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    Quote from Henryetha»


    Further it is weird, that threads/Posts have been deleted - but profile pictures not.

    Profile pics are much more of "personal data" (especially when it's a rl pic).

    Even if not visible in public, it still has been there, which means, it must have been still somewhere in your database.

    Not that I'd be personally disturbed by that, just the whole thing doesn't follow any logic.

    Profile pictures have been deleted, but not necessarily at the same time as other content/info linked to an account.
    I have my own account as an example of this.

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    posted a message on Dimensional Doors (1.12.2) is not dead!

    Hello everyone!

    I am just creating this thread to inform you that, although the official thread for the port of the mod was deleted, the Dimensional Doors project is not dead.
    It's just that the account that was used to make the OP of the thread was deleted and purged as a result of the Minecraft Forum staff's incapability to inform all EU users about their accounts' pending doom.

    I am Robijnvogel, the only Dimensional Doors developer currently active on the Minecraft Forums. My account and messages were deleted, which is why my post-counter is at a really low number right now, but my forum title of Portal Expert, which you only get after some 5000 forum messages, stayed, so if you do not believe that I am who I say that I am, please explain that. ;)

    I will try to recover my own account, posts, messages and those of the Dimensional Development MCF account.

    Would it appear to be impossible to do so, then I plan on leaving these forums indefinitely after asking this thread to be locked.

    List of my posts about this subject on other threads:

    Current status:

    • Since I may not be able to dig up the Twitch login of our development team account, restoring the Dimensional Doors forum thread may prove impossible even the forum staff succeed in restoring user-reported accounts.
    • If and when it is possible to restore the old new Dimensional Doors thread, this post will be updated and the thread will be locked.


    PS: For now, this thread can be viewed as the official MC Forums Thread for this mod/project, however for questions you will most likely be referred to our Discord.

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