ryth:

    An Achievement Get (http://mag.racked.eu) banner I recently made:

    And if anyone wants to donate:

    Hall of donation fame:
    (if you're on here, and you want anything changed or want to add a comment, just PM me, with your full PayPal name ;) )
    Robert L. $10.00, plus the idea of adding a donate button!
    Graeme T. $20.00!
    Christopher G. $15.00!

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    posted a message on [1.2.5] 4096IDs
    This is the thread for 4096IDs, my mod and whatever other users do to update it.

    MineCrak has a second opening post directly below. It will likely be kept much-more-frequently updated, with all the newest-and-best versions, tips, etc.

    4096BlockIDs: (Requires ModLoader and Forge)
    NOTE: After MC 1.2.5, I am no longer planning to maintain this mod. I have released the source code (see Developer Notes below), and I hereby give permission (and, in fact, thanks) for anyone to do whatever they like with the 4096IDs source code, so long as they give my code credit.

    Have you installed a lot of mods? Ever been annoyed by how few IDs 256 really is? Especially with the addition of Forge, which allows you infinite sprites?

    No more! Now, with 4096BlockIDs Mod, you have 4096 (duh!) available Block IDs. That means you can have 4096 different Blocks! How could anyone ever run out?
    Quote from RMob »
    I want 100 different types of liquid, preferably most of them dangerous or deadly; I want 500 new ores to mine or blow up at my leisure, I want...
    Well, maybe it's possible to run out, but it sure isn't easy. It does make saves almost 1/5 bigger, and increase memory usage slightly, but that shouldn't be a big problem, especially not if you have a good enough computer to run all of those mods in the first place...
    Quote from RMob »
    Oh, yes. I built a portal to the Matrix, hacked into the Source; now I have 2^5000 flops of computation power! And that's so small, the robots don't even notice!

    I had to modify ContainerCreative.java (afp.class) anyway, so I decided to include compatibility with a couple of CreativeItemGuiAPIs, including one of my own. Forge added a CreativeItemGuiAPI sometime before 1.2.4, so there isn't much of a point anymore in me adding another one.

    Also, for those of you who haven't looked into Minecraft 1.2.3's code, Anvil format supports saving up to 4096 block IDs, but Minecraft 1.2.3 is still incapable of actually using those extra IDs. I rest assured that this will be fixed in Minecraft 1.3.*, but until then, I'll keep updating this mod.

    Current Mod compatibility.

    Source code:
    The following source code downloads are merges of Mojang code and my code. Mojang's code is governed by them, however they see fit. As such, it falls under exactly the same license as any other mod, or any other code decompiled by MCP. My code is available under the following license:

    ** 2012 June 5
    ** The author disclaims copyright to this source code. In place of
    ** a legal notice, here is a blessing:
    ** May you do good and not evil.
    ** May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
    ** May you share freely, never taking more than you give.
    With an additional disclaimer: if something is broken or outdated, don't sue me or demand I fix it or update it; fix it yourself.

    4096_IDs Version 1.0.1 (for MC1.0.0) source code.
    4096_IDs Version 1.0.1 (for MC1.2.3) source code.

    4096_IDs Version 1.0.1 (for MC1.2.5_NoForge) source code.
    4096_IDs Version 1.0.1 (for MC1.2.5_Forge3.0.1.75) source code.
    Developer notes:
    Look under the ### Mod Compatibility: My 3 Rules ### section of this thread for the tips you will need to create 4096_IDs compatible mods.

    (Source code moved up, into its own spoiler.)

    4096_IDs stores block data in a tag called "Blocks" of type NBTTagShortArray (NBTTag ID=12). The "Data" tag is no longer used. CREDIT: The NBTTagShortArray class was originally based off of YMod's NBTTagIntArray (NBTTag ID=11). I have also included a slightly modified version of NBTTagIntArray for YMod compatibility. Now I can just base it off of Mojang's official NBTTagIntArray... whose code was either inspired by YMod's, or eerily similar. :P

    4096_IDs shifts all Item IDs upward by (4096 - 256) when loaded from compounds, to allow for ItemBlocks. It correspondingly increases the itemsList array size. ItemIDs are stored in 4096_IDs using the (id & 0xffff) trick both on saving and loading to make their short stored data type cover 0 to 2^16.

    Some day, I may make an IDs mod that gives 32768 (or possibly even 65536) Block IDs, but removes MetaDatas. Thus, you would have to allocate multiple IDs for one block, to get the equivalent functionality. That and incompatibility are of course this system's disadvantages.
    The advantages to are:
    1. No metadata waste! Stone, CobbleStone, and such, still only take up 1 ID, or 1/16th as much of the available ID pool.
    2. No more 0-15 metadata limit! If you want to allocate 17 IDs (effectively 17 metadatas) for your block, you can. Actually, you could get away with allocating 1024 IDs for your block if you really wanted to...
    3. Faster data access! One simple array lookup! No more bit-shifting to figure out what is a metadata, and what is an ID!
    4. Faster computation! Forge would no longer have to include all sorts of hooks allowing blocks to check what their metadata is to figure out their various values! One simple ID check is all that would be needed.

