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    Quote from syndicate25»

    Throwing this out into the abyss, hoping someone is still out there on this thread...

    Can anyone tell me why Skeletons are not despawning in the daytime with this setup?

    "Skeleton": {
    "Type-Enabled": "SURFACE-true",
    "Spawn Operand": "OR",
    "Spawn Tag": "time.timeOfDay<(12800)||time.timeOfDay>(23500)",
    "Despawn Tags": "time.timeOfDay>(12800)||time.timeOfDay<(23500)",
    "InstantDespawn Tags": "time.timeOfDay>(12800)||time.timeOfDay<(23500)",
    "Min Despawn Range": 1,
    "Max Despawn Range": 128,
    "Despawn Age": 1,
    "Despawn Rate": 60,
    "Contents": [

    I'm not sure how the despawn rate works.. if higher or lower numbers are faster despawn rates.. same for despawn age, though I assume 1 means (almost) any age..

    Hoping for a response but not expecting lol

    Hey Syndicate,

    I think I remember an earlier issue that someone had with the OR operand not quite working as expected.
    But since all my forum posts were purged at some point I cannot find it.

    I believe that the || operand(s) behaved like an AND instead of an OR despite being defined as such.

    It was pretty weird.

    Perhaps try AND or && ?¿?

    Good luck. ;)

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    Quote from BigBoomy»


    I hate to be THAT guy, I know, but I suppose someone has to ask right?
    Specifically Triumph, will that be ported to 1.16.5 at all? I enjoyed using that to create questlines in 1.12 and hope to implement it again soon.


    So I asked and basically, Superckl says that he may be willing to continue working on the mod(s) if Eyamaz comes back and has some serious time to dedicate.

    Blargerist says he has "updating Triumph" somewhere on his todo list, however is currently occupied with other mods and has further plans to work on a modpack as a higher priority.

    Eyamaz is someone I do not know a way of contacting and I have no intention to track him/her down. ;)

    I hope that helps. :D

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    posted a message on Blood N Bones Gaming's Mods
    Quote from BigBoomy»


    I hate to be THAT guy, I know, but I suppose someone has to ask right?

    Specifically Triumph, will that be ported to 1.16.5 at all? I enjoyed using that to create questlines in 1.12 and hope to implement it again soon.


    Considering the general activity of this thread and the overwhelming number of updates keeping up to date with each major version of Minecraft within a matter of days, I estimate that this mod will be ported/updated to MC 1.17 approximately... tomorrow.


    I will ask the mod authors if they have any plans at all, though. :)

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    Quote from willow321go»

    Can we please have a recipe for the smeltery controler that doesn't require a functioning smeltery? I am the most stuck I have ever been.

    You are supposed to craft Grout and use a vanilla Furnace to turn it into Seared Bricks. ;)

    If the alpha version on MC 1.16.5 does not have this yet, then please be patient instead of ungrateful.

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    Quote from wolffang404»
    Is there any way to configure this per dimension? We are trying to use this in a modpack, but as soon as we get to similar coords in different dimensions we can hear each other again

    Quote from Robijnvogel»
    I am afraid that the MumbleLink API just does not support multiple dimensions. However maybe we can manipulate the y-coordinate per dimension...

    In fact, I am in the progress of making this a reality.
    And during this, I basically found out that there are some Link API positional audio "Far Lands" in which positional audio stops working because the numbers just get too big.

    Have you ever tried if this mod works around X or Z coordinates millions or billions of blocks away from spawn?

    I recommend you don't. ;)

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    Quote from praecipitator»

    I found that github, too, I don't think this is the official continuation. That was the main reason I posted here: you can't find anything tangible on google. I found that, found some reddid which said that it isn't the right one, another reddit that kinglemming is working on it and supposedly it's for 1.14,

    Maybe most information is here: https://www.reddit.com/user/KingLemming/ which sounds like: stuff is really hard to port beyond 1.12, maybe after other Thermal stuff is ported TC can be done...

