About Me
Magic the Gathering Color

I always evaluate to blue, but technically I am more of a blue/white combo. So, I cooked up a personalized description of myself:

My colors are blue and white. I value light, wisdom, and righteousness. I love to pursue wisdom, and to foil evil with my superior intellect. At my best, I am brilliant and protective. At my worst, I am lazy and arrogant. My symbol is a cumulus cloud. My enemies are chiefly red, but also black and green.

RPG Role

I usually evaluate as a trapper. Probably something about how burglars (except Bilbo Baggins) always end up with a leg caught in my bear traps... Though, Ranger or Craftsman might be a good fit for me, too...

Also, I need a customized answer to this question:

Q: You come across a lovely maiden in distress, what do you do?

A: Test your newest Fine Enchanted Weapon (an icicle Arquebus, or an ethereal Zyacomatase Flask if there are more than 100 opponents) on her assailants, then loot the assailants.

Four Animals Personality Type

Major: Beaver (detailed, methodical, analytical, careful, precise).

Minor: Golden Retriever (caring, compassionate, loyal, sympathetic) or possibly Otter (fun-loving, good with words, tends to know a lot of people but may not remember all of their names), but certainly not Lion (leader, likes getting things done promptly, likes making decisions).
Interests Modding, reading Lord of the Rings, etc.

Profile Information

Minecraft Robinton