    4096IDs Standalone Client for MC1.0.0 (Forge 1.2.4) - this may also require ModLoaderMP.
    -Alternative MediaFire Link

    4096IDs Standalone Client for MC1.0.0 (Forge 1.2.0) - this may also require ModLoaderMP.

    Client 4096IDs for V1.5.3 test versions 4 and 5 (Beta1.8.1) - Beta 1.8.1 Cubic Chunks compatible Patch for Cubic Chunks V1.5.3 T4 & T5. (Not Vanilla compatible!)

    4096IDs Standalone Client for MC1.2.3 (no Forge).

    Warning: for some reason, there have been various bugs (that I've been having a hard time finding the causes of) in 4096IDs Standalone for MC1.2.3 Forge1.4. I advise you to back up your saves. (NOTE: If you are a modder, and want to try your hand at figuring out what's wrong, feel free to look into the source code in the developer notes spoiler).
    4096 IDs Standalone Client for MC1.2.3 (Forge 1.4) direct link.
    4096 IDs Standalone Client for MC1.2.3 (Forge 1.4) AdF.ly link.

    (Not sure what was the problem in the MC1.2.3 version, but I've tested, and it is fixed in the 1.2.5 version.)
    4096 IDs Standalone Client for MC1.2.5 (No Forge) direct link.
    4096 IDs Standalone Client for MC1.2.5 (No Forge) AdF.ly link.

    4096 IDs Standalone Client for MC1.2.5 (Forge direct link.

    This is apparently a patch for 4096 IDs Standalone Client for MC1.2.5 (Forge that should update it for more recent versions of Forge. If it doesn't work, tell me, but don't blame me.

    As of Minecraft 1.2.3, Cubic Chunks will offer built-in support for 4096 IDs. So, first, you only have one mod update to wait for if you want them both; and second, don't expect a 4096IDs CubicChunks patch here. ;)
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] 4096IDs
    Quote from ScottKillen

    I wanted to find out what kind of license governs Robinton's 4096 source and if he would be open in my hosting a github project to invite collaboration?

    You're right. I need to add this license:

    ** 2012 June 5
    ** The author disclaims copyright to this source code. In place of
    ** a legal notice, here is a blessing:
    ** May you do good and not evil.
    ** May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
    ** May you share freely, never taking more than you give.

    Really, I might want to add on something about that letting me invent more things, while still letting things I've already invented get updated...

    And yes, feel free! to set up a GitHub.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    I'm back. Finally.

    Pardon the hibernation (or whatever you call it). I've been resting up, remembering why I like playing/modding Minecraft, and creating the first quarter of my second Cubic-Chunks-level mod, a dynamic "spell" mod. (More details to come.) Actually, it's a two part mod: one part for the more powerful and complex spells, one part for the more powerful and complex enemies to defeat. For now, a few pics:



    EnderDragon riding, plus green-magic-glow:

    (I doubt you'll be able to ride the EnderDragon in the finished version of the mod, but there will probably be other Dragons to ride...)

    Also, I hope you all remember that I posted the 4096IDs source code in the opening post, under 4096IDs / Developer Notes. I REALLY don't want to have to update and debug it again, so if someone would please! take it over so that I can go on to writing new mods!!!

    BTW, Cubic Chunks update progress is virtually nill (apart from some time getting familiar with the 1.2.5 changes). I'm looking into releasing the source code, perhaps under a license, or perhaps creating a team of modders allowed to update it.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    Sorry, everyone. I have been really not caught up with anything over the past week or two. Last week, I was insanely! busy, and this week I was just feeling lazy...

    But I have made progress. I fixed the various critical bugs with Compressed Faraway Cube Rendering. Result: MC1.2.5_CFCR_0.9.3. Oh, and before anyone asks me: MC1.2.5_CFCR_0.9.3_src.

    BTW, change your render-dist to small or tiny before loading a world... Just my advise!

    A few things that need fixed/improved/changed/etc:
    • Lag spikes on some frames. I'm not sure why, as CFCR shouldn't place that huge of a load on MC... And most of the time, lag is just fine...
    • Dimensions' saved-compressed-terrain overwrite each other.
    • Occasionally, in non-debug mode, random black compressed-cubes appear floating in the sky.
    I'll probably fix these, if given enough time... But anyone who wants to can feel free to use the source for whatever they want! Or figure out how to fix the bugs, then tell me!
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    ShaRose notified me in a major bug in my mod-detection code, which had basically meant none of my mods detected any other mods.