    Quote from Alkimia»

    I hope Thaumcraft is ported, it would be a shame for it to die completely.

    If you are looking for the most recent news on this, you can probably find it on team CoFH's official Discord which is where KingLemming basically lives. :)

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    Quote from mrmagooaz2»

    I'm a longtime user. Having an issue I see just this morning where some worlds on a multi-world sever are not selecting the correct map.

    Anything I can do here? I really don't want to have to reinstall Voxelmap and lose all my data.

    Uninstalling Voxelmap would not delete your minimap data from your profile, so just reinstalling the mod would not change anything.

    I have heard of similar issues with Voxelmap, since it saves minimaps per server IP per dimension name/ID.

    What Minecraft version are you on?
    Do you own the Multi-world server?
    Did you, or do you know if the owner did swap around some/any of the dimensions on the server?

    Ultimately, what you could probably do is change the names of some minimap save folders in .minecraft/voxelmap in order to resynch them with Multiworld's worlds.

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    posted a message on Mekanism v9.4.0 - Industrial Turbines, Thermoelectric Boilers, Fusion Reactors!

    I apologize if this topic has already been covered elsewhere, i have searched all over the place on different sites, youtube, the github, everywhere i can think of to look. I recently updated minecraft from 1.12.2 to 1.15.2 and nothing mekanism related loads as far as anything that was previously built in 1.12.2, the mods are active though, to test this I started a creative world and sure enough everything was there. I do have the back up saved so I reverted everything back to 1.12.2 and all my machines and inventory came back. Does anyone have any guidance on whether I have to start over form scratch or if I'm skipping a step to updating the world?

    Minecraft mods are barely ever compatible across versions, so I would advise you to keep playing on 1.12.2 or start over on MC 1.15.2.

    Mod developers probably won't focus on this either because:

    1. Vanilla Minecraft often adds worldgen features between MC versions that demand users to restart fully to completely experience the new version.

    2. Barely any modded players play with just one mod. Most play with smaller or larger modpacks. The chance that any one of these mods that was available for MC 1.A is not available for MC 1.B, is so big, that updating a modpack with compatibility in mind would be impossible in 99,9% of all cases even if all of the available mods were compatible with both versions.

    3. Mod developers often use Vanilla MC versions to majorly overhaul their own mod in functionality and/or features/content, which explicitly leads them to become less compatible with earlier versions, which they didn't care about already because of (1) and (2).

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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.14: Down below and up above!
    Quote from dreadwalker9»
    I understand. I simply wanted a wandering creature that would actually roam, unlike the Wandering Trader. But I see how annoying that would be. Let's do the temple/altar structure.

    Having a creature roam freely is hard, because of chunkloading. Chunks are loaded around the player. In the loaded chunks, plants grow, tile entities (like furnaces) "tick" and entities like mobs move.
    As the player travels, chunks in front of them get loaded and chunks behind them get unloaded.

    This would mean that a wandering creature, even one that is limited to moving within a radius around a specific location, would get "frozen" when all players leave their vicinity.
    Furthermore, if it belongs to a structure, then it would need to be generated along with that structure. And since players are most likely to find any random structure while they are actively exploring the world, they would most probably find the creature still wandering very close to the structure, since it did not get the time to wander further from the structure.

    An idea that I would find more appropriate myself would be a creature that roams in an area that gravitates around the player themselves, rather than a structure. Also, in programming logic, the movement/location of this creature could be controlled from outside the "entity" so it can "move" in unloaded chunks. I mean that the creature Entity itself only exists when the Controller says that it is close enough to the player and in a loaded chunk.

    Actually, I think that this could be very well combined with some aspects of the original idea.

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    posted a message on Realistic Terrain Generation (RTG) — Realistic Biomes, Huge Mountains, Custom Trees, Truly Flat Terrain, Breathtaking Landscapes
    Quote from 55xAnonymusx55»

    As I remember they've said they would update to 1.13 but not to 1.14

    Your information is very outdated, kind sir.
    To keep up with the latest trends, I suggest you join the Discord. :)

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