    So, here is a fix for both versions of MC1.2.5_4096IDs, which will make them work correctly with IDResolver (this has been rolled into the main downloads, but for already installed versions or caching issues, download just the patch). Alternately, you could just use ShaRose's (found a few posts up, or quoted in this post).

    And here is a patch (again, rolled into the main download) that will make CoordsInfo V2.3 correctly support the Forge armor-level custom rendering. Actually, I'll just add another few simple tags, update the whole thing another minor version, put that into a new download, and call that good. Check.

    Quote from Ultimate_omega

    Is that patch still needed for the Forge ID fix? (If it's not already in the download)
    No, it isn't needed.
    Quote from ShaRose

    Did you get the PM I sent you? Because that forge merge has exactly the issue I decribed. Indeed it might solve the issue you were having with CFCR not working when not debugging.

    Link Removed This is the patch I created. Without it 4096IDs can't actually detect if ID resolver or CFCR are actually installed. More information was in the PM about what was changed and why.
    No, I didn't. I'm horribly behind on PMs...
    Thanks for the tips!!! Man, I feel like an idiot! This bug has been plaguing me since my 4096IDs_Bytecode trials, so THANK YOU for pointing it out!
    Quote from gwynraven

    I tried the new Forge version and got this error message. Any ideas?

    --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT 6e9caea3 --------
    Generated 4/14/12 6:28 PM

    Minecraft: Minecraft 1.2.5
    OS: Windows 7 (amd64) version 6.1
    Java: 1.7.0_04-ea, Oracle Corporation
    VM: Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation
    LWJGL: 2.4.2
    OpenGL: GeForce GTX 460/PCIe/SSE2 version 4.2.0, NVIDIA Corporation

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: forge/IItemRenderer$ItemRenderType
    at tw.a(RenderItem.java:327)
    at aiy.a(GuiIngame.java:756)
    at aiy.a(GuiIngame.java:333)
    at lr.b(EntityRenderer.java:932)
    at EntityRendererProxy.b(EntityRendererProxy.java:21)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(Minecraft.java:869)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:747)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: forge.IItemRenderer$ItemRenderType
    at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(Unknown Source)
    at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(Unknown Source)
    at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
    at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    ... 8 more
    --- END ERROR REPORT eeab04a5 ----------
    Either I made a mistake in my coding (quite possible, I've done it often enough before), or you didn't first install Forge3.0.1.75.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    Ok. Here is 4096IDs_MC1.2.5_Forge3.0.1.75. It should work, but I thought I should release it before thorough testing... (Well, other people really can test things faster than I can so...)

    Also, I remembered and wrote this patch to fix a small glitch that I had left in an ItemBlock ID Offset Fix in the non-Forge 4096IDs-MC1.2.5. It should fix a fair number of the times when foolish modders hardcode -256 offsets (instead of using the ModLoader.registerBlock method). Yes, it is rolled into the main download.

    Finally, I'm releasing a tiny update CoordsInfo that will make it Forge compatible (though CoordsInfo doesn't actually require any other mods). Forge recently added a hook to GuiIngame (for Armor level display), and I added an optional call to that hook into GuiIngame.

    Other news:
    *No, Jeb hasn't gotten back with me...
    *If Mojang doesn't fix 4096IDs by MC1.3.*, I probably will not update it again. At least not quickly enough for all you users. SO, starting next MC update, whoever wants to update 4096IDs is welcome to (see the source code in OpeningPost->DevNotes->link).
    *My next task is getting CFCR working in non-debug mode; don't worry: I haven't forgotten about it!
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    4096IDs for MC1.2.5 released (finally!). I've tested (that was part of the delay), and the chest-disappearing-item bug is definitely fixed.

    I've been testing, and (with some difficulty over static finals being substituted in hardcoded...) managed to get CFCR loading, but it doesn't seem to ever display anything... I almost wonder if maybe the compressed cube data is all getting set to 0 or something...
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    @Various CFCR Problems:
    Well, you could try the MC1.2.5 CFCR version, if you wanted too... But, all-in-all, I'm guessing that the private static final fields aren't getting updated correctly (they're supposed to be keyed off of ModLoader.DEBUG)... If the MC1.2.5 version still gives roughly the same errory, try this patch.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    Ok. Extra functionality added to CoordsInfo. I love easy addons that don't ever need extensive updating!
    [EDIT: I had mistyped 4096IDs and didn't catch myself until now! *Sigh*!]

    Here's my current progress in CFCR:

    So you know, this is on Short Render Distance, and that tower of sand you're viewing in the distance is centered at x=25, z=12...

    Grass looks great! Sand: not so much. The lighting system needs a bit of work... The analyzing seems to be working the way I programmed it (and that seems at least reasonably good...). Compressed Cubes are rendering right on top of regular terrain, because I haven't written the code to stop it yet...
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